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  2. Sorry, but I don't think it is giving any offense whatsoever to the flags, its proximity and height have nothing to do with it. I appears to be in a separate place from the flags and has no meaning toward them. just two different places with two different signs. As to the message being offensive? I wouldn't want it facing me everyday but to be honest it looks just like some typical Thai signage, put up for some reason that only the putter upper knows why. It isn't really pointing out anyone for the finger in particular, just another random statement thar someone probably thought looked cool and trendy.
  3. The pump is the LuckyPro style most likely from same widely branded Chinese stable. These pumps are hit and miss in the quality dept so it could be faulty pressure switch or bladder causing it to throw a fit. Call back the installer.
  4. Maybe China had the right idea, ban religion worldwide !!! How is that for extreme
  5. Did you ever ring Lazada and ask them why they wouldn't ship?
  6. We used to celebrate St. George's day every year, at school and home. Mind you it was a private school which held up English tradition. Our local pub was called The Morris Dancer, had traditional folk music live every Sunday and a folk festival every year. Unlike some on here we were once proud to be English. Sadly, no longer.
  7. what surprises me is they actually have done something to a candidate paying for votes, have to wonder why they havent done this to all the others doing it
  8. I think in all of these instances where entry is denied we need to make a database" Nationality Passport Cultural Appearance anyone add any other charateristics? I am sure there will be a pattern
  9. I don't like Trump but the Dems make me puke. They loved Muller, now hate him and hated Comey now love him. They are driving voters to Trump the *****s and they don't even realize it.
  10. Poor child. R.I.P How can a person do such a thing to a defenseless child. Another very sad report...
  11. And Prayut gets ? for taking the country? I have found few people who do not consider Thaksin the best PM this country has ever had (warts and all). Even someone went to his daughters wedding.
  12. My thoughts are mind your own business. If you had complained about a Thai, he would have probably murdered you and your entire family by now, and the police would have let him go after an apology and a 500bht fine..
  13. A polite letter in Thai would work. Whenever it's "serious" communicate in Thai. It is after all the national language. Imagine a letter in Thai or Chinese to the UK Immigration asking for help from an oldie! Brits don't even help their own. And those "uneven sidewalks" are hell here. Dubai has perfect sidewalks.
  14. Indeed, along with dozens of baby gensets clattering away in the night. Our place in Vasant Vihar had a 3-phase supply feeding three outlets next to the TV. Plug the TV into the phase working best at the time.
  15. Charlie's right. I had to return an office chair that broke the first day. Lazada wanted to set up a pick-up for it which would have been free but as this was just before Songkran and I was planning to be away several days I asked if I could take care of it myself and not have to worry about it anymore. Yes, I could. As the box was obviously too big for 7/11, return to the Lazada center at Center One mall near my home. I went there to check first. Sure, if the total of the dimensions of the box was < 150cm they would take it. I came in at 153 but they were kind enough. So, if it had been too big I would have been on my own and had to pay a shipper myself. So, yep, multiple ways to return. Btw, it was good learn of the Lazada center which I never knew of before.
  16. It could be a bit of a long wait.. I read not long ago that there is a fairly strong possibility of El Nino event this Thai summer.. along with global warming producing a scorcher of a summer.. lots of info if you Google El Nino Thailand 2019.. a lot of very academic articles but easy to get the picture if you read a bit..
  17. Well, that's another nail in the coffin for low income, bar stool dwellers, old farangs whose days of faking income through false affidavits is coming to a close as Thailand understands that the Chinese are actually bringing in more wealth than the Western expats who have already been priced out of their countries.
  18. I'm in deepest Issan, not Phuket, and IOs tend to be more 'laid back'. You're right that I don't have all the required documents. But it's not really my fault if the documents that have to be provided by my landlord are not handed over to me - the IO should be chasing the landlord, because I have provided all the documents on my side (passport copy, rental contract copy, visa copy etc). This is not a 90-day report that I'm trying to do. I'm simply trying to inform my local immigration office of my new address, as is required by law. I have documents that prove my new address (my rental contract). It's my landlord (who works in the local government office BTW) who isn't playing by the rules. I'm on an Elite visa, since someone asked.
  19. Pissed, his mates egged him on and it seemed like a good idea at the time.
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