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  2. Who has been able to sample the various brokers on this list and can be able to pick out the best one? https://bestcircularsawreviews.com/best-band-saw/
  3. That look on theEaster Bunny’s face says, “Yikes!! A talking carrot with tiny hands!”
  4. Hua Hin, April 2019 – Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa Discover 4 unparalleled culinary scenes from our Yam Yen rooftop, down to InAzia, then across the hotel to Salas and finishing with a sweet "Waan Jaa" ending at Luna Lanai Lawn by the seaside. For more information visit https://www.inspirehuahin.com/huahin/4-scenes-for-4-course-with-wine-pairing-at-sheraton-hua-hin-resort-spa-saturday-4th-may-2019/
  5. Does anyone know, in Bangkok North (Don Muang area) a free spaying/sterrilisation program for dogs? Would like to see a few dogs here done that. Rgds
  6. Yes, you want cheap gas and to keep it cheap you are willing to see the sick to pay three times as much for the same medicine and ten times as much for the same treatments as in the EU, clearly you've got your priorities straight and are in no way the helpful idiot of the corporations.
  7. Info about the various membership options is here. https://www.thailandelite.com/?locate=en
  8. Does anyone know a place locally that makes custom wood and steel tables ? When I order on Lazada they never ship ?
  9. or a round trip ticket using the 30 day extension in planning the itinerary,correct
  10. here we are....another holier than though virtue signaling liberal
  11. I'm sure there are many looking for a good watch repairer, 1st floor in the new central(department store, at the end by the lifts, looking for new strap for my Casio, every shop I went into said "no have, send to Bangkok maybe 3 months" repair shop had new and better strap straight away. Sent from my SM-G610F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. Trump has alienated the USA from its allies and “neutral countries”. Total lack of respect & trust with the USA government- no country gives a damn about supporting “Dictator Trump”. Pretty much sounded to me like certain countries were willing to cut ties to the U.S. Them planning a run-around will only come back to haunt them. It is to their peril to alienate themselves from the U.S. Me? I couldn't be happier.
  13. Just a modern PC knee jerk without any knowledge of who St. George was. At least i looked...
  14. My take on this for what it is worth. For seven years I used the marriage extension. Last year I changed from marriage 400.000 to retirement 800.000 both with income letters. The main reason I did this is because I did not want to rely on another person for my permission to stay in Thailand. This was mainly prompted after reading a post about one unfortunate person that had been given 7 days to leave Thailand after his wife had suddenly passed away. Given the new requirements I am not sure I did the right thing or not now.
  15. True statement as "The Governments" can't get together to make up a good climate control policy.
  16. how many felons were convicted for the reason this whole phony investigation of russian "collusion"??
  17. From Netflix, I enjoyed "HUGE in France" a comedy series and just started on a Canadian show "Bad Blood" not to sure about it yet, mafia type stuff. Also from Netflix but definitely wont be everyone's type of stuff, Chris Lilley's latest show "Lunatics".
  18. 30 odd years in this country and my experience with the local laws are mostly if not all, bad, the system here doesn't cater for foreigners, only Thais, i had a fair share of suing locals and a foreigner, lawyers are mostly are out for themselves, charging fortun for little results, my advice, avoid legal issues at all costs and specially lawyers, settle all disputes the best you can and be smart and you will save yourself lots of money, time and frustrations...
  19. According to that criteria I think that my transfers are SWIFT.. but to find out for sure that they are is there some way I can verify that via my online banking (transfer history, etc.) short of a phone call to ask the bank directly?
  20. 3rd Spurs 4th Chelsea 5th Arsenal 6th Ole's at the wheel
  21. It does kind of explain why the Thai education system is a disgrace. No website, no working phone number, no email.
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