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  2. Have a look at Pacific Cross, very reasonable from what I was shown, can start at a policy for B1.5 million and then way up according to what suits you. john
  3. Glad to see that you respect the scientific authority of the IPCC. So on the unlikely chance that I can cite its confidence levels on the role that CO2 plays in global warming, climate change and ocean acidification, you of course will accept that. To do otherwise would be intellectually dishonest, right?
  4. Yes, but 1. the price to the consumer hasn't reduced as imports have become cheaper so there may not be much change 2. Thailand ia a net exporter
  5. I have know several Thai males from my M/cycling days, a scooter rider know but still on good terms with the Old Gang. I also know their wives/girlfriends and children, good people who help me as and when. john Unlike many of the Frangs I know, who keep passing on after suffer strokes, heart attack or just lose mobility.
  6. First thing to do is register with the IRS for an online account. You can do it in Thailand but is easier to do it in the US, since it requires telephone verification Second thing is make sure you maintain a US bank account and a US address Once you have an IRS account set up, then you can do everything regarding US taxes online, to include, preparing, filing, and payment (free file if your income is under a certain amount) I think you are making too big a deal out of my taxes from a foreign country . Not much different from Thailand unless, you want to paper file and then the only downside is the time it takes to get the mailed forms to the US
  7. i've been in Thailand for 19 years. I've never eaten Thai food, seen an elephant, snake, soi dog, smelled pollution, saw an accident, heard Thai, seen anything surprising, or met a sex worker. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookay
  8. Joke's new immigration ball was already rolling so the fire will get hotter before it cools down is what it would most likely tend to be. And an OP saying the next stage of immigration rules will be coming out on Monday April 22 is sure fire proof. Put on your seatbelts and asbestos suit.
  9. Tulsi Gabbard is your candidate then, and she's pretty cool but the left has pretty much ostracized her and the media gives her barely any play, lately favoring Buttigeg for some reason.
  10. Why would they bother to tell you,they have all our addresses, phone num, and email, but give out information would be to much trouble for them, they don't appear to care one iota about us.
  11. Of course there was Russian interference, and probably Chinese, Nth Korean and a bunch of sad boys in basements as well. Just like the US will interfere in other countries elections as well. The ONLY thing to consider is whether Trump COLLUDED. Mueller found NO evidence of that, so no case to answer. BTW, contacts between Russians and US citizens is not criminal- it's not 1950 anymore.
  12. Now who was it who recently said that Thais shouldn't go abroad and come back with fancy Communist ideas? Thailand and UK ruling parties have much in common. They can't abide socialism and communism, but can't get enough of China's money into the country. Ditto the right leaning Italian government.
  13. I got the message from the US Embassy, the message is a bit unclear to me at least. Would it be correct if you currently have your Social Security sent to the New York Bangkok Bank and it is being ACH to your Bangkok Bank in Thailand and have a Thai address you need do nothing? Does that mean ACH will now be converted to IDD for you?
  14. Update : I sent them an email and received a reply that they had some technical issues but all resolved the same day.
  15. You do love making those unsupported assertions.
  16. I'm sure the MPs who had represented a leave constituency majority in 2016, would be targeted as traitors or worse. Anyway there are more important issues facing the world than debating 'what could happen if'.
  17. There are enough NES with dual parents who have no such passport ... On the other hand there are plenty of english teachers in the EU who have a british accent (but are non british), I even know a french one who speaks english with a british accent Actually in the EU it is illegal to write out job seeking adverts that favour certain nationalities. There are only very few exceptions ... I doubt english teacher is one of them.
  18. I can confirm unequivocally that Seven Seas Pub & Restaurant, south Warin Chamrap serves real mashed potato with their steaks chops and pies. Freshly made for each order. No; I’m not the owner!!! I just like it there.
  19. My large well temporarily ran dry yesterday for the first time in a couple of years.
  20. I am currently doing an art project using the fingerprints. Asking 4,000,000 THB.
  21. Never stuck per se but have had the doors trying to close as I'm struggling with 2 suitcases. Apparently sticking anything in the lift door way while it is open does not necessarily mean there is a sensor to re-open the doors.
  22. I don't think they had to spend much. CNN and MSM were giving him enormous amounts of free publicity.
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