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  2. You could contact Lanna Lawyers here in Chiang Mai. They have a couple of native English-speaking lawyers on staff who work with their Thai lawyers. They have had experience with what I think is the care resort the OP is describing which requires a hefty upfront deposit and has limited capability for rehabilitation and physical therapy. But, as mentioned much depends on the written contract between the OP and the facility and the billing statements. The best rehabilitation facility in the region bills for physical therapy sessions as a separate line item in their weekly billing statements, so the family can easily see how many sessions their family member receives each week.
  3. Hey - you posted on Sunday about this retinal tear and now it is Friday (6 days later). As Sheryl and others have commented, this is an emergency! You can lose your sight permanently if you do not get immediate medical/surical treatment.
  4. It's his opening video. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. The Pig Faced Gnome meets the Evil Dwarf; how lovely, they suit each other well !
  6. Sadly, at this point it's all just political manoeuvering, which is why most of us have little interest until something else happens - other than responding to posts which with we disagree.
  7. So you would support a young Democrat? Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. Just a tool of manipulation created when it was needed by very clever people.... Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  9. You can't compare a country 20 years behind China. Bangkok is not even close to 2 tier Chinese cities. This country doesn't value time and efficiency so every one can survive with 300B daily wage. Many people will lose jobs and cronies will lose benefit if improvements are made. That's how the economy is growing, by implementing changes to increase wastage!
  10. So the press tells the whole world & the perp where the children are, unreal.
  11. Jak - am i right in saying that these ducks are called "Ped Uan" by the locals.... เป็ดอ้วน any links on the sort of penn that they like and that will be suitable for them in the hot weather of hua hin? i have two dogs too, who will be inquisitive to have a look i am sure
  12. I ran my name thru Google Translate (English to Thai) and it matches exactly what the Yellow Book and Pink ID show for translation, so I must have one of the easier US names (First/Middle/Last) to translate......or the government is using Google Translate too
  13. I'm not suggesting Thaksin is an angel but the timing of this sentence indicates to me that the powers that be are still anxious about the continuing presence of the man in the minds of the Thai public. On the subject of Thaksin, however corrupt and lawless he may have been or is, the current mob will eventually catch up and exceed his corrupt ways. Who will bring them to justice when they eventually skip the country?
  14. Thanks for the info KneeDeep. I had no idea that DTAC still had true unlimited plans. Can I add the No Limit plans to the basic DTAC SIM ? Is there much difference between AIS and DTAC in terms of speed in main areas of Bangkok?
  15. Interesting, seeing as I also live in Amphur Klaeng! But how did you get along with obtaining your yellow book from them? They made me go through the wringer 10 years ago by insisting on me going to the British Embassy in Bangkok to obtain a certified copy of my passport, followed by much faffing about at the MFA until the translators lurking around there finally came up with a certified translation into Thai with which they were content, and then (as already stated) only to fall at the final fence when an observant official back at the amphur office spotted that the transliteration of my surname in the passport certified Thai translation didn't exactly match my wife's as stated in her blue tabien bahn!
  16. It doesn't hurt to cover all the bases! ...........
  17. It is nothing short of mind boggling the yearly nonsense you have to go through for a retirement extension, 90 day reporting, and now more TM forms. Of course western retirees are not welcome. The irony of all this, is western countries treat Thais much differently when they reside in their countries. Thais are not hounded every year with visa extensions, there is no 90 day reporting unless you are on parole from prison, and TM forms or any other forms to fill out every time you turn around are not required.
  18. Hell of a lot of Hollywood actors have married very young women decades younger than themselves.. Must be something about the entertainment industry... or something in the air or water on the west coast of North America.
  19. We walked past a street food Cafe the other night. My wife said she smelled ganja. I said Oh really, because I smelled anise... She said yes, they add it to the soup stock, for relaxation, soothes tired muscles and puts you in a good mood. I said, sounds great, let's try it tonight. Always walk the path of God, not synthetics from a factory (pharmaceuticals) made by man.
  20. don't get me started with the coils. went into a restaurant in Hua Hin and they put one directly under my table.
  21. Look at the poor little mite whose Mum ran out of shoe polish.
  22. Thanks Joe, will i need copies of his mothers ID? Also does the 400K have to have sat in the account for a certain period of time or is that just for extensions?
  23. of course not. the agent dinna want my business as i had the 800k in the bank and all my paperwork was in order, only needed the extension done earlier than 45 days prior.
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