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  2. "I only see the living space that they removed, where is the construction on what is was Build? Did they left it there? I thought is was a danger for the ships at open sea?" It will most likely be towed back to shore by the flogged out wooden boat piloted by the old man and a couple of underage boys that towed it out there. Then it will be sold for scrap.
  3. Yes, I have an appointment with her for April 27th a Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. She only works Saturday and Sunday at BHP 038-723612, or 084-6718947
  4. With the rump of Bangkok's population on unskilled, minimum wage of 325 Baht/day or thereabouts, most of these unfortunate troglodytes cannot afford the BTS, and are thus forced onto the chaotic, steamy bus system. Any increase in BTS fares will only lead to more having to take that course. Despite some making comparisons with developed nations' systems, the BTS is expensive vis-a-vis national wage levels, and likely to become more so. Very few, if any, public transport systems worldwide are profitable; most have to be supported/subsidised through taxation at a local or central government level, in order to provide a semi-equitable service to the population at large. Sad to say, large portions of the developing BTS network in Bangkok have been handed to private companies who will fight tooth and nail to protect their profits, at the expense of ordinary citizens.
  5. I've made a few sarcastic remarks on how P walks away from these gab fests with a bunch of Memorandum of Understanding. Well he has excelled this time with the Memorandum of Cooperation.
  6. If you went there on that day, you would have seen it - nothing to be surprised or sarcastic about. I have personally participated in such instances many times! I wonder from where you got the notion that the staff in the hotels are unlikely to have been Christians! There are MANY Christians working in hotels in SL. Thank you for your response, I dont want to argue on subjects such as this.
  7. read the PNAS published Trajectories report from Stockholm last year. or better, if you live in Thailand, the studies linking heat waves and fires in the north to the ENSO just published in the last few months. yeah, the IPCC is political. they vastly underestimate the real dangers.... it's like hiring a CPA to do your stock picks... they are too conservative. agree on that.
  8. Lots of negative comments posted..... I think it's ok to holiday here. Just got to be a little streetwise and do some research before you come. Lots to see in Bangkok, and I believe Phuket is pretty lively too. I don't think pricing even in the places you mentioned is up to US or European prices, unless you eat in 5 star restaurants and hotels. Exchange rate has an impact but you'll know what to expect when you book. Do get good holiday insurance though, and check the exclusions. hope you come and enjoy the Land of Smiles, and all it has to offer.
  9. NIce deflection Who was it who wrote this in demanding the names of countries that don't support the US? "Really? Who would they be? Could you please name the allied countries that no longer support the U.S... Don't care about the "neutral countries". That's like saying your an Independent. Not willing to take a stand." Oh, wait a minute, that was you. And you think that only Europe will get hurt with no trade agreement. Trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum are already hurting American businesses and consumers.
  10. Nikon D800, 60 mm, 1/200 sec, f:4, ISO 100
  11. Some people blame religion, some people blame politics. Perhaps a mix of both ?
  12. I also avoid going on Mondays. It's also worth bearing in mind when going to the consulate that getting there 30 minutes or more after it opens means there is no queue.
  13. I have used in the middle of last night near SC during heavy downpour. It worked although my order was cancelled twice with no explanation.Third one came
  14. His wife does not one to stay here. A work permit does not allow a person to stay in the country. Only a visa or extension of stay allows a person to stay in the country. They would first need single entry non-o visa to apply for the extension. Legalized marriage and birth certificates would be needed to apply for the visa and extension of stay.
  15. UPDATE: Phuket’s ‘seastead’ is now a sad ‘homestead’ back on shore – VIDEO By Kritsada Mueanhawong The Phuket seastead removal operation was a success yesterday, according to the Royal Thai Navy. The controversial seastead structure is now under guard at the Port of Thailand. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1096519-seastead-dismantled-and-being-towed-to-port/?do=findComment&comment=14069954
  16. He can't get some money temporarily from family or friends via Western Union? Takes 10 minutes to send.
  17. dont forget the new 2 moths prior i and not use 3 mmonths after and never less that 400 k for the bank method..
  18. The "civil service" tag here is like wearing a brand label for all to see, In the land of status if you're called a civil servant you're deemed to have " arrived" !!! A bit like a Hi-So stepping out of a Benz like she's something special! I've heard so many replies to a simple question of what do you do ? "I'm a civil servant" comes the reply as if I should be impressed and bow down to them or something. I say I asked you what do you do for work I did not ask who you think you are!
  19. Phuket’s ‘seastead’ is now a sad ‘homestead’ back on shore – VIDEO By Kritsada Mueanhawong The Phuket seastead removal operation was a success yesterday, according to the Royal Thai Navy. The controversial seastead structure is now under guard at the Port of Thailand. The Royal Thai Navy says they are confident with the evidence they have for any litigation that may follow the removal of the structure from its offshore home, some 22 kilometres off the coast of Phuket. About 300 navy officers were involved in the process removing the structure from the south east coast of the island yesterday morning. The seastead finally arrived at the Phuket Deep Sea Port in Cape Panwa at about 10pm last night. Full story: https://thethaiger.com/news/phuket/phukets-seastead-is-now-a-sad-homestead-back-on-shore-video -- © Copyright The Thaiger 2019-04-23
  20. From the linked story: "Mr Perez said that the credit card he has with him has an expiry date of April 2021 and that he had visited his branch in Edinburgh to check his banking facilities were in order before his trip. He has contacted the bank by phone, as well as through an online chat facility, but says a number he was given to phone to try to have his card reactivated has not worked". And he hasn't tried to contact them again to find out why the number doesn't work? Why not try calling it when engaged in an online chat to find out what the problem is in real time?
  21. Get a reliable agent. She doesn't seems to know the rates and how to response to you. So why use her ? Is she attractive ?
  22. China built a high speed rail network in amazing time. trains emit 14 grams of carbon per passenger kilometer. commercial aircraft today emit 285 grams per pass./km.... and 6,400 million of us have never been on an airplane even once in their lifetime... yet, which is changing so fast Bangkok now has 3 airports.... yes? the most optimistic industry insiders say 15 to 20 years of research is needed before we have any electric jets for any distance not very short distanced because batteries are heavy and do not lose weight as they are used... add 5 to 10 years of air safety testing and 20 years to swap out fleets and a 15 year latency from emission to effect and it will be at least 50 years......... which we don't have even if a threshold dynamic isn't crossed in that time. yet everything we do and consume involves carbon emissions... air travel is the least essential.... and is already significant. the first baby step is a moratorium on all non-military air travel. no carbon price mechanism would be acceptable because the top 1% would be able to afford it.... but the middle class in developed countries sees air travel as a social right and would not abide by only a few folks having the privilege only.
  23. Wow, a genuine mindreader! What other conclusion can we draw since as far as I can tell toenail made no reference at all to Thainess' health.
  24. Since it was so hard for tuckom guys to check price for this sparepart i asked google and it seems paying 18 usd i will get it from china.. Well i think will order this glass myself this way... https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-Shipping-For-Asus-ZenPad-Z301M-Z301MF-Z301ML-Z301MFL-Touch-Screen-Digitizer-Glass-Panel-Replacement/32909979901.html
  25. The staff in the hotels are unlikely to have been Christians and I don't know where you get the notion of an "Easter breakfast"! It was a typical Islamist indiscriminate terrorist attack - unlike the very targeted mosque shootings in New Zealand, where the shooter made his intentions very clear. My comment was aimed at the extreme Right who seem to delight in trying to make political points about such outrages, which in my view is sick.
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