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  2. Well they sold their daughters into prostitution didn't they.
  3. Yes, me too...found out the hard way that those food court cards have an expiration date...another scam in my opinion...
  4. I suppose one's take on this depends on whether you regard the ombudsman as a truly independent arbitration body, or as part of the machinery of government controlled by the present regime. It is perhaps the case that, unable to achieve the required parliamentary majority to govern effectively, and aware of significant international interest in, and domestic awareness of, some of the manipulations with which they have tried to create a parliamentary majority in the face of rejection at the polls, the ground is being prepared for an annulment. An annulment, with consequent judicial challenges, constitutional reviews and charter amendments would be worth at least a couple of years...
  5. The military junta wrote the constitution. I sense Article 44 is about to be given a run around the block; problem solved.
  6. The plot was always thick, we have entered the Twilight Zone.
  7. The trump supporters are more desperate by the minute now with that clown telling staff to ignore congress just wait till the first staffer gets arrested they will be squealing like little pigs Donald is toast
  8. I'm 63 paying 60k with Pacific Cross for 1.2 million cover. no excess, 1 claim of 50k which has increased the premium to 60k from 48k, I can only afford this cover so I'm stuffed should anything serious happen!! Sent from my SM-G610F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  9. Would hold on and wait for a stronger pound if it were me + interest rate UK would be much better too.
  10. Just wondering if anyone cashed in their super last few years and know whats what. I was born May 17th 1963 so it looks to me like my maturity age is 58. My super contributions over the years were all just standard company contributions. I never made any extra lump sum payments etc. Does that mean at 58 years I will be able to withdraw all of my super or take payments without penalties or any tax component? All of the websites cite 58yrs as my maturity age but then go on to state after 60 you can take your cash without penalty. I haven't filed a tax return for 4 years. Mainly because I haven't been in the country and haven't worked in Australia or anywhere else. I have received a very small amount of interest from money invested over the last 4 years but no biggy, Total under $5000. I have enquired to my super manager before and after a lot of too-ing and fro-ing they finally agreed 58yo was the age but were balking on stating if there would be penalties etc saying it would all need to be calculated at the time of withdrawal. My super fund is pretty basic and I don't believe it would take anymore than a quick check their end to give me a straight answer So my 2 questions are (if anyone knows)..... 1) Will I be able to access my super penalty or tax free at 58yo 2) Will I have to get my tax returns up to date, pay any taxes on interest etc before I can withdraw on my super?
  11. And some claim voodoo works. We have babies being born very prematurely and with that comes immune systems that are not fully developed.
  12. Never understood the need to buy the whole cake when you only want to eat a slice though.
  13. Exactly. Trump University. There are enough stupid people in the world already.
  14. LOL Joe Biden. Of all the people in the United States, the Dems are going to put all their money behind Creepy Joe Biden. The mind boggles. 1994 Crime bill and the War on Drugs that locked up thousands and thousands of black men. Backing of the Assault Weapons Ban under Clinton which among other things helped spurn the American Militia Movement. Dude has been wrong politically on just about everything hes touched. Hes the male version of Hillary Clinton, running the exact same campaign Hillary Clinton did - "Trump Bad. Im good. Vote for me." And hes a bit of a racist. Bidens thoughts on Obama: So According to Biden, Obama was the first CLEAN black guy
  15. I'm 60. I started health insurance when I was 57, so, I have no problems in that regard.
  16. Always wondered what the attraction was, as it seems ubiquitous here. Now I've found out, so I thought I'd share: "You become more sociable… You enjoy music, cigarettes and sex more. In Bangladesh there's a very unhealthy association between yaba and sex - you're awake longer, you've got more energy, you feel more confident. If you stop using yaba, there are no withdrawal symptoms, it's not like alcohol or heroin. But it's the effects of yaba that are really addictive. It's a very, very dangerous drug." As for me, I'll stick to cigarettes, and whiskey, and wild, wild, women - old stick-in-the-mud, me. Still, interesting I thought, worth sharing.
  17. In the UK I have been framed by the police, and they ended up paying me 7,000 pounds not to go to court about it.
  18. That is a hell of an amount of money as that interest would be sky high. The interest would be about 18.71B plus capital of 11.88B which would make it about 30B Baht.
  19. Also trump Admin watered down UN legislation against sexual violence in War in support of Christian evangelists objection to abortion. The Administration should hang it's head in shame, but No, continues on it's path of undermining international Rule of Law in its self absorption for domestic political gain from its base. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2019/04/24/un-wanted-end-sexual-violence-war-then-trump-administration-had-objections/?utm_term=.5396b4e468c5
  20. How many graduated from Trump university? Are they all in the US government now ? Anybody know ..... Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  21. Here is a translation of the young Thai man's last post: I have been in switzerland for 10 days The sky is clear and the sun comes out everyday Today I am leaving the earth Just checked out of the hotel The sky is dark and the rain is out just in time (laughing) Today I will die in this place.
  22. You clearly have enough finances to stay here, you have been here 40 years so take it you are at least over 60, if not more. Not scaremongering but suppose compulsory insurance is required, its almost impossible to obtain for over 70s, what would you do then....or do you already know of companies that provide adaquate insurance for over 70s, 80s
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