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  2. For 15 years since 2004, Immigration have confirmed my applications for extension based upon retirement. My current extension expires on 18th July 2019 and given the recent changes I am now considering the options for future applications. I plan to seek renewal based upon the monthly income option and will submit an application based either on retirement (65k baht minimum monthly income) or for being married to a Thai (average 40k baht minimum monthly income). I have always used the retirement extension route previously albeit I have been married since 2007 and have all the appropriate marriage documentation including an updated April 2019 Khor Ror 2. An application based upon marriage would be a new step for me albeit it may become necessary should GBP exchange rate suffer significant devaluation. Should I decide to switch and submit for extension based on marriage are there any timing issues or possible complications with IO to be aware of ? I usually submit my application for extension in late June, some 2-3 weeks before expiry of current extension and would plan to do so again this year irrespective of retirement/marriage option. Hopefully this would be sufficient to resolve any issues that may crop up. Any comments/suggestions would be welcome.
  3. I wonder how many men it took to build it.
  4. Power outage in Chalong announced By The Phuket News Photo: PEA / file PHUKET: The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) Chalong branch has announced that the electricity supply will be temporarily shut off in parts of Chalong on Wednesday (Apr 24) as work is carried out on high voltage power cables. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1096581-power-outage-in-chalong-announced/
  5. At least 11 killed and more than 100 injured after earthquake hits 60km northwest of Manila. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/04/northern-philippines-jolted-magnitude-61-earthquake-190423010018244.html Philippine rescuers were scrambling to reach dozens of people feared buried under a building near Manila that collapsed a day earlier in a powerful earthquake, as the death toll climbed to 11. The magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck northwest of the capital on Monday, heavily damaging an airport and sending terrified locals fleeing swaying high-rises. The worst of the damage was in the province of Pampanga, which was the site of most of the 11 fatalities, disaster officials said. Dozens of others were injured by falling rubble, including in Manila. The toll could rise as crews fanned out across the region to assess damage in isolated hamlets that lost power and communications in one of the area's strongest tremors in years. Over 400 aftershocks have been registered since the initial quake, Philippine seismologists said. Scores of rescuers in the town of Porac were wielding cranes and jackhammers to peel back the pancaked concrete structure of a four-floor market building where up to 30 people were unaccounted for. The quake also damaged several centuries-old churches which were crowded with worshippers in recent days as Philippines marked the Easter holiday. Father Roland Moraleja, who is based in Porac, said the 18th century belfry of Saint Catherine of Alexandria church collapsed in the quake. "It was the only part left from the old church," he told AFP news agency. "The historical value is now gone, but we are hopeful that it will rise again." Thousands of travellers were stranded after aviation authorities shut down the secondary Clark Airport, which is located on the site of the former US military installation that lies about an hour's drive north of the capital. It was still closed on Tuesday as officials assessed the heavy damage to the terminal building and some cracking on the air traffic control tower. Dani Justo, a martial arts instructor, told AFP she was at her southern Manila home when the quake struck. "The clothes hanging on our line were really swaying. My shih tzu (dog) dropped flat on the ground," she added. The Philippines is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, where about 90 percent of the world's earthquakes strike. The last major quake to hit the country was a 7.1-magnitude tremor that killed more than 220 people in the central Philippines in October 2013. In July 1990, more than 2,400 people were killed on the northern island of Luzon in a magnitude-7.8 quake, one of the strongest tremors ever to hit the country. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/04/northern-philippines-jolted-magnitude-61-earthquake-190423010018244.html
  6. Power outage in Chalong announced By The Phuket News Photo: PEA / file PHUKET: The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) Chalong branch has announced that the electricity supply will be temporarily shut off in parts of Chalong on Wednesday (Apr 24) as work is carried out on high voltage power cables. The area to be affected by the power outage, from 9am to 4:30 pm, is along Chao Fa West Rd from PEA Chalong branch to the Luang Pho Chaem Rd intersection. In its announcement, the Chalong PEA apologised for any inconvenience caused. For more information call the PEA on 076-521-191 or call centre 1129. Read more at https://www.thephuketnews.com/power-outage-in-chalong-announced-71181.php#RddBKDhW5tfSi4sG.99 -- © Copyright Phuket News 2019-04-23
  7. What is your point mate? Skrill who I use to bring in large amounts now and then do the same thing but none of these are used by Gov.UK Pensions Even if you pay into a UK bank then transfer it's surely not going to be worth the hassle plus it would take longer to arrive as your due date is your due date.
  8. I bought a 'phone holder' from Lazada....AUKEY. A smallish magnetic dubarry which clips into the air vent on the dashboard. A metal strip you attach on the back of the phone is included. The phone is kept cool and in perfect sight of the drive. Bht 260. Great gadget.
