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  2. I read an equally horrible article, somewhere or other, maybe New Scientist, which suggested that the rate of reduction of blood pressure to the brain after guillotining would mean that the victim would not lose consciousness for 2 to 3 seconds, but might suffer a severe headache. I think the "try to speak" notion may have come from residual electrical actions causing the lips to move slightly, or some sort of rictus. Still, who knows? Ethically speaking, it's a tough experiment to conduct .....
  3. Some off topic posts trying their hardest to hijack the topic have been removed, topic is not about expats in Thailand, take note of the topic and stay on it please: Big Joke latest: Embattled former top cop takes off for America
  4. Scientists to this day, use the best and finest instruments at their disposal to understand the universe, but they can only go as far as making educated guesses. Or are you happy with the Big Bang explanation? The theory tries to describe something, but it doesn't really explain how everything came out of nothing. When I was young, I learned that matter was made of atoms, atoms made of electrons, neutrons, protons and the smaller particles where just being discovered. After that, even smaller particles were discovered. Now it seams that everything is in a state of flux, quantuum physics says that there is entanglement among particles, meaning 2 entangled particles can instantly affect each other even if they are on the opposite sides of the universe. This to show that science evolves and with it the understanding we have of the universe. People look back at the dark ages and deride the geocentric worldview, yet treat science as the ultimate holder of truth now, as if we have reached a point where everything has been explained. Far from it. So you still need a good dose of belief in what others tell you. Has science explained the rising of the kundalini for example? It's the force/energy that resides at the base of the spine and can be released through meditation, or a strong trauma or psychotropic substances. No it hasn't. Yet this energy has been described for thousands of years in India and is as real as it gets. Science draws maps of the outer world. Zen, all the different types of Yoga, contemplative meditation, shamanism etc, have drawn maps of the inner worlds. Just like the experiments in science, the stages of development one passes when meditating, are repeatable over time and different individuals, and the experience gained can be scrutinized by those who have walked the path before them (peer review). One is not better than the other, both hold a piece of the puzzle and both should work together instead of being divided.
  5. Friends of mine who have already done their annual extensions this year were required to provide a copy of the TM30 Receipt of Notification to get the extension (and some, who only had a printout from their condo office, were required to go up to the third floor to get the smaller TM30 Receipt of Notification and then provide that as part of their extension copy packet). I go in for my annual extension next week and I will include a copy of same with my packet of documents. Presuming a copy is required, no need for the officer to check out the actual Receipt of Notification that ought to be stapled in the back of one's passport. Let us know if you choose to not update and then obtain an extension without getting nailed for a fine.
  6. Well, he played against the Brits a couple of days ago, and the Brits left with a headache..
  7. Sadly..you spoil your utterences like fromage..orange..etc etc Back to school for you boy..extra english lessons plus 100 lines[emoji2][emoji2][emoji2] Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. I agree with you that Obama's support of Saudi Arabia was a shame. And it was all the more a shame that Saudi Arabia's enemy was actually fighting against Al Quaida in Yemen (you remember: the terrorist organization that killed many people in the USA and in Europe). Having said that, now that Saudi Arabia's war crimes are well established, it is an even greater shame to go on supporting SA in this war. Shame on Obama but even more shame on Trump!
  9. Yes, let the non-elected Bootlicker senate pass the budget, brilliant!
  10. samsensam


    ah, tops... i wish they'd ensure special offers advertised on the shelves are programmed into the cash tills - check your receipt when buying special offers as more often than not they charge you the full price. then when you raise the issue with the staff they act all unaware... they close the bakery cash till and put a sign to pay at the nearest other till, but when you go there the cashier has to take the bakery good back to the bakery till to process... and their current 'one day a month' going plastic bag less is a joke. tops stores are managed by idiots.
  11. They do this for political purposes basically point to the foreigners while the Chinese Thais do their tricks:)
  12. Even My small AxA expat insurance from 450€ a year has repatriation included …. seems even a "Model "don't wish to pay that…. maybe yes so for design shoes ...
  13. If found guilty as charged, then mandatory castration. Followed by caning of 10 strikes. Then off to remand for 20 years.
