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  2. Right ! Ubon Joe is of very good help , for me too, but sadly he is not the one who decides; my immigration , last week, answered me exactly the same thing than Pib: even if my O-A visa is on my old passport, I started in Thailand with it, 9 years ago, and that's what counts because I "have been granted Non immigrant Visa Class O-A " I can even tell you that two-three times she told me ; " I am sorry, it's not me, it comes from the government " she understood like this, and Jomtien immigration understood " it's not a new visa, it's an extension of visa" ( which is true ) .
  3. And tomorrow's new is.....immigration says we have spoken to all involved and it was agreed it was a misunderstanding. This country is one big joke.
  4. Synthetic drugs on the rise, Somsak admits By The Nation Somsak Thepsuthin Justice Minister Somsak Thepsuthin has acknowledged an increase in the use of illegal drugs, especially synthetic drugs, in the region. The Office of the Narcotics Control Board is ready to cooperate with partner authorities to curb the smuggling of ingredients needed for making synthetic drugs, he said. Speaking to delegates at this week’s Meeting of Heads of National Drug Law Enforcement Agencies, Asia and the Pacific, he said Thailand was focusing on analysing the shifting drug situation, encouraging authorities to exchange information, and enhancing law enforcement. Somsak said Thailand has mainly been dealing with drugs produced in the so-called Golden Triangle straddling its borders with Laos and Myanmar, such as methamphetamine and ketamine, the curtailing of which is a matter of urgent government policy. “We will urge anti-drug authorities to cooperate more on providing the countries affected with knowledge and strategic guidelines for controlling the production and transport of drugs and preventing and suppressing their abuse,” he said. Thailand has garnered praise among Greater Mekong Subregion countries in its efforts to solve drug problems using an “alternative development model” under the Safe Mekong Operation Project. Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30377680 -- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2019-10-23 Follow Thaivisa on LINE for breaking Thailand news and visa info
  5. This couple makes a strong case for why THEY chose Cuenca Ecuador. I think it's worth watching if Cuenca is on your radar. The reasons I have against Cuenca are (just based on reaseach as I haven't been there): -- The weather isn't as mild as the promoters suggest. It often gets quite chilly in those unheated apartments and houses. -- Gringo price gouging too common -- Air pollution -- Elevation too darned high. It's over the elevation that causes serious health problems for many. -- Visa issues. Practical timing issues with having the police record documentation from Thailand. Could turn out to be a massively expensive problem for some. -- Guinea pig as food. No thanks. That said one thing I don't take very seriously as a negative is the recent political unrest there. Those kinds of things come and go and usually don't really matter that much to expats in the long run with exceptions of course (such as Venezuela).
  6. only reason i evenn posted here was due to the sexist comments. i have a zero tolerance for that perhaps you mistake this for the SJW forum?
  7. Nepotism and cronyism means that incompetent people are able to get into positions of power/authority. The concept of "loss of face" means that these people will never admit a mistake, reverse a decision or make an apology, even when they are actively harming the country. I was messaged by a friend from the UK asking what is going on with Thai immigration - so people on the other side of the world are aware of what is going on.
  8. What a self righteous ball of fun person you are! "this kind of people" what an abhorrent thing to say. I hope people who know you read this and watch you like a hawk and the moment you step out of line, drop litter, drive after a few beers, speed, use an agent to do your visa report you to the police. Nasty....
  9. Hi all, I left Thailand just before the coup (the latest one) but am due to go back next month for a few weeks. I've read online about some new system whereby I have to register my address with the authorities but I don't really fully understand it. I'll be staying in a hotel in BKK for the first 2 nights and then moving into a rented apartment for a weeks after that. Do I need to inform the police or immigration of both addresses? Sounds a bit nuts, but then in Thailand something like that wouldn't entirely surprise me, Anyway, all advice would be much appreciated.
  10. Stock tanks are best located close to the pumps but its not essential. To determine feed line size, your technician should first survey to find stock tank distance and location above or below pump inlet ports. 1" water pipes can service many rooms on a single floor. Problems start when a 1" pipe is in series through several floors. Each floor should have its own line from ground or off a main riser.
