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  2. Got bought breakfast at Chivit Thamma Da today, the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon is really something special.
  3. Having commented on some of the different threads on changing from a Retirement to a Marriage extension, I thought I'd share my actual experience today. Important though to appreciate that this was at Phuket Immigration, and as we all know, different locations have different requirements/local rules so important to check with the office which you are intending to use (albeit, as also have been documented, there can be variances between individual IO's in the same office). Firstly, the list of required documentation listed by the Phuket Immigration Volunteers in their website (http://piv-phuket.com/long-stay-extensions/marriage-m/) was spot on. Regarding photos, one exterior photo with you both in and showing the house number, and one house internal photo (we were sat at our dining table, none of this sat on bed embracing each other crap that I've read about). The only extra documentation was a form I had to sign which detailed the conditions under which the extension would be cancelled due to change of circumstances. It was explicit that the death of a family member through which the extension was granted (i.e. wife) would not then cancel the extension. One requirement that wasn't listed is that a witness has to be in attendance for the application (this only applies when changing from a Retirement to Marriage extension, and only for the first year). A quick phone call from my wife to one of her former staff working not far from the Immigration Office solved that problem, with the lady there in 5 minutes. We were told that one witness should be at the house when they confirm day/time for visit. Another slight deviation. My current Retirement extension expires on the 25th May. My new Marriage extension commences today 26th April, with a 'Under Consideration' stamp in my passport, with a requirement to visit the office/get new extension stamped in passport etc on 24th May. To reiterate, the new extension will be valid for 12 months from 26th April. IO confirmed ability to use any and all bank funds effectively immediately, and no requirement for further proof/seasoning when returning on the 24th May. 90 day report slip also updated, next one on 24th July. 1900 baht fee, no request for 'extras' in any shape or form. The whole exercise took about an hour as we were seen almost immediately when we arrived, around 0930 this morning, having been to the bank for the letter, 3 month statement, and copies of my bank book pages (the bank provided 2 copies of everything at no cost other than the 200 baht for the bank letter). Finished off the morning with a very good lunch.
  4. Total speculation and 100% BS. Get some real facts, people are sick of fake news.
  5. You may get results by trying to 'roll back' the driver... especially if this problem has suddenly cropped up aftter a period of normalcy! First, turn OFF Bluetooth so that it doesn't interfere with Device Manager, then... ...well, you know the next bit!
  6. Any election committee that cannot count the votes , publish the results and give out the verdict on how seat allocation will be divided within a week has something seriously wrong with it!
  7. A brilliant politician in the rubble that is government. The timing of the verdict is to stop him coming home when his side is elected as the side most likely to govern. Hail, Caesar!
  8. I believe that Israel published some peer reviewed articles several years ago.\
  9. Immigration Lt. General Pingpongplopadop was lauded by the Prime Minster last week for his ground-breaking proposal to build and install another row of Immigration desks at Swampy; after the existing ones but before the baggage claim carousals. Concept is you land, check in with the first Immigration officer who registers your return to Thailand. Step 2 is long-stay extension holders proceed to the next set of Immigration desks to report their return "home", while their Thai wife fills out a TM30 to reaffirm she has a farang alien living in her house. Very sensible and efficient.
  10. ? Are you saying if it's not your condo you are responsible for doing it? Anyway, it's not really a big deal provided one is near an immigration office and if not just do it at the police station, like they say. That's what I did.
  11. I agree that 'our planet' is in no danger, but believe the life within is in danger. I thought it was obvious that humans are destroying other life forms, but obviously this is not the case......
  12. There are not "becoming" more cases.. they have been going on for years & years... just now with more social media they are starting to catch the perverts where-as before they had something to hide behind.
  13. Maybe the captain has strabismus visual disorder problem. Lucky the kids are safe.
  14. Pure Natural Keto UK You can also add raw almonds for asion to ensure the body hasshes to feature. They are a end result of rapid weight loss or speedy . http://www.welness4you.com/pure-natural-keto-uk/
  15. only thailand having advanced technology to make a boat become a submarine to provide a more realistic snorkeling experience
  16. Yawwwwwwwnnnnn! Someone who has difficulty in understanding what they read. I wasn't referring only to bus fares. I have no idea how you came to that conclusion. I also didn't write that Thailand is the only place where violence takes place. But as you reference the UK, there is great concern today that the annual murder rate there has risen to just over 700. The latest figure I can find for Thailand is 3300. Same population size. Some countries are indeed more violent than others, and Thais are very quick to anger. Everyone who lives there for any length of time knows that. Thailand is indeed a bargain if you are happy with the low quality of many products on sale. If you want UK/European quality it will cost you the same or more in Thailand. Especially for good quality food. I'm sure that if you wander around a supermarket in the UK you'll notice the difference. In Spain even more so, where better quality food is at a fraction of the Thai price. How long have you had your rose-coloured glasses?
  17. Or vaping. I guess this method will become more and more common in the futur Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  18. On the embassy letters: the notatization you paid $50 for at the US Embassy or consulate is merely a notarization that the signatory is really you. The notarization is not, and never was, proof that the contents (you declaration of income) is correct. ("A notary public is a third-party witness to not only the signature of a document but also the fact that all parties who signed did so willingly and under their own power.) The surprising thing is not that Thai immigration stopped accepting these letters as proof of income -- the real surprise is that they ever accapted these embassy letters at all.
  19. ...but don't we risk becoming just the same as the people that commit horrific crimes when we condone barbaric methods of execution/killing, like cooking someone alive in the electric chair?
  20. Just remove the ']' at the end of the link and the page is still there. Not recent though as the OP said but last update was in 2017, and the fee information for visa exempt entries in Southern Thailand is incorrect.
  21. Thanks. I think will go for ebay instead. I pay that extra $200 shipping because I don't want to take the risk from banggood when eBay is more trusted platform. A lot of lazada come from China warehouses that are sold in bulks to lazada, lazada is just another platform to help these small timer business owner who want to sell their merchandise.
  22. My sister got yelled at by airport staff for daring to walk towards the diplomatic lane at Suvarnabhumi for entry... they made the [wrong] assumption that if she was in business attire she must not be a diplomat. I guess they must have relaxed the standard for dress as well
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