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  2. Yes. Wherever you see the LK logo in Patts there is a strong connection with, or usually ownership by the very wealthy Thai-Chinese Lenkee family, As for WS, even as a regular visitor to Patts, the only time I bother with it is if friends want to go, usually newbies who ask me to be their "tour guide" for an evening. One visit there usually convinces me that it's become very overpriced and somewhat unfriendly. Years ago it was great fun....IMO. Also IMO there are far better options in Patts for whatever you want.
  3. Hi Guys, Is TM30 still being implemented vigorously at Chaeng Wattana like in earlier this year? Is it still a prerequisite before extending your visa? Any recent experiences are welcome.
  4. They are 4 GB of speed and do not change during the entire period of use. If you go to an AIS shop they give you all the necessary information. If you want to try type: * 777 * 7159 # and then call, you must have the 700 Baht available on the phone, it is immediately activated.
  5. In malaysia the news is that it was a currency scam. But they dont explain how it is a scam. https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2019/10/22/10-malaysians-nabbed-in-thailand-over-investment-scam/1802683
  6. You'd think after 5 years he would at least be entitled to a big vinyl poster for the photo op.
  7. I think the OP is trolling. Highly impossible to have 50 consecutive visits on a METV considered that it was only introduced a few years ago. I give it a 0.000001% chance that he has done that.
  8. Yeh, the sting comes when yer chum asks you to playback on your PC And the repro is much the same as your Bacview recommended by You Tube experts and costing much less. 825 me chum paid, i fell for You Tube! Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  9. The liar and the novichoker in cahoots as the imitation Sultan Erdog try's to look important
  10. Again, what does your post have to do with the present article? "Parading around in willfull ignorance" seems to extend to the written word as you have so eloquantly demonstrated.
  11. "And I bought a couple of those red 2 way radio transmitter/receivers..." As he said, the red ones are not illegal!
  12. Yes. The house is conducting a constitutionally legitimate impeachment inquiry. 45 by stonewalling and aggressively blocking release of witnesses and evidence is without any doubt obstructing congress. Obstructing congress in itself is yet another impeachable offense.
  13. I think the immigration does not know where they stay. Sadly many of the overstayers don't care about TM30... or even stay at places where it is not done. They will do everything to hide as long as possible.
  14. I’m trying to understand to identify what it must be like to make a decision to stay in any country you have no legal right to reside in! The feeling I get is fear and shame, immediately! imagine living every moment of every day all the while knowing you are an illegal alien. glad they caught this fella, get rid if every overstayer, every single one of them.
  15. There has apparently been a crackdown in Europe involving streaming internet television providers. Just wondering if anyone is currently using IVIEWHD and what their experience is with it. Any other providers that people can suggest would also be appreciated.
  16. Not to mention the cost of everything that has been thrown away. Britain is currently in the midst of a £92million feasibility study to investigate the possibility of building a rival to Galileo, which more than a £1billion in UK taxpayers' money is estimated to have been invested in. https://www.express.co.uk/news/science/1182206/brexit-news-galileo-rival-satellite-esa-european-space-agency-jan-woerner-eu-latest
  17. Oh the Maxi how wonderful, my claim to fame was in an Isseta bubble car, open the swing out door which took the steering out with it wonderful experience and back to nature, but the Lambretta 150 took some beating
  18. Italian expat on Koh Phangan arrested after 500 ecstasy pills sent to him in the post Picture: Naew Na An Italian man has been arrested after a large quantity of ecstasy pills were found stashed inside a package mailed to him from the Netherlands. Source: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1130104-italian-expat-on-koh-phangan-arrested-after-500-ecstasy-pills-sent-to-him-in-the-post/
  19. Have you tried this ?? https://www.nikse.dk/SubtitleEdit Download link (GitHub): https://github.com/SubtitleEdit/subtitleedit/releases
  20. From a business point of view, Thai airways have less seat than other competing carriers, and they can still not fill up their airplanes due to high prices. That’s not a staff problem. It’s a management problem. Thai Airways business class on a B-777-300 have 4 seats abreast. Example KLM got 6. Thai Airways Economy class have 9 seats abreast, but KLM have 10. This makes 50 less seats in Thai. If flying with an average of 85% load factor Thai cannot make money. Example applicable towards most other carriers.
  21. Never knew any of the information provided in this thread. I’ll be sure never to use them again thanks
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