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  2. Your account should remain valid indefinitely. The branch closing does not cause it to be canceled. Get a new account number after you get your extension. Also FYI the new rules state the 800k baht only has to be in the bank for 2 months.
  3. Seriously, if you want rid of them permanently, put a few geese in the pond. They love them and will dive down to pull up the root. That's what happened to the same lillies in our pond (3/4 rai) when we put geese in. The lillies have never grown back either. And roast goose at the end.....hmmm, lovely
  4. I was told that by a Flip bar girl, although I never gave more than 2k.
  5. Yet China’s assertion that the BRI is a high-standard platform for cooperation is being eroded by growing claims that the scheme represents a debt trap. Never mind all that. It's the bunce that counts.
  6. The thing is that those states are basically defrauding other states out of that funding. The same BS was going on with the SALT taxes before. Thankfully that's been rectified.
  7. Yes ... in the context of those applying with lump sum ... previously I have always used lump sum but don't want any problem if I have an emergency demand ... and it is not a problem doing a monthly transfer .... For next year the IO told me that they would want print out etc including my March 2019 pension amount .... I always do extension in April ... last date is early May ... I couldn't have picked a much worse time of the year for annual extension ... in 2007 I wasn't aware that this period was one to be avoided ....
  8. I have read reports of people transferring their money from one Thai account to another during seasoning period being accepted. It will depend on the office and IO but produce whatever proofs you can, I would expect no problem.
  9. If they promoted recipes that involved purified mango via use of a liquidiser, they could rename it 'Whirled Mango Day.'
  10. "...Surin purportedly told police that he was riding his motorcycle home after drinking with friend...". So he was drunk on alcohol, but "drugs" are condemned. Because apparently in the minds of certain people alcohol is not a drug...
  11. You were apparently using the 65k baht income option. For that you need to to prove 65k baht going into an account for 12 months. The images you posted only show the 800k baht in the bank option. Did your bank book show the 65k baht transfers?
  12. The law in Thailand is whimsical. It is what they say it is. Having this guy around the future will be a headache for the junta.
  13. Well just the dude is a dirt bag and shouldn’t be representing the greatest country (imo)on earth
  14. No, its not. It clearly states in the OP that they need non-citizens counted on the census so that they can have more money and more representation. More EC Votes, more reps, more money.
  15. I can’t comment on the latest model. Very big vehicle for city driving / parking as well. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  16. Show Immigration the letter that you got from the bank which will give Immigration all the information they need to understand why your account number changed
  17. Nemises


    Feel sorry for those who have to "climatize" (another way of saying unable to afford air conditioning) during the hot season. It's near unbearable just walking 5 meters in the >40 degree heat from our 24/7 air conditioned house to our swimming pool, or walking a similar distance to our (air conditioned) car to drive to our (air conditioned) shopping center and to our (air conditioned) restaurants.
  18. Then let the question be asked about if the person is a citizen or not.
  19. Get your own metal spoon. Stop <deleted> up the environment with plastic waste.
  20. They've been loving me for 30 years, lucky sods. Especially the masseuses here on the darkside.
  21. Ok so you have 1 guy who supports that don’t think that’s gonna fly and ins not about how many illegals you can support that’s bs more Donald fear mongering bs
  22. Without wanting to put a downer on the whole story, the headline and the actual detail of the story are two quite widely divergent ideas "Cannabinoid works for cancer" when compared to "..its studies had shown a cannabinoid extract could help treat lung cancer ....in mice." These are very different claims and to interpret or present those claims as cannabinoid being an effective treatment for cancer in the human population is simply wrong (at this stage). There is literally no details here to explain how cannabinoid gave these results in this experiment, i.e. the biochemical mechanism cannabinoid used to 'attack' the tumor cells. At this stage stick with smoking a joint, whose therapeutic properties are far better and well known as a treatment for any type of cancer.
  23. There are worse things that are offensive in Thailand and the world. I see it as art. And freedom of speech. Couldn't care less.
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