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  2. They could try but they've lost the expertise and infrastructure needed. How long to get Detroit making cars again for instance? China is notionally Communist in that it's a one party state but no-one is doing capitalism as well as the Chinese have over the last 30 years. Maybe all that cash and those lives were lost because the west could see what was coming?
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  4. how do you know so much about what happened? were you on the plane with him if so why didn't you wipe his bun?
  5. @CharlieH either you remove "Sex isle" from the first post right now, or I report you personally to BJ. Remember last years Koh Tao news story facebook arrests? This is what's waiting for you.
  6. Its getting more violent by the day Thai's know they will only pay 500 Baht down the cop shop
  7. Good old Thai safety again She would get millions in compensation if this happened in a country with real standards
  8. Of course there is an EMS tracking service for couriered passports. You either tell them that you will collect in Bangkok - or you choose courier - and pay for that service. Which did you have ?
  9. The quick and dirty size calculation used here is 600-700 BTU per m2. Room A = 18m2 = 10,800 - 12,600 BTU. Room B = 14m2 = 8,400 - 9,800 BTU. As they are bedrooms you can keep to the lower end or go slightly smaller than that if there's a good deal. With such lumpy power I too would avoid inverter units, it may also pay to use an AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator). Run one A/C off each of your spare breakers, run 2.5mm2 x 3 core cable to the indoor unit location. If you can get some shading on the outside walls, trees work well and look nice, you'll reduce the heat load significantly.
  10. You're in the north right? Is it as crazy up there? Other posters tell us that up there it only lasts briefly.
  11. Have you travelled much in Mexico? It doesn't really matter what you think. Mexico attracts very large numbers of western expats whether you think they're all insane or not. Nobody here is trying to sugarcoat things. Mexico still has cartel violence but some areas are much safer than others. There was a recent very major change in governments so a left wing populist is now in power which adds an extra measure of uncertainty to both Mexicans and foreigners living there.
  12. You kinda have to wonder, why they never seem to promote from within Immigration, which like any Thai govt agency is rife with deputy commanders of all sorts.... They seem to have a habit of sending someone in from outside... in this case.... like BJ, someone who apparently has absolutely no prior working experience within the Immigration Bureau.
  13. fruitman


    How do you know that's nonsense? Maybe they rented the space in Tops to sell aussie imported fruits there? Just like every brand rents a place in Homepro and gets a bonus for the sales.
  14. Totally agree with you. UK hospital casualty departments were not nice places Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights as the drunks and fighters arrived, IME. Certainly in 70's, 80's and 90's. Not sure if better nowadays.
  15. That is quite a while ago ! To send a domestic package with tracking is very cheap, can't believe they send it with no tracking.
  16. See the first sentence in my post. " If his body can produce more energy than he takes in by eating and store the excess as fat we can solve the world's energy problem and build a perpetual motion machine. "
  17. how could a person almost 400 pounds be healthy?????? Can is so big he can not even wipe himself?
  18. Sounds like a fairy tale story, Antonio. She is not young, she is not poor. And she found amore. What else you are looking for? Enjoy the time with her as long it will last. Best luck to you both.
  19. I have. London to Mumbai (Jet) in the middle of three seat. The man in the aisle seat was very overweight, must have been 25 stone plus. Stank of stale sweat and snored like an old diesel train. Whenever a trolley came past he covered me like a stinking jelly. The staff were very solicitous, but the flight was full and there was little they could do. At one stage he waddled off to the toilet, where he stayed for a good twenty minutes. The staff immediately apologized, and brought me a couple of industrial strength gin and tonics!
  20. Apply for a new passport...yours is not likely to resurface...
  21. And the Poxy Moron is in the US.
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