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  2. Anyone can be a god. Stop war, feed the poor. Easy.
  3. From that "trip point" all the way down to Walking Street, there are many many many obstacles just waiting for unlucky and frail people to "trip". Part and parcel of Thailand and Thai mentality. Official answer to all this "You should be more careful". And obviously forget that City Hall has a duty to protect foreigners.
  4. Think you will find that very soon barnier will magically come up with a magical solution re good friday agreement. The DONALD thro his representative Nancy Pelosi told the eu to SORT IT OUT NOW[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Economic disaster if it's NO DEAL ... project fear going into panic overdrive sadly [emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. Wheras me being just being an airy-fairy Deist-of no fixed religious address-formed when I was a young matelot yachting about in the Tasman and Coral Seas, has enabled me to avoid all "hot under the collar" religious debates in my lifetime.
  6. It seems you don't have knowledge of NI. Youths often grow up in a highly sectarian environment. Police reports indicate they were members of the New IRA, New IRA is known for extremism and violence, though it does appear police were the actual target, not the journalist
  7. How can you not insult people who don't understand or don't care? Look at all the evidence. All of it. There is no good reason for Brexit. If 17 million people want to ignore all that evidence that is their problem. But don't blame others if they don't have much patience with ignorant people.
  8. No. Under SS only care related to childbirth for your wife/GF is covered, nothing else. (But if she is Thai, she is covered under the universal AKA "30 baht" scheme). Children, aged parents etc are not covered under your SS. But if Thai they are coivered under the universal scheme. All Thai citizens not covered under SS are covered under the universal scheme. There is a different SS scheme for Civil Servants and this does cover dependents.
  9. No way. Far too big a risk. Even with good builders there are things that can go wrong. When I had mine built even with very good drawings, twice I had to pick them up on misreading them. Would have been a massive problem if I had not been there. Too big a gamble for you even with the best will in the world. Go with the majority of posters on this subject. Don't do it!!!
  10. The only way to fix climate change is with lots and lots of new taxes...So the very rich can get even more rich.... And all you poor slobs will feel your doing your part when your riding a bike because you can not afford a car any more.....
  11. Perhaps it was really a launch pad for a nuclear missile
  12. I think in European hits and runs are more common compared with Thailand, here it is just called 'nothing to see, save your phone battery, and move on' and 'get as far away from the guilt-pointing-finger' .
  13. I found that the prices at the Toyota Sure places were very high indeed, at least when I was looking. Classifieds in the Phuket News have a few for sale and what about on ThaiVisa??
  14. I think you will find that free installation is included from most resellers. I have a Carrier unit I bought from Big C that included free installation. I bought an 18,500 btu unit on sale for 15,000 baht. Once you decide on the brand you want to buy and the size, start comparing prices online. Then using that info go to different retail stores and compare prices. You might get lucky and find an unadvertised special price.
  15. Next time somebody is mauled to death by a pack of Golden Retrievers tell me how great Pit Bulls are. A woman was just killed AGAIN by HER OWN DOGS in Texas last month. https://www.apnews.com/bf755319e6fe4c0e832b10fe6f464953. In America they are mostly a sign to show " I am a tough dangerous person so is my Dog". I used to see these types when I went down to the beach. I Southern California. One time a man was able to break the jaw hold of a by sticking a finger in the pit bulls anus when it attached a little dog to kill it .
  16. I agree on that. If someone cannot - or don't want - to let 800k in a bank account all year long (the stressless easy solution) then the logical choice should be to use to the 65k monthly transfers. I don't understand this bashing on the 800k when it's only one of several possible methods. You don't like this one, just use another one.
  17. Yeah, this is utter stupidity. Couldn't all the grass and farm waste that's been burning for months be converted to biodiesel? Is there a farm commodity that's price isn't in the toilet? Serious question.
  18. I have a printer at home so copy everything a couple of times and keep in a separate folder in case I'm asked.
  19. Very true, especially since Thailand was an early player in the concept. Pattaya's ocean side of Walking St has been something of a "seastead" for years.
  20. I wonder if the latest news "People see politics, corruption as Thailand's "worst": Suan Dusit Poll" has made it to the government house yet? Article went online at 10h36 this morning. Arguably 2'000+ people contributing to the survey is not a decisive figure once it comes to Thailand yet, by my own experience, wraps up the subject pretty nicely. As I am not allowed to paste URLs here, copy/passte above headlines - or leave it in the caring hands of Uncle Tu
  21. Nothing hanging over my old codger head as I read Thai Visa and keep informed. My wife does not want to go to America and has a good job here. We have a dog who does not want to go to school. Been here 20 years so it's been a good run. If they kick me out because of insurance or some other thing I'll go and say thanks for the memories. Not bitter and trying to make others worry unnecessarily.
  22. They still haven't grasped how their actions put bums on chairs in Nottingham yesterday
  23. If that were close to true it would be a hell of a lot more difficult than it is. A lot of people without agents breeze through and have done so for years. Sent from my iPod touch using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  24. Can anyone tell me if there is a single fan motor in an aircon unit like this? I noticed that the output is much stronger on the left hand side of the air outlet. I'm not sure if it has always been like this, or if something is amiss. The two filters are clean. Thank you.
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