  14. Joinaman Just got back from immigration in Nakhon Phanom, they checked all my bank details and then stated that i failed, by one day, to transfer 800,000 into my Thai bank/ When i pointed out the money arrived 1 day short of 3 months, not the 2 months as now required , she went of to consult with other officers. She then came back and said, its 3 months for existing , 2 months is only for first time visas, but she would help me out . If i go back next week, one day late for my visa, this will make it exactly 3 months for my money in the bank, and if i get all new paperwork from the bank, cos the old bank statements will be out of date ?, and also pay a 500 baht fine for being late, she will issue me with a new visa After a lot of confusion and questions regarding the change from the 800,00 in the bank to the 65,000 a month income she finally agreed i could change, as long as the money in the bank never went below 400,000 ? and that i still could not spend any of the existing 800,00 for 3 months. Could not get an answer why i had to keep 400,00 while doing the income route, and was adamant that i could not spend any money for 3 months too Shes a very nice lady, but it is hard to keep cool when they say things that are wrong, but will not admit it Have printed off the 2 month rule for the bank , and will give it to her next week, even though it will probably be ignored and i will still have to pay the fine Maybe its time to think of other options next year, maybe move to Vietnam, use an agent, Thanks 1 When i first read your post I though somebody had pinched my OP.! I got my extension today after being refused yesterday for being one day. However I was astounded that she made no mention whatsoever, nor was I given any form of paperwork with regard to keeping money in bank etc or any change of the rules. She was far more interested in the fact that I had not supplied a picture of me sat on the bed in the bedroom. Despite my protests she insisted on this and I honestly thought she would refuse me because of this and I would have to start again.. I then informed her I had lived in the same house since 2007 and the house was situated less than ten minutes walk from their office. She told me to return tomorrow with a picture of me sat on my bed in the bedroom and then processed my application. With regard to the letters from the Bangkok bank. I was informed yesterday that because my letters and bank book had the 17th on them then I would have to go and get new ones with today's date on. The lady who processed this in the Bangkok bank said you already have two which you got yesterday. I told her what I had been told to do and she said Nong Khai Immigation always accepts letters a day earlier. My reply was they are insisting that both letters and bankbook have today's date. Her reply was this not good for us.and futher insisted these letters dated the 17th were perfectly fine. Anyway I was not taken any more chances and paid my 200 baht again and got the necessary documentation with today's date on them.
  15. Mayor Pete is now big enough to attract anti-gay hecklers that are literally following him around to his events. Watch how he deals with it. https://www.reuters.com/video/2019/04/17/buttigiegs-response-to-an-anti-gay-prote?videoId=539058617&feedType=VideoRSS&feedName=LatestVideosUK&videoChannel=117763 Mayor Pete's not at all secret weapon. His dogs! https://heavy.com/news/2019/03/pete-buttigieg-dogs/
  16. Well..hans christen anderson and enid blyton? did well re kiddies books if my memory serves me well..but oh the bible and the koran take the proverbial biscuit re having people needing s " crutch " to help them thro their lives. Just wonder what any " superior being " thought/thinks about all the slaughtering done in its name thro countless years. Good earner though for all religious " top kiddies "..5 star status when countless followers are struggling to put bread on the table. Champions league..you're having a laugh. Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  17. "No collusion" by DJT https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1118860425599307777?s=20 surprisingly even cnn guy admits Trump was "maybe telling the truth"
  18. My 2nd 90day report was due 7 April but I was travelling away from where I live in Esaan so I reported online. It was still showing 'pending' 7 April so I reported to Hua Hin office but they refused to do it as I told them I was leaving the country on 9 April. I was worried about problems at the airport on leaving but I was stamped out routinely and quickly without enquiry or comment. My online report application is still showing 'pending'!
  19. LOL: when u die the police show up an demand all credit cards, atm cards, passport, cash at home etc an ur account is locked UNLESS its a dual account which can not be used for the retirement purpose this has happened to more than one friend of mine that has died in Thailand in the past 18 months
  20. Burmese workers are the hardest working people in Thailand. They do alot of the work that most Thais will not do. Without complaint. They deserve some respect. Thailand is moving backwards and the fear of outsiders of one of its greatest weaknesses at this point in time. Guys like the biggest joke and Prayuth do their nation a tremendous disservice with their nationalistic diatribes and nonsense. Thailand must figure out a way to move on without the hapless guidance of these incompetents. Their ignorance is encouraging others to act foolish. Much the same as Trumps constant hateful rhetoric is emboldening the racists in the US.
  21. The only way Thailand's road carnage is going to be reduced is through traffic safety enforcement. That these long overdue efforts are being derided by some TVF members is unbelievable and irresponsible. These efforts should be enthusiastically supported by the expat community at every opportunity.
  22. Fex Bluse


    Tops is like almost every other Thai managed company. Beststrategy in Thailand is to simply eat less and transact less. Most stuff on sale is unhealthy junk anyway.
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