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  2. Buying stuff kids clothes from markets in Thailand, it usually lasts about 10 minutes in my experience. I find A to Z and Uniqlo are pretty good for kids clothes. Quality is as expected for the price imo
  3. And another caring sharing soul shares his wisdom on tv. Well done that man.
  4. For Thai taxation based in Pattaya the best we found is C.A.T. Accounting
  5. Sounds like one look at falang and it's ...... kerrching time. Rules made up as they go along. Good luck.
  6. Hello All, I just got my single entry non-b 90 days in KL, I applied for a multi-entry, I am the director of my company and I brought in all the necessary documents but they rejected my application for a multi-entry. I need to leave the country frequently to do business elsewhere. I'm not sure why they're not handing out multi's even though on most Thai Embassy websites, it states that you can apply for multis. Does anyone know anything about this or what I could do to get a multi? Any help would be great. Thank you.
  7. If he means it will be on track when SCB's recent prediction of 3.6% versus a previous expectation of 3.8% ( https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1094746-thai-economy-shows-good-performance-scb/?utm_source=newsletter-20190412-0608&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=news ) and earlier prediction of 4-4.5%, then MAYBE. SCB's forecast is based on a further increase in the number of Chinese tourists. And yet the Association of Thai Travel Agents said that , in the first quarter of this year, the number of foreign visitors is expected to improve slightly from the same quarter of last year At least 1 million Chinese visited on each the first two months of the year, and this slightly lower than for the same period a year before. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/Tourism/30367928 Looks like regardless of who the next government is, a 3.6% annual rate itself looks very optimistic.
  8. Wombat, you can laugh but She already paid 3 nights of hotel the first time we met, and many dinner. So.. It's a reality. Tony Sent from my ASUS_Z012S using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  9. They gave us a good challenge in the first half and were a serious threat. Changed it up at half time and just picked them off. It was leisurely. We can beat anyone.
  10. Not safe at any amount. Somebody pocketed some serious cash with this directive... At the expense of everyone else.
  11. They most certainly do. They use their own courier company, not EMS
  12. I believe there are restrooms at Swampy where one can wash their hands if they are concerned about cleanliness. Aren't you overreacting a little?
  13. Overweight? there has to be a limit surely, so fat he needed 3 seats and paid for one. Eva is not a charity, it's a business.
  14. It will not be all day long, it is impossible; they will have to wipe it clean every so often. That is why you have hand sanitiser / wetwipes handy when you travel. The same applies to any door handles, public toilets and so on. Do you really think governments do things like this based on reasoning like that. It is a global trend, the technology has become more pervasive. EU visa requires biometrics, so you have to go to an embassy to apply for a visa...or at least i do - because VFS [outsource visa services] used by most countries don't do it. ...Or, I suppose, the countries don't want it outsourced.
  15. I got stuck in the lift at a 5 star hotel in Bangkok a couple of years ago. Again no one answered the emergency button. I called the desk but could not figure out what my problem was. I finally managed to find the door release and got the door open to exit. told them at the front desk but no one really cares! Too bad I cant name the major hotel.
  16. Watch out for the jealous ex, You could become shotgun material
  17. Don't the Border Police kind of having the reputation of being the "shoot first and ask questions later" types... As well as being aligned with a former Thai PM now in exile????
  18. well, I am surely not going to wait for that report coz I couldn't care less about another nobody who died sometime somewhere
  19. I've seen a lot of comments like this on various teaching sites--with some being even bolder (e.g., "break the contract if you get a better offer because lots of people get burned"). I get it, just like you. It's not an entirely fair system, and often teachers are left to gamble when they have an offer on the table: hold out for something better or take it because it might be the best you get. But I don't think the fact that some teachers get burned justifies breaking a contract--let alone the midnight run. Now, if you're talking about screwing over a school that has a track record of burning teachers, then that's a different story. But if it's in the abstract, all that does is fuel the vicious cycle. Schools get more and more guarded and keep taking steps to lock teachers in, some selfish teachers buck the system because they inevitably find better offers, and round and round we go. To the OP (for some reason I can't "quote" your post): I'm not totally clear on what the issue here is. It reads like your school is being a bit rough (the "black mark" wording seems petty), but I think you're missing out on a key factor: why do you need a way to "terminate the contract?" You don't need to give 2-3 months or follow any other procedure; If a teacher signs a contract agreeing to teach until the end of the 2019 school year, and they don't want to teach beyond that, they simply don't sign a new contract. The fact that the school asked teachers to sign a new contract for next year in mid-January isn't all that unusual. The school wants clarity on who will be teaching next year, the teachers (possibly) want to explore other options, and decisions have to be made. In this situation, you have three legitimate choices. Sign the contract and work through the 2019-2020 year. Don't sign the contract, telling them (implicitly or explicitly) you plan to leave at the end of the 2019 school year. Ask for more time to make a decision. Give whatever reason (family, political uncertainty, or be forthcoming if you have applications pending elsewhere and think this won't offend them). Simply bolting when you get a paycheck is just plain shady. I might be missing something, as your presentation of the situation is a bit confusing, but having contract provisions that discourage teachers bolting mid-year is common--and prudent. I don't know if they could legally enforce the confiscation of past salary, but they could: Leave a black mark with both Krusapa and international teaching agencies. Deny you references or provide bad references. Use other contract terms (e.g., not pay you the "completion bonus," not provide your flight home). With all that said, if you think you can have a reasonable conversation with the administrators, do it. Maybe you're interested in another city/country/occupation, so you need time to decide about next year. Maybe you're worried that you don't have security for next year because it's only a verbal offer. If you can share those concerns, maybe it's a good idea. If they tell you "we can't give you a contract until August," then maybe that changes things and gives you just cause to consider other offers. Also, remember: just as they can leave a "black mark" for you, you can do the same for them. The big search agencies won't take kindly to burning teachers. If they withdraw an offer in July or August, that sort of thing can jeopardize their standing and get them booted from recruitment fairs, etc.
  20. It's official,the Kangaroos are basket cases.Their simply not fit. Get the gallows out,no direction what so ever. Sack Scott immediately,sack the recruiters,sack the lot.
  21. they are a vague guide and are not calibrated for each device, as for police - they need a calibrated measuring device in order to properly enforce the law
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