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  2. I'm 70, do daily exercise, weights, cycling, swim. Feel younger than many of the younger gym visitors.
  3. If you add up the employment figures of the micro and small companies you are right. About the proportionate tax revenue, I have no current source. However, I give to concern. in consideration of the outsourcing wave, how much of the small companies are suppliers or subcontractors of big companies. If you did that, it would certainly give you a different statistical picture in favor of big companies.
  4. But they claim that of that 80,950 there are 42.2 visits to hospital each year. And that each patient leaves 8.2 bills unpaid. ? All this and we have to report every 90 days. Something wrong here.
  5. How can they compare two very different products? one is the red buses which cost just a few THB but have no air con, don’t exactly stop or pick you up from where you exactly want, it’s not the safest method of getting around and you have to share it with other people vs. a proper car that charges much more for a “refined” service that picks up customers from there want exactly and picks them up from an exact spot, too. It’s a much safer method of getting around and customers don’t have to share their vehicles but pay for that services a multiple of the red buses’ fare. It’s comparing apples to pears, why can’t both co-exist next to each other? Markets change and if the trend is going to be that private cars with safety standards are more in demand then the red buses’ drivers have to change with the markets. If they don’t want to or their circumstances don’t allow then they have to go into a different industry. Especially at the airport Grab cars should be allowed because for many tourists, e.g. with children elderly people or people who just wish to get around in a private car and pay a far higher premium then this should be possible. Change is gonna come....
  6. Im back, with the stamp fortunatly. I also think i can report some definite change in policy at Ranong immigration... My short visa history consisting of 2 setv and 1 excempt was indeed an issue as the visa company staff had adviced. Luckily i have a 2 week stay in my home country coming up in july and had ticket printed out and upon presenting this and some smooth talk from the driver my second excempt was ok for them. After this i was briefly asked about my activities in Phuket, if I spoke thai, etc. All this in a friendly relaxed manner though I might add, but also the first time for me in 10 years (at land crossing). The guy who stamped my 1 day overstay missed the initial discussion and once he flicked thru my passport he too reacted instantly when he saw the tourist visas and the 6+ months stay, but the other staff told him it was sorted and off i went to boat. So it seems this is the new deal, ticket out is a must for second visa excempt. Driver hinted Satun might be more relaxed but nothing definitive as far as he was concerned.
  7. So in true "Thai style customer nonexistant service" the result is the company whom of course cant be named (but there are only 2 blusecope dealers in Prachuap Khirikhan) told us they will replace the one damaged 5m panel "free" ( oh thank you, thank you sooo much) but not the four short edge 3 and 1.5m (Thai logic fathom it if you can) cappings.............oh and we must pay delivery of 1000 baht........the irony is their delivery driver damaged it all!! And people wonder where my attitude towards Thailand stems from over 14 years. Want anything done here, do it yourself, do it once do it right, never rely on the Thais for anything, there is no trust here at all, surprised we werent told we'd caused the damage ourselves.. As for the length being wrong....simple they say, just cut them all down!!! Christ how they actually stay in business let alone stay competitive, still in a country that doesnt want foreign workers probably for the fear of having the floor wiped by them, not hard when you see 10 Thais doing a job that could be done by 2 normal people. If you want the name of who not to buy from PM me, another joy of "Amazing"Thailand its ridiculous libel laws. Reminds me of a friend who had a big ( I mean BIG millions of U.S$) jewellery co who had it manufactured here and the Thais he worked with tried to bypass him and deal direct with Walmart, ending with kidnapping extortion and eventually death............"dont Thai to me" Wife calling anyone who will listen to complain, doubt anything will happen.
  8. And then what? A hard Brexiteer takes the helm? Parliament will vote against whatever they have in store. So now what?
  9. Well, there you go. Your experience is having a walkabout during the day from your hotel near the river, but you've never ventured beyond that small part of Phnom Penh. Hence you really don't know what you're talking about. You speak none of the language, you've not shopped in the supermarkets, lived in an apartment outside of the tourist areas, traveled to the rural areas, etc.
  10. why do people just assume tourists get shot, murdered in Cambodia? in thailand i can recall since 2018 7 - 8 tourist/expat murders and many many more stabbed,shot,attacked.
  11. I'm not asking for black and evidence, I just asked a couple of simple questions that no one seems capable of answering.
  12. Plus it's always possible the Spore authorities were given a head up about someone on your flight but not the name, so everybody searched. I don't see anything wrong with doing this, authorities just doing their job.
  13. They have been doing it for as long as I remember, I visit at least once a year every year.. I guess the theory is that Thailand doesn't meet the strict security required and you are let lose airside where you could handover an item to a departing passenger.
  14. I had this happen to me about five years ago at San Francisco International upon arrival. They damn near did a body cavity search, EXTREMELY intrusive, and I'm a white bread citizen.
  15. I assumed setting fire to forests was illegal.
  16. It's not great. You'd really need to love India. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  17. If you don't know, just say you don't know. You're the one that said it was a different form.
  18. Did you misunderstand ? If you have unprotected sex with a HIV+ woman , your chance of contracted the disease from her is a probability of 2 % If you has sex with her 50 times , the probability would be 50 x 2 % Well I see you are still are having problems with math. And I think I know why... Try to GOOGLE...HIV transmission rates...and those numbers you keep clumsily trying to leverage are highlighted at the top of the page...however a careful thorough reading (its only a sentence so the mind boggles) indicates 'of up to 2%'. If u look at 'insertive vaginal sex', this chart posts a 0.04 percent chance (assuming that is your preference) from a single exposure. Again there really is no mathematical way to quantify your chances of getting HIV without factoring in the who, what, when, and where...of the sex you are having is considered. And most importantly then you must be having sex with someone who is not on medication that is capable of transmission with a few other factors thrown in. Am I to assume that the THAIVISA community is really that concerned about this? Have you guys ever thought about yoga? fly fishing? knitting? FI driving? Really try to find a hobby...it might help. In the meantime wear condoms or take PrEP and get tested regularly.
  19. BTW, THIS about the source website on onstruction: "LEAST BIASED These sources have minimal bias and use very few loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes)." Source: https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/?s=www.factcheck.org
  20. In this, even Hitler, Stalin and Mao did not succeed in. This is democracy Farage style ? Nigel Farage isn't the leader of a political Brexit party. He's the CEO, chairman and owner combined. There are only two directors of the company — Farage and his friend, the Brexiteer businessman Richard Tice. The company secretary is Phillip Basey, a former UKIP activist, who was appointed in March. And there are five undisclosed shareholders, with each share worth £1. Official government guidance suggests anyone with “significant control” is likely to have more than 25 percent of the company’s shares, which in this case, means that Farage owns at least two of the shares. About a 100.000 followers donated a 25 pounds, but.. are "supporters, and do not have anythign to say in this Brexit party. https://www.politico.eu/article/nigel-farage-brexit-party-start-up-politics-eu-election/
  21. Well we are absolutely not interested in what you are doing with your dog. In ten years my wife has never said "not tonight". At nearly 67, with prostate issues I am now the weak link, I barely manage every other day.
  22. Changi have been doing this a while now. Jetstar and Air Asia Bangkok to Singapore, on at least half my arrivals for the past four years.
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