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  2. Leaving people's domestic life aside (and yes I have bored a few girls with football in my time, but I would never go as far as buying them a matching scooter)..... I remember a time early on in the Jose era when things were at quite a low ebb. We were playing City at home midweek in the League Cup. When asked what his tactics were, Jose just said he asked the players to give 100% commitment, nothing more. We won the game. Let's hope Ole can find the right words to galvanise this team.
  3. Yes, he needs to clarify if its a lease or a Usufruct. They are not the same, a Usufruct is far stronger than a lease and gives the beneficiary the rights to full enjoyment of the property - basically, its akin to owning it.
  4. When I had my driving lessons, I approached an slightly uphill intersection. The teacher told me be carefull for that slope, hold the brake tightly while waiting at the red light. At the same time an chinamen crossed the street. as was the reply af
  5. Yep.. tbh at first i was surprised.. then thinkin bout it pep has a pref for technical ability above all else.. one of the guardian bods wilson think it was, came out with a theory which makes sence that pep is so 'system' oriented that it almost rules that 'big' personality out.. some one who irrespective of abilty pics a game up and controls it .. back in the day roberts used to do it for spurs ..arguably henderson is a modern day version.. you could have used one against us in the cup.. anyways i diverse .. your shout if u have one.. if not its open
  6. And there is a ton of money to be made in weed. Lookie, a gram of oil in the US is $55. It lasts a dedicated smoker two weeks. Lets say it sells for $20 or 600 baht in Thailand. Lets say that 300,000 two weeker tourists buy a gram. That just pumped 180,000,000 tourist baht into someones pocket. And thats just a tip of the weed bud.
  7. No photos and you pay 20 to 40baht more . really easy process as pretty flexible as long as you paying lol bit like thailand use to be ...
  8. The difference being 550 baht on a bottle (Jacobs Creek) that cost 200 baht in Australia. If that isn't extortionate I don't know what is.
  9. Funny team Everton, every time I've watched them this season they've been decent but they're 15 points behind ManU in 7th but looked way better. I like the young lad up front, particularly like Gomes, just don't rate Pickford and the centrebacks.
  10. Airline is not the problem except they have varying restrictions on pet carrier size. Don't send em by cargo as many freeze to death in the hold. You are allowed up to two animals hand carried on board. Before you do it, check if you can get them back into your own country when you want to return? Some countries have quarantine laws. Also check Thai regs, they may want a health certificate. I would think twice, moving a cat from its home usually does not go down well with the critter!
  11. UTR? With the US Gov?? They know your every move and know 4 seconds before you when you're going to fart again. I hate waiting in lines when I don't have to. About 7 years ago there were a couple of trips where the US line was much longer than the non citizen line. After those <deleted> moments, I decided to was time for Global Entry. Very happy I can now skip those lines.
  12. OK Guys, thanks for that. Perhaps you can answer another question for me - as I'm not in Thailand full time yet, I haven't bothered getting an internet connection. At the moment I use my phone as a 'hotspot' to connect my laptop then HDMI to my TV to watch some of the free internet chanels like Filmontv. If I want to use a VPN I guess I have to get a fixed internet connection? There's no way of making my phone's location private? Not such a problem now - we had nothing other than AIS Airnet available a while back (Airnet equipment still in the house) but I saw 3bb working up a pole on my Soi last week so they must have 'arrived'. I tried talking to AIS about reconnecting Airnet last year - the first few people I spoke to didn't even know what Airnet was but I was eventually told that they no longer accept new customers, they must be winding it down.
  13. Don't worry yourself, they'll ALL be coming out of the woodwork if liverpool win a trophy. Respect to Bob.
  14. PM me if you are looking for a 500x
  15. You find Norwegians better then? Obviously not been in Thailand for a while and been drinking with the gits.
  16. Ridiculous assumption. This isn’t some farang event started by some stoner, farang, bitcoin millionaire. This whole fair was endorsed/supported by Newin Chidchob (owner of the Buriram United football team and the huge football stadium/ racetrack complex where this event is being held, as well as loads of other properties and businesses) who has a lot of power. His family has a lot of pull in this province and as an ex-politician who’s been shrewd enough to initially side with Thaksin, then dump him, I’d be willing to back Mr. Chidchob. My wife and I were watching TV and he was being interviewed on a show and talking about “the California model” (I.e. lots of tax revenue). Money speaks loudest in Thailand and it doesn’t matter what type of “general” is involved (army, navy, or police), if there’s a cut to be made/skimmed, then they’ll be all for it.
  17. No thanks, if you have to give info, oh well, but I never volunteer it. I try to be as UTR as any fat, loathesome, weed smoking traveler can be.
  18. Ok. I read that as being a matter of principle rather than on any economic/financial necessity. I say that because I have not as yet figured out the rationale of moving money about justified by chasing minimal interest rate advantages etc given the cost of such especially if international for the now minimum BHT 400,000 or even the initial BHT 800,000. The situation is what it is and It has not altered my situation at all for extensions. What I "lose" on permanent deposit is actually a fraction of what people pay an agent in real terms. However I can well understand the situation for those that now have various forms of compromise. Standing on principle was not one I had considered.
  19. The Dutch already threw by far miost of their nobility out of government from 1568 and fought a long war to get independency and own rule. The British are still partially ruled by them ( House of Lords) and the Eton guys. The French followed in 1789. The germans in 1918 In Germany all men got voting rights at 3 March 1871, the first Federal election, and at the first elections of the Weimar Republic in 1919 to all women. During WW1 many British were forced to give their lives for their country, but did not have any voting right at all. Even after the Representation of People Act 1918, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Representation_of_the_People_Act_1918 , men and women still didn't have the same rights when it came to politics. The law said that women over the age of 30 who occupied a house (or were married to someone who did) could now vote. This meant 8.5 million women now had their say over who was in Parliament - about 2 in every 5 women in the UK. It also said that all men over the age of 21 could vote - regardless of whether or not they owned property - and men in the armed forces could vote from the age of 19. The number of men who could now vote went from 8 million to 21 million. The Irish felt occupied till 1922, and some even till today by the British. Time to learn some European history instead of ONLY looking to a western Island at the European shores, who were occupied by Romans, Saxons, Jutes, Angles, Danes, at at the end Normans. see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invasions_of_the_British_Isles#Germanic_invasions
  20. Very nice of you, a very happy dog, I guess he flew in the cargo hold? I might be moving to Thailand and have 2 cats, any suggestions on a Airline
  21. Another documentary depicting the plight of the local Sihanoukville businesses, which are closing due to the recent Chinese take over. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O57U3O-DeHA
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