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  2. Dear Elali, What do you wish from your holiday? Thailand is OK but a long way from NJ. Brazil might be closer. Recife? Salvador? But if you think it sound exotic sure it will be find for a holiday. Pack half as many clothes as you think you will need and bring twice as much money as you think you will need. (This for any vacation)
  3. Your questions are relevant to me so I will follow along. The 65k a month route I would find annoying as in a long time here I have only transferred money when convenient for me or when I absolutely needed it. In any case I haven't been doing it so that option is out. Leaving 800k then 400k for half a year each is also annoying. The marriage 400 is attractive to me because that does mostly fit in with my money transferring habits up til now. But the down side is the extra hoopla to go with it. I've started to contemplate taking the hit on the 800k this year, justifying it as whatever is left in that account be it 400 or 800 or somewhere in between will be the wifes money to tide her over if something happens to me. I imagine the proceeds of my estate wouldn't be available for well over 6 months.
  4. I did my own research before working in rural Myanmar. Dr Google was very clear as to what vaccinations were advised ==> Japanese Encep, Tetanus, Polio, (if I hadn't already had these previously). Don’t forget MMR just to be safe Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Is there actually a cost in this operation? The navy is floating around anyway doing squat. So there isn't really any new expense to be "floated".
  6. Algerian and and marrocan are 2 well known countries where pickpocketing is infamous
  7. Anyone mug enough to pay the extortionate prices charged at fancy coffee outlets should at least insist it be served in a ceramic container, rather than the usual cheap-and-nasty plastic, paper or polystyrene. Hopefully, with an anti-plastic campaign in full swing, everyone will eventually benefit from better taste - in every sense of the word.
  8. Very sad, but unless she had a mental condition, or was deaf, how could she not hear a train coming?
  9. He seems to me to be more of a holding midfielder, possibly having been a striker earlier in his career.
  10. I did my own research before working in rural Myanmar. Dr Google was very clear as to what vaccinations were advised ==> Japanese Encep, Tetanus, Polio, (if I hadn't already had these previously).
  11. there has been a couple of posters recently,who were granted the elite and had short overstays, this was after another thread on elite which basically panicked everyone, that any overstays would be denied, i think after that thread and this lawyers video it would panic even me, in reality no body since has come on here to say they have been denied with an overstay, so right now i am going on that, and maybe just maybe the corner had turned on the annus horrible of the last 12 months,
  12. Most of 'my group' certainly went home realising how lucky we were, and sending educational 'gifts' to the school we visited. Sadly, the realisation fades after a while .
  13. I have both my UK State Old Age pension and my UK Forces Pension paid directly into my Thai Bank account who send me a statement for each transaction showing origin of pension. john
  14. Maybe they're laughing because the perp just offered them Baht 500 to let him go.
  15. Exactly. Some people seem to think if they speak or write in English it's the same as sharing secrets in an unfathomanable code. It should be obvious "they" monitor social media and various forums.
  16. Why the attack??? American/simpleton???? May we know your credentials that show your ability to judge 'simpletons' (or understand what you read)...... I can see already you don't read or understand well... I said that cutting off heads was 'mostly a muslim trait' (do you see I said 'mostly' - do you understand what 'mostly' means)... You understood that I was saying "only muslims know how to chop heads off" Who is calling who a 'simpleton'??? LOL.... And just to clarify things.... I do not ever capitalize muslim with a capital M...... for lack of respect (as in the post just ahead or yours)...... If you want to attack this American further..... please do it in private (PM).... not on the forum....... Thanks...... KEN
  17. Possibly - but they were just repeating previous verdicts, SRT were obviously in the wrong throughout.
  18. I think I allowed to do that, as I was one of the people who posted information in 2013 - and never looked back since now - and wrote now back - a problem for you? Wise guy ?
  19. Agree with most of this, especially the "DON'T FLY" comment. But at the end of the day sadly, none of care enough in this respect..... I disagree when it comes to some 'eco-friendly' accommodation, as some of them are genuinely very basic - and only exist to show Westerners how lucky they are in their lives, compared to how unlucky are the indigenous population.
  20. Rubbish,,thats all i will say,never happened to me Sent from my SM-A720F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  21. Good job Kieran is alert and constantly checking that we do not descend to colonialist, racist stereotyping and disinformation. Well done Kieran!!
  22. If they are really sincere, sell that cup at 60 baht not 150. They are still profiting even at 60 baht, cost of that cup to get it made is only around 20 baht or less.
  23. HUA HIN, Thailand, November 13, 2018 – White Lotus Chinese Restaurant at Hilton HuaHin Resort & Spa extends its popular ‘All-You-Can-Eat’ Dim Sum buffet to include Friday lunches, giving diners more opportunity to indulge in these dainty delights every weekend, starting Fridays through to Sundays as well as public holidays. For more information visit https://www.inspirehuahin.com/huahin/all-you-can-eat-dim-sum-at-white-lotus-hilton-hua-hin-resort-spa-every-friday-to-sunday/
  24. Can you drink your favorite hot beverage by using unroasted Australian coffee beans? Surely not, if you want that perfect cup of coffee. There is nothing more delicious and refreshing than a cup of hot coffee prepared from roasted coffee beans.
  25. I have both myCivil Service and my (depleted) state pensions paid into my account with SCB for the past couple of years. No problems encountered.
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