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  2. There are no ‘agents’ for 100’s of Km’s near that office (that I am aware of). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Yes and the U.S. case we know for a fact their excuses that they aren't allowed to do based on international State Department rules is totally wrong. The U.S. embassies in both Colombia and Peru (and likely other places as well) DO verify government pension benefit letters for purposes of immigration offices of those respective countries. Maybe they really couldn't go further than that, but certainly they could have issued letters based on social security benefits.
  5. MDA and MDMA are closely related amphetamine but are not the same drug.
  6. Firstly, every I.O is not requiring that a person shows evidence he still has the money on deposit for every 90 day address reporting. Also not every I.O. in the country is familiar with agent obtained extensions. But a more general answer is yes, offices are treating agent and non-agent applications differently.
  7. Their mafias have long settled, and Albania is the Colombia of Europe.
  8. Daniher is to expensive for what he is, ain’t proved to much in my mind, and Fj id be happy to have Tyson back. Well Dee,s are now looking to trade pick 3 to GWS for there 6 and first round in 2020..... don’t make much sense why they bothered to deal with North in the first place.... Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  9. plenty of reports available to read main thing is easy to commit suicide, didnt see any link to cancer and some slight hint of parkinsons risk, debatable. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paraquat#Parkinson's_disease
  10. Geez you are a <deleted>....I said i asked....what more do you want....
  11. But you can be a 49% shareholder can you not? As a 49% shareholder unless a Thai shareholder crosses the floor you have no control anyway. That is why when you start a company ensure have a minor shareholder who you know will always give you his or her proxy
  12. Gordon Wu and Hopewell are highly respected. If they garner such headaches by doing business in Thailand, it should be a pretty good warning to others to charge more in Thailand or avoid it all together.
  13. I like the idea of getting a prescription/permission to use to help just in case.
  14. I have never suggested insurances would be required for any extensions based on non O visas. Whenever I have mentioned retirement extensions on this thread I have always indicated I was talking about retirement extensions applied for on the back of an expiring O-A visa. Sorry if there's any confusion. Are you suggesting though, that insurance for future retirement extensions based on O-A visas issued after 31st October will not be required ............. despite Tanoshi's post referring to Immigration comments that states the opposite?
  15. From your own post - 'But, interestingly, and in some ways more importantly, the Justice Department says, but there may be a criminal violation here, so we need to look at that, so we're — we, the Justice Department, are going to take a look at what happened here and see if there's reason to pursue a criminal investigation'. It also clearly explains that this would not normally go to the Justice Department. Trump fans don't do legal. Bigly.
  16. No you read the label or your agronomist suggests application rates depending on what weeds you have. Don't forget after its been harvested,you stick some toxic gas in the storage with it to kill pests. Just don't eat it for 28 days. Pretty sure the ships that transport the grain to china are fumigated as well.
  17. And following the US embassy's decision, their response to questions and complaints about the impact of that decision demonstrated how clueless they were about the consequences of their decision as well as their sometimes arrogant indifference. At least one response suggested that the issue could be easily resolved by quickly dumping baht 800,000 into your Thai bank account. Let them eat cake, indeed.
  18. You didn't ask that question explicitly did you? A yes or no answer will suffice in this case.
  19. or; since retired military electronics students, dittying (over a certain age) at the bar after work... "BBROYGBVGW"
  20. This one of those stories that will still be going long after all of us are 6ft under. Debt, revenue, incompetence, where does the list end when it comes to this company? It's a zombie company, it's debt makes unsellable, no rational business would take that level of debt, and that in my mind at least is the absolute killer in this equation. The fleet. TG has an obsession with buying a mish mash of aircraft. Most airlines have a balanced fleet of purchased and leased aircraft, which gives them flexibility should business conditions change. That changes the balance sheet from fixed asset depreciation to operating expense.Which is good, so long of course that you can generate operational revenue to cover expense, which TG seems to have a problem with. They also seem to believe that buying new aircraft, which adds to that structural debt is a panacea. Delta is a classic example of how to milk existing resources. It may not be young, it may not be pretty, but it's paid for! So whatever revenue you make is all going to the bottom line without having to service debt. One of several reasons they are consistently one of the worlds most profitable airlines. As for employees, let's compare Lufthansa. Germany, a country roughly the same size as Thailand, and you could argue that Frankfurt is a hub similar to Survarnaphumi. Their revenue is similar to Delta, but with the largest number of employees of any of the top 10 airlines, in a high wage area, yet they still seem to be capable of being one of the most profitable airlines in the world. The bottom line is that is not one, even two or three simple answers to the woe's of TG. In any real world business, it would be time to 'put a bullet in it"
  21. That was my initial question. Say, someone goes to the same office as Dilligad's friend. If he didn't use an agent, he has to provide evidence of the 400k at every 90-day report, if he did use an agent he doesn't have to provide the evidence. Is that what you're saying? So every IO in that office is treating agent and non-agent applications differently?
  22. Just imagine if the resort had prostitutes and thieving ladyboys!
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