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  2. I think you're describing a possible case of obstruction of access!!!
  3. Tell the landlord that you are going to stop rent payment until he provides the copies he promised, and tell him you are going to report him to the income tax folks. He's probably not declaring the income, so that might gee him up a bit. P.S. When this is all cleared tell him that you will deduct the not reporting in 24 hour fine from his next rent payment, and send him a copy of the receipt.
  4. You were the one that wanted to move to Issarn. Can't say I'm surprised, reading TV it's always something. Immigration, especially outside Bangkok is just a big make-work project. They'll run you round as long as they can and hopefully extract money in the process.
  5. They've taken a lesson from the west, who will eventually have the entire developing world paying for their once free drinking water because of IMF and World Bank shenanigans for the benefit of multi-national corporations.
  6. Kiosk Mode? https://www.windowscentral.com/how-set-kiosk-mode-windows-10-october-2018-update
  7. The rep I talked to said 30 Jun...just like stated in their letter. What else could the rep say as that's the bank's published policy.
  8. No my wife still controls the TV during the week I get it on weekends
  9. Not really acceptable to me either which is one of the reasons why i'm considering going back to a non o visa based on marriage.
  10. If his card expired , he should have know the expiry date and got a new one before he left
  11. I have 2017 Triton 2.4 181 hp with 400 torque. rides rough but the motor really does a nice job climbing hills and passing. Get in for service the same week I call . I think you get more for your money with Mitsubishi.
  12. I would like to know what fines were handed out. What a joke.
  13. And all under the 20 yr plan so is untouchable under National Security.
  14. The problem with instant justice like this is unintended consequences. If he had crushed the man’s spleen and bled him out or fractured his skull, he could be facing murder or manslaughter charges, and regretting his overrreaction to what is a comparatively minor assault. Is it really worth leaving the man’s family fatherless over this? That is why justice systems exist, although I agree they are in need of vast improvement in Thailand.
  15. Didn't notice any traffic madness at all, busy but nothing like Bangkok or Saigon. The roads were easily cross-able for pedestrians everywhere. But don't walk/stand near the road holding a phone, there were guys on m/cs trying to snatch phones. One tried to snatch my phone, but my grip was stronger than his, and he almost fell backwards off his m/c.
  16. You may be detained at your next 90 day report and have your visa revoked. I believe Jomtien Immigration are asking to see your bank book with bank balance when reporting.
  17. Yes got the ID card and yellow book because my Mrs instructed me too. Of all officialdom to date this was probably the easiest - one visit, yellow book about an hour (with father in law in tow with his blue book) and ID card just a matter of minutes later to get. Has been of no use to me whatsoever (though have flashed it at a couple of checkpoints and been immediately waved through) but happy to pick up ideas from others! Would be interested in what, if anything, it could mean for you at a government hospital
  18. In addition to what is posted above; https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/user-account-without-password-on-win10/9b59c001-33fe-4c8f-9a12-3ff1a957bc61
  19. http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/ Pattaya, Soi Cowboy, PaTong, et al, serve as something akin to http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/, have you never gawped?
  20. B150 what a joke. This is about profit not the environment. Nothing wrong with a paper cup. I loathe this corporation and every douchebag that steps foot inside the machine.
  21. Pictures remind me why I do all my own plumbing If your thinking of calling a Thai plumber, look at these pictures? - you can do better
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