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  2. You mean the older Remainer prefers Chiang Mai whereas the older Brexiteer hangs his hat in Pattaya. If living in a community where the blue-rinse set have a target-rich environment floats your boat, have at it.
  3. And one more. Everyone knows Herman's Hermits - I'm Into Something Good But do you know the original ??
  4. i don't know about GBP but USD have to be perfect or they will not accept them.
  5. Unfortunately at 63 I have no option but to pay a 20 year old (or 30yo) to live with me. But hey, it's not the end of the world!
  6. Clean and clear. Huge money in all the right pockets. Job done.
  7. I call this medical marijuana a big lie and hype! For some yes, it will have benefits, but still it is a drug! When it comes to TRT, you have to understand before you can say what you think. Not just trow out something and think it is okay!
  8. Just before my OA visa expires I will travel to Laos or Cambodia to get 1 more year from the visa . Do I need to apply for a visa in those counties or do I just get stamped out and do a u turn and get stamped back in again?
  9. He's kind of a guru it seems ... Energy healer. http://www.informationenergymedicine-association.com/practitioner-5/
  10. i have used many of the brands of yogurt Meiji, Dutchie, Yolida etc as starters. They all work fine so must have live bacteria. Even if the starter yogurt contains sugar i dont notice any sweetness in the final product.
  11. Everyone knows the original by Mary Hopkin ! But do you know the original ???
  12. I would wager on his trying to bypass and eliminate it. VFS Global is part of a huge, well-funded and very well connected Indian-owned business empire. Not to be buggered about with IMHO.
  13. I think I saw that the T21 at Asoke has unlimited validity signs up for their cards. Anyway, I do know that all food courts vary - BigC is definitely one month - and so as a matter of course I always cash in my card before leaving and I never leave with a card. That said, the T21 cards are addressable and so the cash desk can surely see all transactions that have been made on any individual card if they want to. The trick will be convincing them that they want to. Once you have handed the card back that possibility is gone, of course.
  14. You misunderstand I am not denouncing moderation I would not have brought up the issue if someone had replied when I emailed "support" I chose this particular thread because I thought it particularly appropriate The thread is not really about French Colleges per se as you well know. It actually concerns elitism and the corollory, "dumbing down".
  15. Man, who's writing these articles? Cutting off dicks and getting to the bottom of this hole... Gay guy getting fingered in another article...
  16. Probably because it's full of holes. How can anyone respond to this thread without knowing the facts from both sides? At the least we need webcam footage from you or you are wasting your/our time.
  17. Correction: women who feel like they already control you don't have much sex with you. Love has nothing to do with it, nor does money. The only difference is that a woman you're paying knows she's not in control, while a woman you love and live with knows she's got your balls in her purse. You can easily get the same effect by not living with her and not letting her control you. Money not required. I realize we're probably not the same age group, but my current gf is in her early 20's and I'm approaching 40 - she actually wants more sex than I can handle - I have never paid her anything beyond 7-11 food and the occasional dinner. She has a job and doesn't need my money. I did try the live-in "paid girlfriend" route when I first came to Thailand. Ended up leaving Thailand after 3 months because it was a miserable experience, to say the least. Dated only normal nice girls since.
  18. and one other thing... It's common to focus on the man and his age. However, maybe the woman was diagnosed with some terminal disease, and Mr James Hamilton knowing his passion, the woman that was the love of his life, was going to being leaving the planet much too soon and only after enduring a painful and humiliating end of life experience, decided to take a path less traveled. Instead of watching helplessly, he chose to accompany his partner, to give her strength in what has to be a terrifying departure from this existence. Death is an experience one can only have after living. ... and one more thing.. Jesus said, "I did not come to condemn the world, I came to save it". from that scripture, it can be deduced, that judging others is not the Christian thing to do.
  19. some ones trying to tell us that a bloke with that much money does deals with such lesse faire attitudes and attention to details like legalities etc ? Rubbish!
  20. Fortune town or even better lazada
  21. For a non-Thai, the chances of getting that sort of placement in Thailand is slim to none.
  22. Ah! So none of them is intending to pass through an eye of a needle anytime soon?
  23. There's plenty of humans on this planet, too many, so if somebody wants to ease up the congestion let them.
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