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  2. Ask a European and they will say the opposite. UK was seen as a very demanding member who went against the grain and always got their way. Did we adopt the Euro? Did we take in even one of Merkel's millions? Did we get a rebate that persists to this day? Here's some of the deals Cameron negotiated shortly before we voted to leave the EU: Sovereignty. Allowing Britain to opt out from the EU's founding ambition to forge an "ever closer union" of the peoples of Europe so it will not be drawn into further political integration in a "formal, legally b
  3. It's up to 150THB per day, that's not much if you buy something for 30k.
  4. Wood and eucalyptus logs are usually sold in different places, which one are you looking for? or both?
  5. Well said. My western BIL won't let his 2 kids do the same things he did as a child. One is obese and the other is horrible.
  6. At this rate, in the next 5 months they will be able to start stating impressive recovery figures to the tune of "Thailand sees foreign tourism rebound with a 10,000% (or much more) increase year on year compared to April 2020".
  7. When you complete the COE application online and enter your state the embassy will forward it to the LA consulate if you are living within their area of jurisdiction. You should do the COE application and then prepare the required documents, fee, passport and mail them to the consulate.
  8. Thanks for the photo. A bit puzzled by the sentence saying, 'I bet the Thais spend more than the average foreign tourist there did in the past.' This is the 1st year I've missed it & as an ex-pat don't consider myself a tourist. I know a few who joined me staying annually at The Hard Rock, paying over the odds for a beach view room or just watched from the poolside. I would imagine the Thais would arrive on a moto-cy; have some noodles, watch then leave. 50 baht a head?
  9. Kicking the proverbial can down the road again. Why put off tommorow when you could start today. Thai way of doing things. Darling let's go shopping we need food. No we can not go shopping today, tomorrow we go because my friends come for dinner. 2 hours later the friends arrive. Wife Can you go buy food darling we have none for my friends. Only when you are confronted with a loss of face will you backtrack and do what is truly needed. This government amazes me. Must need another study or a panel.
  10. I think all parents are lacking some way. It's just different in different cultures. IMO it's because we don't know what we are doing and everyone learns from scratch. No one HAS to do a uni course on parenting before having kids, and yet it's probably the most important thing anyone can do. I'd like to see compulsory parenting courses if we can't make people not have any without a licence to prove they can bring up kids properly.
  11. As a kid I swam with mates in the ocean, in pools and in rivers without mummy and daddy. Some of my friends had motorbikes. We all road our BMXs without helmets. We could roam around as long as we were home for dinner. Helicopter parenting produces mentally and physically weak kids that can not cope in the real world.
  12. You beat me to it... he'll be bending over more than he thinks soon.
  13. Until they start testing Thais you won’t see me on a plane to Thailand. I haven’t spent the time since I got back from Thailand in February isolating for the ‘rona to literally fall into my damn lungs on the way there!
  14. The same is happening right here in Thailand. Seems to be happening to parents with money. Maybe healthier to be poor.
  15. Even worse, assembled in Thailand !!
  16. It did not. It even got to the stage where I could not log into AA.
  17. Can't make comparisons as people will label you a Thai apologist. Oh, and child obesity in the US is around 14 million. Irresponsible lazy parents creating a future of fatness.
  18. Hundreds or fifty doesn't really matter, good to see something going on and those that wish to view it can enjoy themselves.
  19. This is about kids, as for myself I've done way more stupid things than ride without a helmet. For longer distance I wear a bell helmet, around the block I wear flip flops and a ball cap.
  20. Unfortunately it does, there are 1216 new coronavirus deaths overnight that attest to the fact until January 20, he can still do a lot of damage to America. Permit me to doubt he has cash, he's about $412 million in debt and Deutsche Bank is the only bank who will touch him with a barge pole. I also doubt he is master of his destiny, the American courts could have something to say about that once the cloak of presidential immunity has gone. The odd rape and fraud case to answer. True, your visa and bowel habits are not affected. Perhaps it does not matter to you he has diminished the
  21. Not much different to me, i thought i was being picked to play in the team, my position was .... Left outside.
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