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  2. Not So!!!... Get over to the Bank Of Thailand and load up all the foreign reserves up in a helicopter and seed the clouds with it... Make the BHT-USD go back to 40!...
  3. I agree except I don't have a cat. I would but the dog does not like them - puppy thing. When she was a puppy a cat attacked her.
  4. I though that Prison reform had already had a once over,( thanks Jared), and that he was tossing a bit of red meat into the cage to see if a greater level of reform was needed, prior to visiting in person..... a trial run, if you will
  5. unreported cases of sexual harassment remain rampant. If they are unreported, how do they know?
  6. So an international group of “property consultants” says tourism and business is strong. I totally believe this unbiased group’s conclusions and will immediately start buying a lot of property in Thailand. ROTFL
  7. Sometimes when people have no answer to a post they ramble and go way off topic. Sometimes they post meaningless but succinct gibberish. I must admit I prefer the latter type. Well done hugocnx.
  8. It is so an agent cannot put money in for a day and then take it out. Hope this helps.
  9. Shouldn't Thais be taught that driving requires concentration and being alert at all times? It is surely an essential and fundamental requirement. If they do those things then they don't fall asleep. How often do we read in other countries of drivers killing themselves and others by falling asleep at the wheel? I'm of a certain age and don't recall ever doing so. Here, we read of it at least once a day.
  10. Take your family and head to first world. Whats stopping you? The regular posters making the most noise have no intention of ever leaving because there is never ending list of cop out excuses. I have a dog I love lady boys, have a cat, condo, house, will miss soi 6, wife wont leave etc etc etc. JT in particular is all over the place like a crazy person when Swampy is so close for a quick exit yet everyone chooses to bitch but still stay in LOS of course
  11. Why on earth anyone would do this is beyond me. Retirement visa is so much simpler.
  12. There are serious health risks for adults, infants and pregnant women. For kids, it’s mostly just a week off school.
  13. Absolutely, and the styrofoam boxes, especially for FOOD. Street food vendors use them and when I am a customer I also get a small plastic spoon as well!
  14. Yes; but this is not the High Speed Line refered to in the article !
  15. I'd love to know if anybody can explain the rationale behind the IMM changes regarding funds-in-bank that were made in March of this year. I mean, it makes no sense for funds to be tied up AFTER extension approval. The only benefit I see is to the bank itself. Sounds sort of suspicious to me.
  16. Buy yourself a Blood Pressure cuff...take your own BP...keep records until you feel more confident in your meds...then take periodically to he reassured...
  17. And I thought WPU stands for Wind Power Unit. But it's true, they did make a lot of wind. Peace for the world!
  18. There never are... Idiotic attitudes towards road safety continue. A balance between West and East would be nice - i.e. there's no need for kilometers of cones, but give a considerate distance of warning... Fortunately you didn't drop the bike... fortunately the spares are inexpensive.
  19. "they are surely going to attract more business from people some like me," Is that not what the immigration people want, more people to use agents? It is sure going to help their income stream.
  20. Many thanks KB for your suggestions. I unchecked the Power Management Box and uninstalled/rebooted/reinstalled all USB Root Hub drivers...problem still exists It no longer powers anything including my iPhone, Windows Phone, iPod, external HDD and 4 x flash drives. I also used 3 different USB cables. ALL above mentioned devices, cables and flash drives work perfectly when connected to another PC’s USB port.
  21. So get out there and buy a Richard Mille watch, or two, what's wrong with you all?
  22. On a side note, isn’t it time the aviation authorities make it compulsory for airlines to put up signs that passengers can read.... like Chinese, Indian and even maybe Russian? It would help put other passengers’ mind at ease.
  23. Great thinking mentioning the hand written letter. I was going to make her write it on the computer. You most likely just saved me from a nasty surprise in HCMC I will be at there for pickup at 1pm to try and make sure I'm first in line.
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