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  2. As a remainer who has had a reasonable input to Brexit threads I find @bomber's posts far more intelligible than yours. I think that the name you are referring to is reserved exclusively for brexiteers, particularly yourself and that Malaga geezer.
  3. https://climate.nasa.gov/news/2361/study-mass-gains-of-antarctic-ice-sheet-greater-than-losses/
  4. You've had some bad luck, but most properties left empty in the tropics are quickly eaten by the local fauna, then rotted by mould. Sell the land is the usual only remaining option. 1.5M for a single bed building is a bit over the top, you can usually get one including the land for around 800k-1M (unless it's on the beach).
  5. if you love eating curries you are defo a p*sshead.. Seamen, Roughnecks and Roustabouts are well known for sailing in, filling up, sailing out.. and as "golden rule" they say: beer, take it or leave it nothing over 5%. The characters are so different and only you can say to yourself you are a party lion that once of the lead lives the full lot or you say to yourself you are an alcoholic with random proper p*ss-up manners. As long you stick to your rules like no spirits in the house, you are in a lifestyle that many others have too. They like to be in company with others that share the same life style. hard to get out of that but sure listen always to yourself and more is be honest to yourself. Try to let it be at one pub, when that one closes the show is over. If you move to the next place the home feeling and coziness is gone either. Its a new startup of the night as you go through all things again, the hello, the build up contacts, getting into the fun mode and so on.... But it will never be like the time before in the pub you started.. So you start hunting a Ghost and end up being a Ghost.. If I want to go for a real bashing its the first pub, either I stumble over my legs before it closes or I am just drunk and go home not bothering trying to repeat all that what made the night out what it was until the Pub closed..
  6. Never heard of it? Where have you been? You are not very worldly aware are you? You go have a look at ‘Populism’ then matey. Is it left or is it right? Is it good or is it bad? (There May be a hint in the name.) Who writes Wikipedia?
  7. It's difficult to blame the EU when for example "Scotland, foreign companies have been kept at bay but the country’s generous quotas for species such as herring and mackerel have been bought up by a handful of fishing families. Two-fifths of the entire Scottish catch by value, and 65% by tonnage, was landed by 19 powerful super-trawlers in 2016. Small-scale coastal fishermen, who operate 80% of Scottish boats, have to make do with 1% of quotas." https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/jun/11/brexit-uk-fishermen-fishing-industry-quotas-uk-government
  8. Cold water on a hot day - fine. Go go and promo girls - fine. The problems are the lao-thai, myanmar and Cambodian mud people.
  9. a socialist govt that would never stood a chance before brexit.
  10. I've only been here 15 years and have never seen any easing other than the 90 report. Has anything else changed to accommodate immigration?
  11. Yes, go and talk to the manager who made the payment and politely tell them the money has not been received by the electricity company, so you want a refund.
  12. Now this is my kind of thread! I'll start with this classic Gordon Lightfoot tune from 1976 (which has the most mesmerising lap steel guitar ever IMO). Does anyone know where the love of God goes When the waves turn the minutes to hours The searchers all say they'd have made Whitefish Bay If they'd put fifteen more miles behind her
  13. i went to pantip plaza the other day to fix a computer. omg. its almost totally empty? where did the shops go?
  14. Well, if I was working for them I'd put that forward as an initiative. With me leading the team, of course! Don't worry, if one of them DWP guys comes over well take him down the 'soapy' and have some Thai girl polish his knob. Then send him back on the plane clutching a brown envelope..... Isn't Thai 'culture' wonderful.
  15. I'll be doing my extension next week, but, it's been reported multiple times that you do have to sign a piece of paper saying you understand the new rules. Surely, that document is the one you are talking about.
  16. I, too, joined in February, 2003. Not a lot of the people posting at that time are still posting. Of course they could be under a different name now.
  17. as usual on thai based forums the bulldogs wive's always had good jobs well paid office jobs,now what a coincidence ,no wonder they all fell for farage and BJs waffle.no i might go to my lical tomorrow,iam not a big drinker,i leave that to the bulldogs,i dont fancy a red nose just yet
  18. Hi, taxi drivers. Use the meter and stop overcharging or you will be arrested, lose your license and you or the company will have the taxi impounded. Meeting over. Thanks for coming. Goodbye. There. Not too difficult is it.
  19. Pompous old git doesn’t even acknowledge you does he? They all just regard you as a useful idiot. They even have a name for that too - have you seen it in the threads?
  20. It's a lie, as in a complete and absolute untruth.
  21. Yes but FPTP does no favours or new or smaller parties,. If support for Cons and Lab crumbles as I suspect it might we are going to end up with some sort of coalition, but I wouldn't like to put any money on what the makeup of it will be. Coalitions tend to be unstable - not good for a UK in crisis.
  22. Very interesting, I enjoyed this.
  23. I don't know. I'll have the bank write a little note telling them how much time it takes for 12 month statement.
  24. Hi again. This month I received the next bill but there isnt any deduction from the overpayment. Is there any action I should take about it?
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