  9. You'll be fine son. Only the good die young. Just back your foot off the throttle a bit when you are out of country on your PI, Cambo and Vietnam junkets.
  10. A one day overstay would not affect the applications approval or issuance of the visa from others doing the application have told. The are only concerned about long overstays.
  11. And where would that hatred be coming from, according to you, and your stalking analysis of my post history?
  12. Today my wife said in front of my whole Australian family, “I feel so good here as I do not have to defend myself from others. I am asked constantly how much you give me in Thailand. I get asked how much money do you have. I get asked too many personal questions from Thais. Since being in Australia no one has asked me what I do or any real questions. I feel much better here.” Your post rings so true. Too much to do with Face and I personally hate it so much. I did not know how much pressure my wife was under for me to preform and even amoung her friends, it is highly social ruling and the putting down of others just seems normal.
  13. Quite a few Perez in the Shetlands? Descended from stranded/wrecked Spanish Armada.
  14. Yes you are right I don't have a credit or debit card anymore I had to cancel 2 cards in the space of 3 months so I have to relay on cash when I travel to Thailand I've got no choice
  15. The Stat Dec will be accepted, however that does not mean the IO at some point may ask for supporting documentation in the form of Thai bank statements showing monthly overseas transfers.
  16. You are not the first one. Consider Yourself Lucky Two years after happy marriage, 44yo Australian left without a divorce. He still did not get anything for almost finish house in Baan Thi, Lamphun. Girl in Udon Thani forced 47yo Canadian out of Thailand by reusing with his marriage visa extension. For three years, He did everything in and around at his 5.5mil house. She wanted freedom and him out. My friend told her no money for the house,No divorce. She does not care about legal divorce. In few years, My friends plan to get OA visa but they are thinking about Myanmar too. Be happy, Enjoy your life and Be free
  17. It will always show as Dummy Branch deposit if it came through a different Thai bank first. Solution is to get it sent to Kasikorn to begin with, TW does work with Kasikorn as well as with BBL. On the second point that is what I used to think but another poster said that the Credit Advice would have to show the initial origin in order to comply with Anti-Money laundering rules....which does seem to make sense. I know that for SWIFT transfers that use a correspondent bank, the Credit Advice shows the originating bank as well as the one the money passed through. Rather thn take the word of the person you spoke to I suggest you get the actual Credit Advice for your most recent transfer and see what it shows. IF it shows an international point of origin Kasikorn will accept it. If it does NOT next step would be to try to get the Credit Advice of Bangkok Bank for the same transfer, that has to show it for sure. I have no experinece of getting Credit Advices for transfers to a bank that I did not have an account at so can't say how feasible. But for sure get the Kasikorn Bank Credit Advice first. You should be getting Credit Advices routinely anyhow, useful in case you ever need to send the money back out of the country or otherwise establish where your funds came from.
  18. You think that a little Latin phrase will somehow make your assertion correct? I repeat, point to me where I mentioned the SRT - I did not. I said that to put public transportation systems in the hands of companies, whether public limited or private, risks just the sort of pressure on fares that has been and is being applied on the BTS, to the detriment of the travelling public. There is no easy or completely satisfactory solution to this, because to build such systems and run them efficiently generally costs more than the revenue generated, unless the public is grossly burdened with the cost, which is, in my opinion, the present case. This has been and is the experience worldwide. In Bangkok, there is a huge disparity between what low-wage earners can afford and the cost of using the BTS. Compare, for example, Hong Kong, where fares are more affordable and wages more equitable with them. Some parts of the BTS are already JVs with the BMA, which also has oversight of certain elements of the system. Since the contracts to build and operate the BTS were awarded almost thirty years ago, I see no possibility that another body such as the SRT could take over the system. There is however room for some form of subsidy to ameliorate the gross expense for low-wage earners, either at a government or company level.
  19. C'mon man, you're just arguing for the sake of argument. I do that sometimes too. I can take any side. But let's be real here. While their profitting on their influence is not illegal currently, it's pretty damn sleazy.
  20. Some offensive posts and replies have been removed: 8.) You will not post disruptive or inflammatory messages, vulgarities, obscenities or profanities.
  21. Yup, they have a contract with DHL - Whilst I wouldn’t pay to send or receive stuff via customs, when I have received apple products via DHL they looked as if had just packed it out the back. Not a scratch on the box itself. I think I am right in saying it only comes from Singapore. If you wanted an upgraded model and bought it at a shop, it would still be made in Singapore, delivered to the shop by DHL and then you and pick it up, I don’t see any difference myself .. less grief and one less step. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
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