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  2. I'm in Chiang Mai, how much does it cost to enter Burma or Laos?
  3. And grossly unethical for the teller to do that. In Thailand today I and my family double check every transaction, double check the balance in bankbooks and in the internet banking account, both balance and every transaction. I wouldn't trust any Thai bank with 1Baht.
  4. For what it's worth, when I flew out from DMK a few days ago, only 1 out of 3 outbound immigration lanes I could overlook was using the fingerprint scanner. No idea why the others didn't work or weren't used, but it's quite surprising after such a short time in service. Amazing Thailand, fingerprint scanners that disintegrate after two months in operation. I ended up in a lane where no fingerprinting was done. I, too, was curious if they were only going to scan the initial 4 fingers in my case, as I earlier had all 10 fingers scanned.
  5. yes big wheels that keep on turning until there is not a ounce of tread left on the tires. brake pads that keep on burnin'... rolling rolling rolling down the highway.
  6. What was Capt Hook called BEFORE he met the Crocodile?
  7. Its like talking to a child so I wont bother you anymore.
  8. I do think you need a Thai marriage certificate + a lot of other stuff. But when you have it,you just need >400k in the bank. Do you need a better reason than that? Just Google it.
  9. Only two runs allowed by land border now and can get sticky at airports after 6 or more even if there is no official limit on air runs.
  10. The North is a big place, but there's only one Ashton-under-Lyne and one Nong Pradu ! LOL
  11. You wouldn't sleep or play with your anything on some of the vans between Kk and UT due to having to hold on or be thrown out of your seats , but the Bib wave them thro at the regular road checks
  12. I find more and more news stories that only have a few comments and then This topic is now closed to further replies. Any idea why?
  13. But of course he wont be the reciever because hes 33, tall, and works out. lol no doubt he will show them a hiding!! that is, until the other 8 whimpy Asians come out of nowhere and get him on the ground and kick his noggin in. lol no wonder these guys get in trouble in Asian countries. sound like another typical G.I Joe
  14. Brain stem intact, use toilet independently, <deleted> works, saved all my $$$$, no medications, kids, responsibilities, drugs, alcohol issues, follow rules...life is a thrill.
  15. The Chinese seemed to cotton on to this a lot quicker than most of their predecessors... social media is massive in China and clips like the Thai girl wai-ing or man being assulted for not giving a tip and the like get a lot of air-time there.... and as we all know from the herds you see around Pattaya etc, where one goes (or doesnt) others follow in large numbers
  16. Yes. Keep in mind you can do a border bounce and obtain a visa exempt entry 30 days. These can also be extended at imm by 30 days. Or follow post #6 advice.
  17. Could have appointed a Scottish one …… already in attendance ...lol...5555 !
  18. Isn't this a Catch-22 - how will you know that the hotel will report you? What would happen (rhetorical question coming up) if you simply took along your receipt and the hotel hadn't reported you ever/yet?
  19. This video is de riguer for everyone to watch as you drink your morning coffee every day. Back in the day, I used to play "Alaways look on the Bright Side of Life" when driving to work in the morning. But "Happy" is way better. I guess everyone can identify with someone in the video. For me it was the white guy singing and dancing on the bus. I've been known to give a similar performance on the London Tube on more than one occasion. Being from the North, I couldn't bear to see all those miserable faces staring straight ahead.
  20. Just got back from Big C extra.................here you go...140 a kilo.....bottom shelf......nice and plump
  21. The problem with palm oil prices I think began in 2015. The government's National Palm Oil Policy Committee chaired by DPM Prawit decided to import 50,000 tons of raw palm oil under a budget of 1.5 billion baht to ease an expected shortage. At the same time, the committee would coordinate with the Energy Ministry in lowering the mixture of biodiesel from B7 to B3 to help solve the effects of having limited raw palms to meet demand due to low output as the result of drought since last year. http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/thailand-import-50000-tons-raw-palm-oil-ease-expected-shortage Then a month later the Ministry of Commerce's subcommittee on the management of oil palm and palm oil asserted that no further importation of palm oil is needed to feed domestic demand. By the next month (2015-04-10) there was a plunge in the price of palm oil (the average price of fresh palm nuts has dropped to Bt3.60-Bt3.90 per kg, while the cost of palm-fruit production is Bt3.38 per kg). While the Commerce Ministry insisted not intervening in the market price, the Agriculture Ministry and EGAT and Commerce Ministry agreed to: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/business/No-intervention-to-curb-price-slide-of-palm-oil-Ch-30257759.html help purchase palm nuts directly from small farmers having less than 50 rai of land, at market price and above the cost of production. ask fertiliser traders to reduce their prices by 5-10 per cent to help farmers for six months, palm oil for biodiesel production will be raised from B3 to B7. have Egat increase palm oil for its electricity production from 3,000 tonnes to 12,000 tonnes per month. Following month the Commerce Ministry proposes buying palm oil with 17% oil content at 4.2 Bt/Kg to be sold to refineries and middlemen. A 2.6 billion baht fund was allocated to allow the Public Warehouse Organisation (under the NPOPC) to implement the oil palm price stabilization scheme by buying 100,000 tonnes of raw palm oil from palm oil extraction factories set at 26.20 Bt/Kg and stockpiled. Two months later (July 2015) the Ministry of Commerce decided to continue its intervention scheme to prop up palm oil prices, despite a recent oversupply. Another two months later the Ministry lowered its price support to 3.20Bt/Kg. So what we have today is the accumulation of unsustainable palm oil policy decisions beginning in 2015 to be perpetuated by a "recycled" 2019 Prayut government with the same or similar policies.
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