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  2. What about todays universal scapegoat: The Brexit
  3. Sounds like yet more copies, and more reason to do them before you have to pay 3 each, instead of 3 for 1 THB.
  4. I think you will find her more cooperative now and it was all a misunderstanding
  5. If you're shocked at realpolitik and human nature I guess being in shock is your normal state. You haven't noticed all the border changes in the developing (especially post-colonial) world since WWII? Whole new countries have been formed in some cases, even in Europe. Point is, it's naive to assume the world has reached a point at which there is to be no more change allowed and that everything must now be set in aspic, simply because first-worlders, who have got everything they need thanks, are afraid of the idea of conflict. The first world has been sorted out over the centuries - but that cost war along the way too, and plenty of it. The developing world is still thrashing it out.
  6. No it is not going to close down. Go into your account and contact them from there so you know it is going to the right source. You haven't been able to take out a hotmail ending webmail account for some years as they moved to xxxx@outlook.com
  7. Every day is a work day, so get up early, drink coffe, eat breakfest, go gym/walk beach/walk mountain/drive motorbike/ and so on, and mostly more than one thing a day. Travel alot and keep focus on this is just another day at work. Some weekends go out for drink or two and a great dinner. Life is boring, so you need to find inspiration in the small things, and get used to it! Once awhile go big and have fun, and then back to work!
  8. Walking across the street is a gamble, buying a lottery ticket is an investment.
  9. I will be interested to see how much nicer (and much bigger( this renovated one is compared to the smaller ones at either end of the airport. The smaller ones are usually closer to my gate, and thus more convenient. There selection of food if often quite limited however, although that doesn't matter too much since we are fed shortly after takeoff anyway.
  10. It’s not just taxes but back taxes from the date she bought it, plus interest plus a fine. This could potentially cost her close to half a million if not more and considering she has other properties this could cost her into millions . She may rethink her strategy twice
  11. Looking at DUI consequences in the USA, Downunder or most civilized countries 20 K sounds like a bargain. There is really no justification for Drunk Driving. Get a Grab Taxi or call a friend. But drunks won't listen I am afraid. Drive safely. MS>
  12. That is a disgusting thing to say. An elderly woman has died, used and misused f Ir years by a person who was cold callous n calculating and you say stuff like that!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. but the idiots will keep waving their flags with cries of ingerland as they watch their country get carved up by the capitalist vultures ravenous to gorge on the carcase of a once great nation. And Boris can stop visiting the north and hospitals any more if he gets five years and a big majority. His pals must be licking their lips at the riches that await them.
  14. I would think it more likely that there is more to your mates story than you are telling or than he told you. Illegal immigrants get nothing. The clue is in the word "illegal".
  15. I don't think it's actually treason but otherwise correct. No need to overcharge. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  16. Left Sent from my SM-G920F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  17. Been going on for years I think every MLM company in the world has tried to get a foothold in Thailand it used to be almost every hotel along Rachadapiesek road doing seminars at the weekend
  18. The rice export in my eyes mostly suffers from the huge rice losses we had this year. Big areas of Isaan lost the rice to this years floods during raining season. It has absolutely nothing to do with the TBH, especially as it is not shifting as much versus other local currencies as it is versus Dollar and Euro, or Pound, pun intended, too.
  19. I had the same one about 10 years ago... nostalgia I still hear that 'peeeeeeee'
  20. from bangkok.diplo.de ''Please note that your travel document must be valid for at least three months after the end of your planned trip.''
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