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  2. Wow, the last thing I was expecting to see here was a logical common sense post! Well done sir. I can't believe the people who scream "racist" about something so trivial, and clearly not racist. And when nobody buys more than a couple of bottles of water / beer and a few snacks in 7-Eleven who can be bothered to sign up for a loyalty program anyway and what are they really expecting to get out of it?? Even if it required no ID at all I couldn't be bothered. So so many people on here have such a paranoid outlook on things. People need to get a life.
  3. Keep on topic , its better than thai movies forum , only just .
  4. I think one of the problems is that the CBR150R remained pretty much unchanged since the latest model was introduced in 2013 through the 2018 model then came the newer designed naked Evolution model which made the CBR150R kind of long in the tooth design wise. However, it is my understanding that a new redesigned CBR150R is coming out very soon so that may also contribute to the drop in value of the older model. Also, as Kwasaki points out, the CBR150R does have a lot more competition among other manufacturers. Back in it's hay had when the first generation CBR150R was introduced, 150cc bikes was pretty much it as Thailand restricted size of motorcycle bikes sold in Thailand. I was at Honda last week or so and if I'm not mistaken, the CBR150R leftover models were selling for around 69,000 baht if I'm not mistaken. the 150's are also getting more competition from the 250 and 300 market whereby prices are more affordable than in the past; if they would only drop the prices on the 500's, I'd be a happy camper.
  5. Thanks, Scoutman, I think I read the article you mention, but what is not clear is that starting the LTF which I did today will continue to enjoy tax benefit for 7 years. Or Dec 31st is only the deadline for starting the 7 year fund with the tax benefit. Lee
  6. No mention of this being a “terrorist attack” But if he happened to be a Muslim then it definitely would have been labeled as such. Funny how that works.
  7. Feel better? Next time, don't sugar coat it. Tell us what you really think of us. So we can have a laugh.
  8. He cleaned us out mate , nothing new ,, ex UK taxpayer .555
  9. In a real anti-farang bug out situation to escape riots and checkpoints you would need money and a nonstandard backup plan. It would take serious conflict to close major airports, but how to get there? To be to be arrested for illegal entry to Laos and deported to Hong Kong would be better than lynched.
  10. Took a month to get the results of the 2000 Presidential election. With recounts, Supreme Court decisions, hanging chads... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2000_United_States_presidential_election
  11. What you fail to mention is what ever happened to the Thai girl? The one responsible for the original overstay.
  12. I did some Googling, and it seems that your fears are true. I have been maxing out my LTF investments for a long time, so I appreciate your post. Bangkok Post had a really good article about it, I would post the link, but I was not sure if it breaks TV rules, so better you search yourself. It appears that another scheme is being proposed with a 10 year vesting. Anyone close to retirement would not be interested.
  13. I didn't take this in Thailand, but it is certainly abandoned-building related, and I started this thread so hopefully that gives me some flexibility . I just returned to Bangkok from a few weeks in Ukraine, where the highlight of the trip was a 4 day 'unofficial' trek into the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. We hiked on average 30km per day, usually at night to avoid security in the area. It was by no means an easy trek, but it was one of the greatest adventures I've ever had. Wild animals in the zone are thriving in the absence of man, including herds of endangered Przewalski's Horses, a dozen of which ran us by at sunset on our last day. Unfortunately the organized (legal) tours do not allow you to enter any buildings in Pripyat & you don't really get to see anything. So, the only way to document the area is to enter the zone illegally with experienced guides & trek long distances. If you're caught, you basically pay a bribe and are 'escorted' out. Anyway, I'll try and post more later once I've done processing them (have drone footage as well), but here is an image that I shot just after sunset on the roof of a high rise in Pripyat, the city that once housed 43,000 people, now empty and eerily quiet. That's the Chernobyl reactor in the background, housed in it's new protective containment structure, a true engineering marvel. I've posted more on my fb & ig pages for those interested. Thanks for viewing
  14. Land Of Sad farangs who choose to make Thailand their home but spend their days making up stuff to belittle their hosts. I predict this is going to be a mainly derogatory thread against the Thais and therefore will be very popular with the usual peanuts. scams and sh1t so far.