  11. That you don't pay attention doesn't mean you are scammed. Your post is defamation too.
  12. Perhaps the Big Bros should be GPS equipped and monitored to ensure they don't pull a fast one.
  13. Just as many people have these issues but are not obese. I am thin with a good diet and my cholesterol was 250. Mothers side of family. Started statins several years ago to normalize it. Many smokers are thin ( I bet this Police C was) but their blood pressure of course will be high. Much of it however, is hereditary.
  14. Somkid in China zeroes in on Guangdong innovators By THE NATION Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak gave a speech on Wednesday (October 23) during an official visit to Shenzhen, China, on the topic “Strategic Partnership through the Belt and Road Initiative and the EEC”, which highlighted improving relations with southern Guangdong province. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1130108-somkid-in-china-zeroes-in-on-guangdong-innovators/
  15. Breathtaking hypocrisy, given your serial use of emojis in pursuit of brexiters across multiple boards with no such critique.
  16. Yes of course I should have said 75 % front brake in the dry, no sand and straight roads...more back brake employment in the wet,sand or when cornering ..note that braking in a corner is not advisable ,all braking should be done before entering the corner but if you have to brake in a corner then back brake is the better option as a rear wheel skid is easier to recover from, a front wheel skid in a corner almost always will be disastrous.
  17. got teak trees spread over the "gardens" of 2 houses, mostly grown from seedlings from some small trees we bought years ago. just measured the one by the front porch its 59cm around @ 1.5m this was just some seed pods thrown on the land around 5 years ago. some of the ones that we bought (very small around 10cm high, 20/25 baht each) around 8/9ish years ago are very big, at a guess about the same size as my waist 34/36 inches around, just rain feed never any shop bought vits, if you were to "feed" them would be massive.... i used to buy finished teak furniture afews years back from indonesia, had a walk a round afew plantations over there, at 25 plus plus years they used to have massive trees/logs, some are left till 50 years old... like you say we have some massive euca trees around too, just grown from the wind/seedlings around 7/8 years old, always getting asked to sell them to the guys that cut the euca.
  18. Somkid in China zeroes in on Guangdong innovators By THE NATION Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak gave a speech on Wednesday (October 23) during an official visit to Shenzhen, China, on the topic “Strategic Partnership through the Belt and Road Initiative and the EEC”, which highlighted improving relations with southern Guangdong province. “Guangdong is now an innovation leader producing modern entrepreneurs in many technology-oriented industries,” he said. “Its advances prompted President Xi Jinping to initiate the Great Bay Area [GBA] project to promote Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao as a strategy gateway connecting modern China to the rest of the world.” Prior to the visit, Somkid met his Chinese counterpart Han Zheng and State Councillor Wang Yong to discuss establishing economic collaboration between Thailand and the GBA. “In the past five years Thailand’s economy has expanded continually, with this year’s GDP predicted at 2.7-3.2 per cent,” he said. “Our competitive index was ranked eighth globally by the International Institute for Management Development, while ease of doing business ranked 27th for the past two years." “These factors attract foreigners to bring their business to Thailand, not to mention that many business owners in Thailand have Chinese ancestors, which strengthens future relations between our countries.” Somkid noted several cultural similarities, such as in food and religion. “This plays to our advantage, since many Chinese tourists are already visiting Thailand. The government is aiming to increase their number by two or three times and is promoting future Sino-Thai joint ventures in related infrastructure, such as high-speed railways.” Board of Investment (BOI) secretary-general Duangjai Asawachintachit, accompanying Somkid on the trip, said the board had prepared several “privileges” for overseas investors, including a five-year extension of those privileges for those in technology and startup industries investing in the EEC and remote areas. “This year the BOI attracted more than Bt680 billion worth of investment, a 130-per-cent increase from last year, while investment from China in the EEC up to June stood at Bt59 billion,” she said. Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30377679 -- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2019-10-23 Follow Thaivisa on LINE for breaking Thailand news and visa info
  19. Yours fall off, I can't get them over.
  20. If there is no throttling then this is very interesting. What speeds do you get? I don't have AIS at the moment. I will ask them about this package.
  21. re-read the OP. Not an METV. A re-entry permit. No reason to ever expect an issue with that since it does nto result in a new permission to stay. Just lets you leave and return under an existing one.
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