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  2. Yes agreed and they will show you how the cover and rear chassis separate.
  3. i know snakes are a part of biodiversity, but i can't help it, as for me, a good snake is a dead snake.
  4. Here's what one version of the BKKB summary letters look like for foreign monthly transfers: If it helps at all, apparently, the above letters are pretty similar in wording to the standard letter that BKKB uses when a farang imports money into Thailand for purposes of buying a condo. So if the bank staff don't know what you're talking about, you can try telling them same like letter confirming foreign funds transfer to buy a condo.
  5. Thailand and its infrastructure is not able to accomodate such avalanches of herded tourists; Pattaya's ever clogged roads and sois are more than proof of that. The entire domestic low cost carrier network (which I use a LOT) is completely loaded with Asian passengers; few and far between you'll see a caucasian face. Most of those Asians are Thais - nobody really cared nor catered to domestic tourism either. The endeavour to accomodate 5 clients at $ 1000 (to stay with the argumentation) is considerably easier and more manageable and 500 clients at $10. Thailand has been in the tourism business for the last 30+ years. The equation does not work, as there was little to no upgrade of the tourism interface in terms of law enforcement, adequate training facilities and graduates of hospitality education programmes etc. In other words, any non-/low educated Thai can hand out organ juices or souvenirs and try to rip off bus loads of Chinese; a halfway guided tour by a scholar in magnificent sites like Prasat Hin Phanom Rung or the Ho Chi Minh Museum in Nakhon Phanom is financially much more lucrative with lesser resources BUT requires educated and open-minded interfaces as guides etc. That was my point; regretfully I state today, that not much has happened in educating guides in various languages and the so called smile has long changed to a sometimes bored, if not frustrated face of greed, if not hatred. More than once I had the impression, that I disturbed staff on duty, be it in shops, restaurants or hotels .......
  6. CCR's version of I Put A Spell On You off of their '68 self-titled debut is pure genius. Their arrangement, the opening drums, Fogerty's masterfully intense, emotional vocals, his use of the whammy bar for an eerie effect . . . simply amazingly brilliant.
  7. Fair enough. I appreciate a modicum of sanity in a Presidential candidate. Trump was the king of common sense, lancing the festering boil that is PC and affirmative action. But to that end, the only sane voice I have heard from team democrat is Tulsi Gabbard. But then no conservative wants to see her run against Trump. We want the "Crazy eyes" Cortez's and the "Fauxahontas" Warrens the "3 mansions commie" Sanders, or "Creepy" Joe Bidens doing the running. Easy beasts to hobble right at the critical moment, you know. But if we must have a dem President Gabbard seems to be made of the right stuff.
  8. Immigration was closed when i got my new address written down. I reported to the police station which is policy. They were a bit confused about doing it but after 2 hours it was done and i was covered.
  9. You can't compare a country 20 years behind China. Bangkok is not even close to 2 tier Chinese cities. This country doesn't value time and efficiency so every one can survive with 300B daily wage. Many people will lose jobs and cronies will lose benefit if improvements are made. That's how the economy is growing, by implementing changes to increase wastage! Just a correction, the minimum wage is 300 baht a day for unskilled, and some unskilled earn more than 300 baht a day,plenty of Thais earn more then 300 baht a day, when will members on this forum stop looking down on Thais, if all Thais are poor have can there be so many cars on the roads ? Typically Thai hater attitude arrogant <deleted> thaivisa members.
  10. Are you saying that one cannot apply for a building permission with a nor sor 3 title deed..?
  11. But you have no explaination for the "odd incident"....so you're disussing nothing. I think everyone that's been here for some time understands how the food courts work, go to desk / pay money / get card with credit / eat plastic cold food / go back to desk get any outstanding balance / go home ( on baht bus with exact change - perhaps starting a topic or 6 on the way ).
  12. They should, but they will not do it, because a computer would give certainty to the system, and we can't have farang having any rights here. The system is uncertain on purpose, so it can be manipulated as immigration officers see fit.
  13. Its not reporting. Its actually asking permission from the owner of the home to allow a foreigner to stay.
  14. They are all very naughty boys and should be made to stand in the corner! I always give my address as Government House, Bangkok, want to make anything out of it?
  15. Why would you want a standard letter if you were using the income option? Or are you saying that one does not need a bank letter and only a bank statement if using the income option?
  16. The one thing this is meant to do is remind everyone that the dictatorship rules and you better obey: or else!
  17. The only thing you did wrong IMO is you should have bartered - they would have taken 200 Believe me, I am a fellow "briber"
  18. I know we had threads like that before but I don't find them with the search function... My KTM Duke 390 is now almost a year old and soon I need to renew my insurance. For the first year I had a first class insurance paid by the dealer for about 12,000 THB per year. Now I am looking at the options. I am still confused what I really need. a) I want that if I have an accident and I injure others and their property that that is paid by my insurance. b) I have a good medical insurance so I don't need another one for myself just for bike accidents. c) Optionally I am interested in insurance payments if my bike gets stolen. But I park 99% in security controlled parking areas so there is no big risk. d) Optionally I am interested that the insurance pays damages for my own bike if I crash it. e) Will any insurance pay for my bike if I have an accident and the other party is responsible for the damage? Maybe they can't pay or have no insurance. Which insurance do you recommend? If I crash i.e. a luxury car would my insurance pay everything? Or would an owner of such a car have their own insurance which covers their damage? If I collide with a poor guy on the street who has no money and no job. Would my insurance cover all his cost? Thanks for any tips and links
  19. Can we please wait till Daikin comes and tells if the right aircon indoor unit is in the right place !! I will report back ! But if this continues I won't
  20. I wanted to give my wife something without jeopardizing my retirement. I paid her the money I would have paid to rent the house and she has gotten the mortgage and negotiated the interest payments so that it will be paid off in 3 years. I will continue to pay her rent after the house is paid for and she can use the money to go back to school and get her masters in finance or stop working for the corporation she now works for and open up an office as a broker. Up to her. It's nice to give a house to a person I like for a change. BTW I can own the house but not the land but I don't.
  21. I thought this version from Cookies had a real Beach Boys sound to it, googled to see if they had ever recorded it ?Nearly but not quite [emoji51]
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