  15. The new crv isn't small. I have the new one (diesel AWD) and there is more room in the first two rows than the new mitusubishi pajero sport. And the crv is way more comfortable than the pjs (drove that for 500 kkm over New Year). I would have taken the petrol 5 seat version but really wanted the diesel and proper gearbox. 19.3 km/l from Bangkok to Ratchaburi over light traffic during Songkran. Not bad.
  16. I must say, you seem to have the diplomatic skills of a slug. You have chosen to live in a different country and they have their own set of rules and norms, which you choose to ignore and ridicule. A normal human being would immediately take all offended parties aside, and somehow, try to resolve the conflicts. You seem to have no interest in doing so. I am wondering when the wife will decide to do away with you, and I would hope she would not do it in an illegal way, which is way too easy here in Thailand. Good luck to you.
  17. Yeah, and the inconvenience of getting to/from the long term car park.... Short term is a winner.
  18. Rubbish. Laos and Cambodia use Thailand for their autopsies as they can’t do them. Thais know how to do them. Do you?
  19. Thanks for the post and reporting back - it is always really useful when people do, but too many people don't. Good to hear the fast track service is still valid. Just one point though is that you can do re-entry after being stamped. Normally you would do it before but you can do it afterwards (I have done this when using the fast track lane - they said stamp out then go to the re-entry counter afterwards).
  20. lets see, I honked the horn once at a set of lights when the car in front of me didnt move on the green light because he was busy talking to someone on the other side of the road and he pulled a pistol out the window and waved it at me, had a pickup come out of a street on my left making me swerve to the other side of the road so I hit the horn, he then cut me off and tried to smash into the side of my car till I got out and he realized I was bigger them him so took off, doing 100k on a dual highway and was coming up behind a bus doing 60 k so indicated to overtake, a car several hundred metres behind us flashed his lights but I still overtook the bus then pulled back in, when the car that flashed us passed us he suddenly swerved in front of us and hit his brakes, I simply swung out and avoided him but he ended up going off the road as he lost control and obviously face, was on a 3 lane road and the car in the extreme left lane talking/texting on his phone swerved over the lane next to him and almost mashed into the side of our car(wife was driving) in the centre lane so I yelled at him to get his attention then when we stopped at the lights he pulled out a knife and waved it around, this is only a few of what I have had happen to us, no thais dont lose face and do road rage do they
  21. As I have been looking into this "re-locating" Business for quite some time I came to the following conclusion: - As the so called 3rd world contries "narrow the gap", the less of an economic factor become the relatively few Expats in a country. (As part of the overall Thai-Economy, the financial contribution by Expat-Farangs is negligeable and play no role as far as the future economic developement of Thailand is conderned). Not talking "Tourism", well understood. I see a trend evolving: At some point, only Farangs with a big wallet will be alloed in those "Retirement Paradises". (Those that can actually pay for an extended stay at a Hospital, for example.) Meaning that Expats only living on some moderate "Pension" will no more be able to qualify. Another trend evolving: As those countries are "narrowing the gap" economically, currency exchange rates will mirror this fact. Meaning: Those countries will no more stand for "low cost of living" anymore. Above all: Most of those SE/Asia Retirement Paradises are what is known as "Guided Democracies". Meaning: Without lenghty parliamentary discussions, Immigration "rules" can change overnight, making an investement in those countries the ultimate gamble. I strongly believe that the Era of "Easy and low cost Retirement under Palm Trees" is coming to an end in SE/Asia for a majority of Farangs. This trend extending beyond SE/Asia most likely. NOTE: All of this will only affect folks with a small(er) wallet. Once you park your 150 Meter Yacht in Monaco, you will be issued permanent residency in no time at all. In the end, it will boil down to "Size". Size matters! This time the size of ones wallet only. - The current situation(s) in those countries are of no relevance. The only thing one can do is to extrapolite current trends into the future. It doesn't look good. Once Threads like "What are the conditions of re-locating to Eastern Timuktu or Zimbabwe" are starting to emerge, then I will know that my prophecies have become reality.
  22. Thanks , I was wondering about the installation costs , do the installation costs normally include installing the electrical cable from the circuit breaker board to the A/C unit .
  23. Looks like you jumped to conclusions. An english translation and they “suspected” an overdose. You have imagined the rest.
  24. Thanks for the advice , the double pole switch is now on my list . Just thinking about it , the power cuts , voltage fluctuation and spikes only seem to happen during the day time and never at night.
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