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  2. They are not portraits. They are giant amulets for when the underpass is flooded.
  3. Best one I ever had was on Rama 4 - going under the flyover and up on to the expressway. There's a sign on the wall denoting which of the 3 lanes goes where. I was flagged down and told I was in the wrong lane. At the time I didn't speak any Thai at all but I asked my passenger to point out to the kind officer that he hadn't asked us where we were going - how could we be in the wrong lane? A rather disappointed cop walked around the car looking for faults then waved me on .
  4. No, you shouldn’t have paid. You should have demanded his name, rank and station and ID. Then told him you want to see his superior immediately. Always raise your voice and swear a lot and threaten the embassy, lawyers and the media when dealing with corrupt police. If they didn’t give you a receipt for your 500 baht bribe then you have them on toast. This is a clear case of corruption which is punishable with a long prison sentence. Go to make reports at the Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission; the National Anti Corruption Commision (NACC); the Department of Special Investigation; and to the Office of the Attorney-General. Dont forget to contact the embassy and get a good lawyer. All the best, I hope you get your money back. Let us know how you get on.
  5. I think you missed my point. Presumably you voted for Clinton and she still lost. Had you voted for someone you felt more fitting, she'd still have lost.
  6. I would have offered 100 baht...settled for 200...this type of police shakedown has gone on for decades...nothing new here...
  7. Thanks guys-I'm really new at this so what is 200/200? The unit manager says he will have 3BB from 1st May...
  8. If you know you've done nothing wrong, stand your ground and call their bluff - always works for me. I've 'paid' once and on that occasion I was in the wrong - my Mrs didn't have her seat belt on. The usual one when you resist is "Oh, we go see big boss then" - I say fine and lock up the car - not failed yet. I had this changing lanes crap years ago up in Ubon - changing lanes?? The cop had to be joking, the bloody traffic was chaos and all over the place. In any case, I was in the right hand lane which had a straight on arrow painted on the tarmac. As I approached the next set of lights, the arrow changed to a right turn one so I indicated and moved over to the left. I told him he should get a job on TV as a joker - he waved me on.
  9. I didn’t get the feeling that the crowd as a whole were really behind the team. It was strangely subdued and particularly in the second half it turned quickly as you say to groans and impatience. It was a bit odd considering the response at Everton but I guess you always get the hardcore supporters that go away and support through thick and thin. Ive genuinely not seen OT empty as quick as that.
  10. Whether you heard of anyone dying, they did. A lot of people died of complications from Measles. Pneumonia and encephalitis are two of the big killers and affects of Measles. We have more and more children (and adults) who have compromised immune systems. Children born prematurely that are now kept alive, but they have weaker immunity. Measles is highly contagious. Medical attention is diverted from more serious illnesses when there is an outbreak. This outbreak is particularly bad, in part because it is almost 100% preventable.
  11. How many years to build that barely two lane underpass? What a joke!
  12. Interesting you say this given your TV moniker. Here's Investment Biker Jim Rogers (link) "Back in 2007, Rogers decided to move from the US to Singapore so that his daughters would grow up speaking Mandarin, which he sees as being the most important language of their lifetime."
  13. Yeah like $300 rolling stop tickets, $200 no signal tickets, then pay a lawyer in Podunk Tennesee $300 to knock a 3 pointer down to an equipment Oh and the fine for that is $250, so I really dont sympathize with 500 baht fines.
  14. I take your point but I think Keane was also talking about his body language in the interview he did with Sky after the Everton game. “I wouldnt believe a word he says” “there are a lot of bluffers in the side” Darmian hasn’t played for x months says Neville “there a reason for that” It was endless and spot on which is why he is such a cult hero at the club. I cringed when I saw the interview with Pogba saying what they had to do etc and how they disrespected the club etc etc. Does he actually realise the pundits are talking about him? I think his ego is so big that as Keane also said he just plays for himself. Hence the answer to a previous question I asked why he doesn’t show the same leadership skills he does for France? Because In my opinion he thinks is he’s too good for the rest of Man U. He doesn’t see that it’s him that is the big problem there. He can’t get away with that at National level. Rashfords interview post match last night had more sincerity and humility in it than anything I’ve heard come out of Pogba gob. He looked genuinely disappointed by the result and the performance because he genuinely cares. Its a dilemma. There is no doubting Pogbas talent but as Keane said “ who is there in that side to aspire to? “ Answer pretty much no one. No real leaders, no mentors but bad influences like Pogba. He is not what United is all about. He is not what the young talent should be following. He is lazy. He is the poison Mourinho inferred to. I would out him, no because he’s not talented enough to play for the shirt but because he does not respect the shirt. As Neville said, “I don’t think he wants to be there” He certainly gives that impression.
  15. I found on the Savannakhet website in Thai a list of documents for what appears to be the Non-Imm O for being 50 or over. The extra documents include :- A document from one’s embassy certifying retirement Documentation certifying financial status Copy of house registration where you will live. Copy of ID card of someone where you will live. The first one (from the British Embassy) could be troublesome. Seems to be an affidavit essentially. Will the Embassy play along and if so, how much filthy lucre will they demand?
  16. Obviously average means many people under and many people over. https://www.mathsisfun.com/definitions/average.html In regards to what the average is for U.S. expats in Thailand, that's anyone's guess. Nobody knows and nobody is ever going to know. Keep in mind that Thailand allows people to live here on retirement status at age 50. For Americans that quit work at age 50 and moved to Thailand, that's usually going to mean a lower end check once they do make a claim at 62 or later. The fact that the requirement for the income method is 65K is irrelevant to the average U.S. social security check. There is the 800K bank method and previously the reliable combo method as alternatives to a full 65K income method. Of course many "retired" people have at least one other money source -- working (online, offshore, etc.), streams from owned businesses, savings, IRAs, stock investments, rental income properties, annuities, private pensions, military pensions, etc. The combo method becoming so unreliable is a major hit to people making income under 65K and the bank method seasoning changes are a burden to the many people that spent down from their 800K annually and then topped up as needed for the next annual extension.
  17. Errr....have you heard the word 'season' before? Have you ever done compound nouns which combines words like 'high' and 'low' with 'season?' Have you heard of Spring Festival, when 630m Chinese go home for the hol.... Why on earth am I bothering.?
  18. 5 mg per piece .! Hardly worth the chewing effort .. She needs to up the ante to go in with the Gummy Bears .. Oh and drop the Goth' lipstick ..
  19. I can say that In the uk I have never been framed by police.
  20. When I did my Drivers License Renewal they actually took my Pink ID card, so not really sure if they were taking the number from the Yellow Book copies, or the Pink ID card itself. But my wife and I both went in the same time to renew, she handed in her Thai ID and Previous License, I handed in my Pink ID and Previous License. So i assume they were using the Pink ID card when doing the renewal for me. It will be 5 more years before I can see what happens next ....though I do have to renew my Motorcycle license in Sept 2020.
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