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  2. I think she's off to patpong now, working time.....making ha loi baht...
  3. problem is, as you mentioned, that banks abroad report foreign accounts to the country where i am tax resident. Banks abroad demand to know where i am tax resident and than report my account to that country. Thailand does not report. not yet. that is why i prepfer to move to thailand, to register thailand as my tax residency and than to feel more free about my bank accounts abroad. it is not me who make things complicated, it is the global system who becomes more and more like financial concentration camp. even using your card to pay in another country might be considered, technically, money laundry.
  4. "There have been claims made elsewhere in the Thai media - and on the Facebook page of Manasvee - that the army man will try to use his influence to escape responsibility." He's an enlisted soldier, his circle of influence is other enlisted personnel. In other words, he has no influence. On top of that there are situations where your superiors are going to just advise you to bring his own rope; because, they are going to hang you. This is one of them.
  5. That was purely timing, nothing to do with either character. Mays deal was voted down as there were enough clowns around thinking they could get better and held a decent hand. Johnson’s deal (Mays deal) MAY get nodded through as the aforementioned clowns now realise they have been outsmarted every step of the way by the EU and they’re feeding on scraps!
  6. Leo is still a small fish in a big pond, he also doesn’t have the final say as a majority of the EU27. Saturday in the HoC is the final showdown.... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Might be an idea to find out why your nose runs all the time before assuming anti histamine is the answer. I don't know why but if I drink a lot of alcohol my nose sometimes runs. Stop drinking ..... problem goes away.
  8. Jamjar will answer you shortly ...
  9. At 40 the exchange rate is about the same as all the other western currencies against the Baht. Canada, USA, Euro, AUS, NZ, GBP ..... all lost around 20% in the last 3 years.
  10. OP says: "Foreigners hate “Thai male” the most. They REALLY want Thailand to fail, they happy when Thai people die in the flood, on motorcycle, murder." Let me ask you, Lynn, are you mad? Seriously, what is wrong with you?
  11. I was well aware of what I said. By the way the word is despise, not dispise. I used the term very deliberately to bring some clarity to what I meant. Yes the Dudley Dorights of the world, and yes I do despise them. They are the people who do not want anyone else to do what they are not capable of, or do not have the balls to do. They insist everyone should come down to their level. And they are vocal in supporting the introduction of laws to force the free thinkers to comply to their idea of normal. They've been around for centuries. Nowadays we call them PC. They are Joke, as they call in Thailand, a weak watery rice soup fed to babies and old people. They add nothing to the human race at all. No meat and no spice. Was Evel Kneivel a Dudley Doright….no way. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin....I don't think so. They all had balls. I hope this clears up any misconceptions you may have had. 5555
  12. The problem is not the man in office. The problems in america are the banks,the feds and the stock market. These will destroy america. Trump is a liar and we all can see that. But he is not the cause of american problems. Americans and i am one are the problem. We are over the top consumers and the debt we have acumulated will send the world into a recession while america goes into a depression. We have added 36 percent to the deficet in 2019. Its going to crash and burn.
  13. That is not a government website you saw this on. It is one run by a group of local insurers. Note the disclaimer on the site. Attempts are underway to get clarification from Immigration on use of foreign policies. Sent from my SM-J701F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. As long as you can keep all your immigration and related financial business within the corrupt loop - agent, bank official, on-side Immigration Officer - then you'll be ok. Problem arises if, for some reason, you get caught outside that bubble. Pretty good chance to slip out of it though as long as the "right" people get involved. Trouble is if there's some kind of crackdown in play, those corrupt people you deal aren't going to put their necks on the line. Unlikely worst case scenario would be you in a small room being asked very pointed questions to which the interviewers already know the answer. There's no ambiguity when you're told to show relevant financial accounts and a reasonable money trail. You can't. 800k was there, then it wasn't, and isn't now. Where did it come from? Where did it go? It unravels rather quickly. Lie down with dogs, you're going to get fleas.
  15. You are really making it too complicated. Just keep the money abroad Or use an investment account or bank account abroad with a debit credit card. Use that to pay in the Big-C, in a restaurant. Your money goes directly from the foreign bank account to the supermarket or restaurant. It will never be on your Thai bank account. There is no way they can track this.
  16. Nice video of the Green Line north of Ha Yaek Lad Phrao
  17. My previous immigration office was Chonburi (Jomtien). I then moved to CM. The first time I went to renew my extension of stay, the IO took a look at my passport and stamps and examined them carefully. She then inputted my details into the computer, all the while checking everything carefully. By this time, I realise what she was doing - verifying the authenticity of all the stamps. As I had done the extensions myself in Jomtien, I was not in the least bit concerned and joked with her that everything is real and genuine, eliciting a smile from her. After another couple of moments, she looked up with a smile and said yes but that she had to check as Jomtien extensions have been known to be fraudulent. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  18. Jip, you were a ardent brexiteer , what has happened , are you ok.? Do you want me to call an Ambulance ?, reverse charges ... 555
  19. Soldiers do not keep up with the civilian laws regarding the transfer of firearms. But you are right, as a gun owner, as a man deemed to be intelligent enough to reach his rank, and as anyone with any sense, he should have known to document any forearm transfer.
  20. Not everyone will go to jail or deported. But there is a real risk, because they make themselves open to attack by the law
  21. Vern is not a diver and didn't "dismiss" it so I disagree with both points. Vern said "He can stick his submarine where it hurts". That's an insult, not a dismissal. That's fine for some knee slapping laughs with your buddies on a bar stool, not stepping up to a CNN microphone having just that one thing to say. Now if you see the system the rescuers used to rescue the kids and someone told you Elon designed it you would all be laughing your asses off. Why? Simply because the word Elon was in there. The system that was used was horribly fragile, tossed the kids around like rag dolls, had never been tested, no one knew if it would work, everyone knew the odds of making it work were low, the kids were tranquilized to the point the rescuers moving them didn't know if they were alive or corpses and the doctors had signed diplomatic immunity deals to cover themselves. Not a pretty situation but it was all they had to work with. There were a number of very close calls where they almost lost a kid, but by gosh they worked their hearts off and drew off their expertise and saved every single kid. Hats off. I have nothing but admiration for everyone's contribution, including Vern's, but NOT Vern's publicity stunt. Not true. Elon from the very beginning reached out to the cave experts in Thailand and when they talked, Elon listened. The experts immediately dismissed Elon's original idea of a tube pumped up with air the kids could crawl through. So you could say the sub idea can be attributed to the cave experts, not Elon. And the other thing is Elon did not seem to be the one personally designing, building, testing, or delivering these subs. Elon connected the dots and drew upon experts who did a phenomenal job. Some were from his companies, others from other companiies. Everyone when called upon was glad to help. There were no tesla logos waved around, no publicity stunts, just nuts and bolts practical products churned out to help save the kids as best as anyone could do.
  22. Err Varadkar has just said they would consider an extension depending what was offered to them. No one cares or listens to that drunkard anymore.
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