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  2. It's an entity that copied its name from Birmingham Small Arms Company. Mostly famous for their wonderful motorcycles. Damn.. Now I got off topic.
  3. There is already a topic about it here in on the main forum support desk forum. This forum is is for mobile app support.
  4. England progress to the semi-finals with a cracking win over Australia, from a match that looked evenly balanced, England ran away with it to win 40-16 at full time. It was end-to-end stuff, but England's forwards, and some interceptions, proved decisive. Next up - New Zealand v Ireland...
  5. not being tied to thailand by owning a business or a wife, i have other options. some are better, some are worse. all have good and bad points. thailand is convenient and interesting and fun. for now. but that is changing. it seems she's becoming the clingy, complaining slightly over-the-hill girlfriend/mistress who demands i give up my custom harley and all my riding buddies, and buy a 2nd-hand base model yugo to drive her and her friends to the shopping mall every weekend. right. i likes ya, honey, but not that much.
  6. Correct. While I renewed my extension before October 31, the extension fell due on November 3. And as I said, medical insurance was not mentioned.
  7. yes plan a small trip in December, as I only need to get to the summer months before I head back to Canada, so April, may June are good to be able to extend to it possible. Last Thai Elite Rep told me I had a 75% chance not to get a 365 stamp from a Thai Official at immigration. Sure would be nice one day to be able to enter Thailand and be sure on what is going to happen:)
  8. Probably because the person in question was being looked for and its against forum rules to use the forum to try to locate people ?
  9. Glad to be of service. Dealerships never repair; just replace.
  10. From what I have heard, Rutnin Eye Hospital in BKK is one of the very best.
  11. Not really. It's about promoting Thainess, coming from a nationalistic government. Foreigners don't fit well in the picture. The western way of thinking messes up the rhetoric.(I am actually serious, not dramatising or trolling). For more info, see below. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-thailand-politics-costume-idUSKBN1HF04S
  12. Australia were out-thought and not smart at all. But no surprise. They were lucky to even get to the quarter finals. Who will be the next Aussie coach? A Kiwi? Yesterday an Australian writer in the Sydney Morning Herald suggested Eddie Jones.
  13. Ah yes, I remember now: The article we're not allowed to comment on for some reason.
  14. I'd think it would be Mrs P in ecstasy with the contents. I think we're getting onto dodgy ground here.
  15. Central has not always been quiet. It's actually quite busy and still busier than T21 due to its more convenient location for tourists. I've heard that Central Festival in Pattaya is Thailand's most successful Central mall. Just because people are not rushing into a Calvin Klein store to pay 5000 baht for underwear means nothing. They get their big spending customers and if they don't, they close down. Many stores have closed down in Central over the years, and some have already closed in the first year at T21. Have you visited Central World in Bangkok. The Emporium perhaps? Right on the BTS line and they always seem quiet whenever I've been there. Quiet malls that keep on keeping on seems to be the rule rather than the exception in Thailand. The only time that high end luxury stores are busy is during season sales... yet they seem to stay in business, year after year. Hey, I just realised, today is the 1 year anniversary of T21. Happy Anniversary!!!!
  16. It would be nice if someone not on an extension of stay based on retirement, and that entered with a re-entry permit, would tell us what their entry stamp says.
  17. Substitute mini-submarines or fast, small surface craft. Modern explosives pack a hell of a lot more wallop. Or go back to Pearl Harbour as an example of mobility confounding bulk. Why do you think the Chinese are building airstrips on islands in the South China Sea? Unsinkable aircraft carriers.
  18. "Worked all those Years..."5555555 Don't you mean collected the Brown envelopes all those years ?
  19. It is shown on the Thai ministry of foreign affairs on page 265 of this current list. http://www.mfa.go.th/main/contents/files/information-20191015-160156-953039.pdf
  20. Why, Oh, Why...Do I have ZERO Complaints about Living in Chiang Mai? Easy! You´re a stand up guy, that can take care of things need to be taken care of without the otherwise mandatory wining and complaining membership card.
  21. 4500 baht? That's an absolute rip off!! Tim's Pharmacy price is 3300 baht for a box of RotexMedica. I wouldn't even buy one amp from RX...just on principle. I'm genuinely surprised that you can not easily find RotexMedica at a decent price in all of Bangkok. I guess this shortage that's been going on for a year now, is still going on everywhere but Pattaya. Pretty damn ridiculous! I wonder what really going on with this long term shortage anyway???
  22. I had luch at the Vietnamese place today. It was superb & very affordable. We had 8 dishes I had 2 big beers & it was 850 Baht. If you go at the weekend from 1-2.45 it's quite busy but service is still good.
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