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  2. Anyone heard the song "The Fool The Hill' Composed by Paul MC Cartney , It must be about Boris...
  3. It's sad those people throw away good relationships so readily. That wasn't the advice I was seeking. Thanks for your input all the same.
  4. Title adjusted as requested and posts removed.
  5. Yeah my bad.... I confused parole with bail.... Who paid the bail ?
  6. Boris would probably think Nein, nein,nein is the emergency services number in the UK!
  7. And if the radio was loud could it be called stinkipation.
  8. Yes, but what about the visa? Marriage not an option for me, nor the semi-falsified education visa way - which doesn't last forever / very long term ... With [assuming] USA passport, multi-entry long-term visa it is easier than for others, but in 2010 they changed the regulations (and that was a mess for a long time, immigration officials all having different confused understanding of it)...which limited the number of times in-and-out in a year (iirc.) And... investing money, thank goodness i didn't get to that, because after the "demonitisation" abut 2 years ago, I realised that I couldn't trust the govt re that. The culture you refer to...(and English) sure it would be better for me in many ways than Thailand/SE.Asia,...but yes, ok, wrt cannabis, although it is not consistent over the country, but you have that specific situation where you have it sorted. That's more important, but there are some odd things like rape charge based on a servant claiming you had promised to marry her, probably/sometimes in collusion with police. Guy I know (who has lived in Thailand for about 15 years now, with wife and grandson, and wife's farm in NE, and visited India (Puri) for few weeks every year...it happened to him - false charge of rape, detained for about 12 months (most of the time in hospital, thanks to a connection), the legal costs really took all his money, which seemed to be the reason behind it all. Anyway, I'd appreciate knowing what your plan is regarding visa.
  9. Don't be naive, as foreigner getting involved in a legal case in Thailand, especially one involving drugs, there could be retribution against you in one form or another, which is why so many people are advising you to steer clear of this matter.
  10. A poor comparison as that victim in the Hell's Angels case was not Thai. The victims in this thread case were Thai. Makes a huge difference if you understand how and why things are done here. The fact he was in the Navy has no bearing on anything in fact may be a negative for him.
  11. Whether 3BB or True is better depends on another very important consideration - the routers. Where I live, everyone said that True was better than AIS. And that was true - at the beginning. However, after about one year, with everyone following that advice, the local True router was getting overloaded, and suddenly the AIS connectivity was far superior to True. So the advertised speeds are not very meaningful until they are verified by a speed test, and even then that can change over time.
  12. What part of this did you not understand? "Public Health England's 2015 independent evidence review found that, based on the available evidence, vaping is around 95% less harmful than smoking." "An estimated 2.9 million adults in Great Britain currently use e-cigarettes and of these, 1.5 million people have completely stopped smoking cigarettes. They carry a fraction of the risk of cigarettes and can be particularly effective when combined with extra quitting support."
  13. There are supposed to be new conditions imposed on the visit, conditions only mentioned on approval. You're only referring to the conditions mentioned on application.
  14. Unonjoe replied to the OP with some good information that could possibly save a lot of us some time before going to immigration for the next extension. I always try to keep in contact with him on this site. He’s the main reason why I stay subscribed to this site because of his information that he puts out it’s often extremely helpful.
  15. I don't have my head in the sand about the Thai legal system. Hard to see in this case any reason why there might be retribution. The boyfriend is pleading guilty. There are no higher up people implicated or exposed. The only possibility would be the police being another if they lost the case (which I acknowledge as a real possibility, though probably unlikely) i also appreciate there is potentially a significant cost. The advice im looking for is pretty much whether it is worth it to spend that money in a legal or sub-legal (payment of fine) sense.
  16. Those big C helmets are just to dodge the police fines. In a crash they do nothing.
  17. Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports will propose, to the economic cabinet meeting on Friday, a waiver of visa fees for tourists from China and India, who plan to stay in Thailand for not more than 15 days. It is proposed the waiver would start on November 1st and last for 12 months. You are absolutely right Ubonjoe :As it doesn't affect me, I probably only glanced through it and misinterpreted the article. Why they don't include at least the Chinese in the 30 day exemption is beyond me though, considering that they are the major tourism cash cow now.
  18. More like the concept of war changed, while some people's expectations remain the same.
  19. I'm not sure about generals in law inforcement but they do have lieutenants captains and majors in the US
  20. A tookeh just captured a flying insect....
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