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  2. Can anyone tell me if there is a single fan motor in an aircon unit like this? I noticed that the output is much stronger on the left hand side of the air outlet. I'm not sure if it has always been like this, or if something is amiss. The two filters are clean. Thank you.
  3. My own feelings on the subject of agents are they are like loan sharks, once in their clutches it's extremely difficult to get out of them.
  4. But you cannot land an aircraft on it, or store weapons in large amounts on them, or populate with armed services easily
  5. Got my Deemoney membership number & got mobile app, all with just email. Not sent money yet, my question is bear with me please. I want send UK baht to £ money to one of Deemoney's UK listed banks my sons, have all of his information which I put in Deemoney saved respondent by mobile I think !!. Right so now I go to my Bangkok bank and tell them to pay baht into Deemoney bank a/c yes.?
  6. Are the authorities aware that the entire world (maybe except North Korea) has access to the internet and everyone is eagerly waiting to be fed the latest joke coming from Thailand? If they would not go public with all that they would not paint themselves into the proverbial corner all the time. 13 miles out would be international waters and if there is a couple willing to enjoy the social life on high sea, then let them. Alternatively arrest them according to the law (wondering where that particular illegality is dealt with) yet "death sentence" clearly communicates to 99% of the internet reader yet another hammer. Well, we can look forward to another few days of breaking news on this issue while I hope they are already cooking up the next little soup for us to enjoy!
  7. Expats lived through the fall of HCMC and PNH, somehow I'll (we'll) manage. I suspect if you stuck around Bangkok in 2010 while it burned you're not in much of a hurry either.
  8. Get a lawyer consultation but of course not a half ass one upcountry. Take the time to go to Bangkok and speak to a large firm that has English speaking one's. Most likely if not in Thailand based on damages indicated this vehicle might not even be road worthy in a Western country.
  9. Lucky you. I was frequently sent to get more photocopies of various documents, which resulted in joining the queue again.... But when I employed an agent, I no longer had to deal with their games.....
  10. Wow! I fell last year, knocked myself out in an RV/caravan at 0200. Wife said she held me in her lap on the floor as I gurgled and snored trying to breathe. She thought she was watching me die, the last moments before it all goes still. I have no recollection, I was out, gone. If I hadn't come back around, that would have been it, and I wouldn't know. Khalas. Finito. Curtains. Similar to watching our favorite old dog die here a few years ago. In the last moments, she struggled up to her front legs unsteadily, looked at me, almost straight through me, baring what remained of her teeth, strained look on her face, and then it all washed away and everything relaxed, bowel/bladder, etc. And that was it.
  11. That's a fair statement. Much of the most interesting thought is based on large amounts of conjecture. Philosophy, Astronomy, anything starting with "Theoretical". Still, the idea of some omnipotent unifying force is too farfetched for me.
  12. All day power cuts are common in Battambang these (hot) days.
  13. I do not know how other old codgers feel but at the ripe old age of 74 I do not want the sword of Damocles hanging over my head every year when I go and renew my extension or dreading the next change of rules.. Take for example the following. A good friend who had lived in Thailand for over ten years got married to a Thai and had two children. Several years ago he left to go back to the UK permanently purely because he wanted his children to be educated in the UK not Thailand. Yes it cost him upwards of 3000 pounds and involved a lot of paperwork. However now his wife has gained permanent residency the whole family enjoys exactly all the benefits a UK citizen does. I would have happily paid that sort of money to the Thai government for the security his family now have in the UK.
  14. Cold water on a hot day is fine. The go go and promo girls are fine Problems are the lao/thai., myanmar and cambodian - males/mud people
  15. Take a chill pill my friend...after all,it is Easter Sunday. This is just blokes hanging out together,being a tad metaphysical and pondering whether the esky has miraculously re-filled itself or whether the drop bears have decamped with the Bundy..
  16. More muslims will emigrate to these areas after Mosque and then they'll make another mosque somewhere which will start another muslim community nearby and so on and so forth. Islam is the only religion uses a noisy call to prayer 5 times a day (morning adhan starts very very early and awakens people living nearby) every day. If you want to experience adhan firsthand stay a few days in muslim dominated krabi and you'll understand it fully!
  17. The late Warren Mitchell (Alf Garnett) recalled being stopped on the falls rd in the 1950s by a mob and asked if he was Catholic or Protestant. Knowing that the wrong answer would lead to dire consequences he said "Neither. I'm a Jew!" This baffled the group & they let him go.... Seconds later they grabbed him again and asked "...are you a Catholic or Protestant Jew?" Back on Topic; Even if Ireland were to unite it wouldn't stop people in the flashpoints pulling lumps off each other.
  18. Thais prefer western toilets (with bum gun), air con, the internet (Thais would die without Line) and fancy supermarkets. My wife also likes bread and western food. If they doubled the price for female companionship, I'd moan but still could afford it. I really don't see the point you're trying to make.
  19. With everything from hunting endangered animals, using animals for entertainment to overfishing I have been attempting to get WWF and other agencies to lobby Thailand and begin a campaign to highlight some of the things Thai people get away with. Any thoughts on who else I can get on board, I feel I am getting nowhere but a well documented campaign highlighting how damaging these things would really help the case even a bill gates type thing would work, I mean it worked on those crappy cables in a 1km radius of where he mentioned. Thanks for replies/ideas in advance
  20. I love 7. Forever. So off you go to Family Mart Jingthing. Enjoy.
  21. That's interesting, did you use a mirror to do that ? And is there any achievement of note ? I remember, years ago, hearing some theory about remembering past lives using a similar method.
  22. Paint a penguin green and it becomes a Hippopotamus - wonders never seize .......
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