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  2. Give it up on Hillary... We have moved on... Curious did the Clinton Justice Department march over to Newt Gingrich and the Republicans and tell them they needed to impeach Clinton for lying about a BJ in the oval office?...
  3. Spoked rims are like tinfoil. You wouldn't catch me riding on a conversion depending on them to hold air. Just get the mags.
  4. Most definitely the best looking Trans period......The bull nose...
  5. Actually it is the no-deal Brexit tribe that want to trash any agreement. Sent from my SM-N935F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. Yes. We have ample examples - in literature, family histories, and contemporary reporting - of men and women on both sides who legitimately fell in love during this and every other occupation during recorded history. Yes, every civilization has hookers, but not all French women were hookers anymore than all Thai women are hookers today. Yes, the sex industry will always exist, but even in Thailand that activity is dwarfed by regular, loving relationships between men and women. It is what humans do. I would bet that, even on this forum, the vast majority of members are in a regular, long-term relationship and, regardless of how they may have dabbled in bars during their first few years in Thailand, have little interest in the prostitution scene now. You might feel that way yourself one day. We never know as much as we presume we do about the lives of other people.
  7. why dont they just <deleted> off and get a life with their stupid bloody morals
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  9. One big issue for me is the design of roads. If acknowledging driver behavior or policing as problems then minimising the risk would work better. Eg. A 3way T-intersection near my place had regular serious accidents. People turning right from the main road or u-turn colliding with upcoming traffic and cars turning right from the side street. So they closed off the right turn into side street. Coming off a u-turn bridge in the right lane needing to cross three lanes to make a left turn into Tesco. 20m away. They should not design roads that make it physically possible to need to make a drastic move like this. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  10. The middle is not somewhere equidistant between two poles where one or both are stupid. Sent from my SM-N935F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  11. There is no deal that will get the sanction of remainers so pretty much a waste of time. The only deal that will be acceptable to them is another referendum. Would be interesting to see what the outcome would be if this were to happen. It would then have to be best of 5.
  12. Some of you (still advocating the use of pesticides/herbicides or whatever) sound like you've been in Thailand too long. You're thinking like Thais. Not learning from other countries. See my post, #49, point, 2.)!
  13. My countrys embassy gave me a 1 year non-o multi entry only on the birth certificate and about 200k in the bank.Less then 2 years ago. Get your kid through the court system.More easy visa for you then a marrige visa.If you are married many places will not let you choose the parrent visa.
  14. He did the convertion him self and he is more than happy with the result ..... just found a similar post on youtube you might find interesting ..... it's all about personal choice at the end of the day
  15. Khun Tony. Him not the Thai people. Thailand not need the foreigner. Can do "dtua eng" by ourself na.
  16. But not the expertise.. Can you name a single Thai government website that works, thats designed in a modern fast leading, multi screen optimized way ?
  17. The Syrian Army can very easily reconquer the rest of the country. They are being held back by Turkey & the US. For example Russia, Turkey, and the US established zones in the country where their air-forces control the airspace. The area west of the Euphrates river is where the Syrian & Russian air forces dominate and this includes the Idlib pocket that is still under the control of jihadists. So recently when the jihadest continued to violate the de-escalation agreement between Russia & Turkey, the Syrian Army launched an offensive backed by air power and took back some of the territory. Turkey has 'observation posts' in Idlib and the protested the advance but they do not send aircraft there; Eventually they worked out another ceasefire deal and the offensives stopped. The Area east of the river is where the Syrian airforce is not allowed, or if they go there they could be confronted by the USAF. With the Turkish Invasion, they have now sent Turkish air power into that area, so Syrian army units that are going to assist the Kurds do not have air cover.
  18. up to 3 months if you're a long term regular user. But if you only had one or two joints, next day and you can pass all clear.
  19. Yeah well let us all know how this turns out for you 5555555 Not the most proactive solution to an issue that I have seen to date..... Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  20. You're either going to be staying with friends and family or a hotel. you won't need to report anything
  21. That's also fundamentally false, again because it's not your money once in your bank account. Both the teller and ATM involve instances of permission; you can only take it out from a branch at certain times, signing exactly as in your passport, not wearing dark glasses or otherwise obscuring your appearance, only when your number is called to a certain window, and so on... You can only take it out of ATMs, if you show your card, and in even more limited amounts. Anyone who has had their bank account "temporarily frozen" while the bank "investigates" something, can confirm to you that simply showing a passport or anything else will NOT trigger the usual PERMISSION to make the BANK's money YOURS again. In that sense, Bitcoin is permissionless compared to a bank. As long as you have your access key, which can be backed up in numerous places to prevent loss, bitcoins always remain yours.
  22. How long does it remain in your body after being smoked or ingested? Any credible information would be appreciated.
  23. Why does this report repeat everything? Writing it once is enough.
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