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  2. Were most of the complaints against the junta's party? If so this was totally predictable.
  3. Steve, Your confirmation from TW reads the same as mine, "local bank transfer". Do you have a K-bank passbook and inside the passbook it's coded as "International Trade...", or do you read that when you're looking at your statement on-line? By the way, have you successfully renewed your Retirement Visa using these confirmations, or statements, or whatever else you can get from the bank? Thanks, David
  4. It's not just the moving the bitcoin though (which is currently free for me).. There is a cost of buying the BTC from GBP and of selling it again to THB (0.4% total), and it seems at the moment the (price in THB)/(price in GBP), is a little less than the mid-market rate that TW uses (less its 0.52% fee) at 41.254 vs 41.375. The "after cost" THB that I would have received from 1000GBP was 41,070 using BTC vs. 41,093 with TW. Also the selling price could move against you while the Bitcoins are "in transit". (Of course, it could also move in your favour.).
  5. You nailed it. No farang will EVER admit fault because the Thais are out to get him , even the judge is in on it.
  6. "trump" was happy about the report until he wasn't. He's angry tweeting again! Barr's lackey act only worked for his hard core base, for which anything works. He realizes now there is strong grounds for impeachment in the report and a roadmap to put him in prison if he isn't reelected. Karma bites.
  7. They will often suggest you can get other things fixed with the car at the same time and run it in on this claim ie all caused by this incident.
  8. Pretty dumb if true...he must have lost his mind because you know that the Thai men in prison are already not all that happy...give them a target and things will blow up.
  9. Seems like he did quite well investing in Bitcoin. Early purchasers and miners who got in real early are multi millionaires now. I wish I had bought a few thousand back when it was only a buck or two. The price is $5250 right now.
  10. How about questionning those who built the structure ? Doubt that the guy, as smart as he may be (or not be) did it himself ?
  11. In the past, this was a possible strategy. It will now result in blacklisting from Thailand (for long overstays) and increased chance of denied entry (even for shorter overstays). Seriously, do not do that.
  12. Insurance man said some stations do insist, nice little earner looks at the car agrees 3 panels need replacing! If you want to go to court the car stays at the station, guess that puts most people off. Insurance is AXA.
  13. Ive found Thais to be compulsive liars, been involved in 2 accidents the Thais went out of their way to lie but my Wife will not be walked over, once after an hour of "discussion" the other party admitted fault then pronounced it was all just bad luck.
  14. That's probably the one lesson that the Thai officialdom wants every foreign newcomer to learn as quickly as possible. Do it the Thai way, or else.
  15. Just line after line of mumbo jumbo thats all your'e saying, no evidence is being shown and when requested we appear to not be able to "see" or "listen" Show me some relevant repeatable facts and stop quoting what can only be described as total crap.
  16. Mrs saw him in Hospital changed his story, now admits he was on the wrong side of the road and did not see the car until too late. Maybe busy on the phone, not seriously hurt but of course the Hospital wanted him st stay in
  17. yes I know - bin the 800k malarkey and every one the same - everyone happy and so simple to manage
  18. You need to look at the body language. Mr prayut knows his place. And Mr Xi knows who is the boss. The new silk road is an exciting project. It is something that US could never conceive without a few carrier groups. And there appears to be no oil so that excludes US. US appears to be stuck in a backward rut.
  19. Invitation to impeach. Will the democrats accept it? No idea at this point. https://edition.cnn.com/videos/politics/2019/04/18/mueller-report-sentence-congress-invitation-to-impeach-trump-toobin-ip-vpx.cnn
  20. Mueller report: Subpoena issued for unredacted version https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-47991337 Tick, tick, tick...
  21. I dont know, there have been lots of complaints on the Ponyboy Boards. I think they are coating the stainless steel Bits in soft plastic.
  22. the more european the better,better standard of living,better transport,better health service,better roads,rail,airports,less alcoholics and druggies,a less violent society and lower crime,less obesity (fat bastards) better education,i could go on
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