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  2. Even with a non-O visa there is the possibility that sooner or later an immigration official will suspect you of working illegally in Thailand. You may want to prepare yourself for that eventuality.
  3. I am sure that part of you 'loving the wheels fall off' will be watching the human cost of this. To say that Thai culture is arrogant is just plain untrue.
  4. There's some big words there. We be naught but humble pirates. Although I may have used the word exhibition rather than invocation.
  5. Dont need a web page anymore IO now has bio metrics it can do anything they want
  6. VIP bus service is excellent. This is where you arrive. Free shuttle to clock town downtown or 100 baht to your hotel. https://goo.gl/maps/aozHLoNTYdaCUVWz7
  7. Google Bells bus service Thailand They run from 6.30am to 6.30 pm. Cost is approx. 300 thb But you need to book in advance I think
  8. Could be but I think you probably overestimate the intelligence of the republicans in the senate.
  9. Moves are afoot there trans via a private prosecution currently being drafted. Of course MSM won't be touching it & they'll encounter more obstacles than Aintree but I am nonetheless pleased that Bercow is in for the ride he so richly deserves.
  10. I had a couple of Thai Air flights booked next month and canceled. The CEO spoke over the past couple of days that the company is going down the tubes and employees need to work harder. I believe it is way too risky to book anything with this airline in the future. You may show up at the airport one day for your flight and the place is boarded up and out of business.
  11. Valient attempt to Kick It Into The Long Grass. Sent from my SM-N935F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. Thanks, the Maybank website looks like it's from 1999: https://www.maybank-ke.co.th/en/account-opening/ Anyone actually use this? True Brokerages: can you shoot a link? I can't find out much about it. I'm curious if something like Vanguard or Wealthfront exists here for Thai people to invest long term. It's surprising nothing obvious exists.
  13. Any one use a downloaded version of a subtitle converter program? Quite lot of movies and TV series, especially from places like RARBG have subs in sub/idx format, which is fine when watching on the computer but my Samsung TV does not recognize these so have so convert to .SRT. There is a program https://subtitletools.com/convert-sub-idx-to-srt-online - that does sub/idx to srt conversion online, which is fine but a bit of a pain if the site is busy and it takes long time to convert a series of 20 or more episodes. I've had a Google but can't find any program to download that would do batch conversions that I could just set up and let run to do it's job without my having to watch it. Cheers
  14. He's guilty of breaking the 11th commandment: Thou Shalt Not Criticize Thais.
  15. Eventually the Queen will have to intervene and dissolve parliament. If she is firmly of the belief that the parliament is acting against the will of her people. It may mean however that she will then have to pass over the crown to Prince Charles. Not that I mind Charles at all. It could be a bad end to a great reign if this p*ss poor parliament continues to resist the people and they make her act for her people. If they had any honour at all they would allow the people to vote in a general election. But being craven caricatures of real men they are too afraid to be judged as lacking. The sooner that Britain leaves the EU the better.
  16. I'm not "pushing" anything, I'm responding to the tedious, hackneyed old adage about "fragile Thai egos" that someone always throws in as though it's a new and groundbreaking comment, as opposed to nonsense. I commented and others responded to me, just as you did, so how is that construed as my pushing something, exactly? At no stage did I suggest that murders cannot be criticised, you must live in a strange world if you think that I did. "...i remind you, is about a foreigner being shot dead by a local criminal". Thanks, but I don't need you "to remind me" what the subject of the thread is but you do seem to need to be reminded that I was commenting on a members post, not the thread's subject.
  17. Amazing out of 2000 marriages, 7 are considered fake; so what?
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