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  2. Well if they don't then maybe they should, it's selling for $5600 right now (up from $4100 at the beginning of this month and $3400 at the beginning of Feb.). It's a better gamble than buying lottery tickets here IMHO.
  3. It may likely be a matter of trust as well as pricing. In a country where if one pays enough, they can avoid facing murder charges, how difficult or expensive can it be to get bogus certification to say something is grown organically? It would be interesting to hear other people's opinions of whether they'd trust organic product labels here or elsewhere. It's a matter of trust anywhere. I can be sure a head of lettuce is a head of lettuce just by looking at it, but other than perhaps a few more imperfections that would be likely on organic produce, how else could I be sure without bringing my pwn pesticide testing kit to the market?
  4. Well America is the largest producer of oil in the world on any given day. It isn't like the old days we are now net exporters so the price of oil can now actually help drive the USA economy when prices spike. Surprising? https://www.fool.com/investing/2019/04/22/president-trump-jolts-oil-prices-sending-oil-stock.aspx Even our oil companies need some of that Trump loving now and then.
  5. Nothing has changed? No. You totally lost me just on that. I've posted several times on several threads specifically spelling out all of the things that have changed. Big 4? Guess why? What are you freakin' talking about? Don't be shy. Why do you think? Instead of insinuating some dark motivations, please MAN UP and explicitly say what your conspiracy theory is about? Because I can't guess it.
  6. I think I am qualified to speak for many Brit's as I doubt much has changed since last July when Trump last visited the UK. He is not welcome, there are many world leader more worthy of a state visit than him. Perhaps you should invite the royals into the house of lords or commons and tell them that you are qualified to speak for many Brits and further embarrass them by telling the Queen,he is not welcome, there are many world leader's more worthy of a state visit than him.
  7. That's probably because the younger generation gets their information from internet and not from the clergy. Once you start comparing religions objectively, without hard-core indoctrination by parents/clergy/schools/etc, it's like picking out the best turd. Better without. Anyway, knock yourselves out: http://www.selectsmart.com/RELIGION/
  8. That's where I went today (photo below) as i went there before to check on OPM related matter. Didn't have an appointment but that was like 3 years ago. I was there at 4PM today and then went across the street and explained to the Thai girl at the Embassy bulletproof entrance about his story ,she was going to call up to see if someone could help me but I told her I didn't have his info so she gave me the form and said to have him make an appointment.
  9. Pelosi isn't going for impeachment. They had their little conference call hopefully she put them in their places. I don't think impeachment proceedings would be successful even in the house at this point. Looks like it's over now. On the bright side the market is loving it. All time highs being made today. I just know how much you guys love the markets and people making money so thought I would throw that in there. Anybody watch the town hall the other day? A few minutes of watching would highlight why the dems need to keep the attention on anything other than the crap they are spouting. Warren speaks like a woman on multiple medications that is seemingly going to go into an episode or panic attack any given moment. It was 5 hours of the dems describing plan after plan of how they would destroy the economy basically. Although I must admit the part about allowing serial killers and the Unabomber and the likes the right to vote even from death row presumably a compelling reason to vote for Sanders. I guess at least he is limiting you to being a US citizen at the moment. Do people actually not see how absolutely insane some of these ideas are? As they say it's all over but the crying.
  10. About a year ago, the BKK Post ran a big feature on a newly opened organic fruit and veggies market that had opened in Ratchapreuk Soi 17 called "En Duherb" (or Enduherb). I was meaning to go there and check it out, but things kept getting in the way until this past weekend... When, I finally made plans for the wife and I to travel out there... But fortunately, we also called ahead to check with them before leaving home. Turns out, it's good we did. Since even though their Facebook page is still active and reachable, the owner told my wife over the phone that they've recently closed because of lack of business there. The owner said something about Thai people not being willing to pay the higher prices associated with organic fruits and veggies. So, En Duherb is gone, apparently less than a year after having opened, since the BKK Post article was June 16, 2018, and it mentioned the place had just officially opened the month before. It's not easy to find quality organic fruits and vegetables in Thailand and even in BKK. And that task is made all the more daunting when a private consumer group that tests fruits and veggies sold in Thailand for pesticides residues found in a recent report that many of the products being sold in markets here as "organic" in fact have detectable pesticide residues, and in many cases beyond the regulatory levels allowed for non-organic products. So, the problem here is, when shopping for fruits and veggies, the Thai government's "organic" certification appears to mean little to nothing at all in terms of safety or quality.
  11. Better off marrying a martian than a Buddhist , would be easier to communicate with
  12. Like those little women constantly arguing over the thermostat!
  13. This country is doomed, there is absolutely nothing positive on the horizon, its like watching a dreary dark movie play out in real life. Hopefully someone is keeping notes on how not to run a country, this a perfect example of a failed society.
  14. But the OP asked "in light of visa changes would you recommend Thailand to new retired expats?" If one assumes that retirement is for the rest of one's life, one NEEDS to look 5, 10, 20 years ahead, as far as is humanly possible. If the situation is not very good now and most changes appear to be making it worse, surely one needs to extrapolate today's situation for that 5, 10, 20 years? Obviously there's a lot of guesswork but I prefer to look at the balance of probability when making my decisions rather than just hoping it'll be all right on the day.
  15. The reason the one in that pickup exploded is because it was 43*C outsided and likely 70*C+ inside the truck as the sun was shining in and it was all enclosed. Far cry from just using the phone in 43*C weather. Much Much different.
  16. I dont get it. Nothing has changed much. 800k and 65k Lots of threads popping up like this followed by lots of back slapping etc by people that are still living here. What a miserable bunch of old gits All these threads are 100% from the big 4 and no need to guess why Stupid posts saying Im leaving because I dont get smiles!! try getting one back home where you WILL get a snarl if you smile directly at a stranger especially if its a girl half your age. The current cleansing is good and I dont care if 90 or 19 if you dont have any money then you should never of had expat dreams
  17. I'll take the joke for a president anyday over an ugly old bull dyke with tree stumps for calves. At least he's got a beautiful and classy wife for us to look at once in a while. So you would prefer Obama and his Ladyboy?
  18. I understand the idea that Thailand, as in many other countries, might impose restrictions on use of tourist entries for staying extended periods in Thailand. Those of us who are frustrated by the crackdown are influenced by two factors: For decades, Thailand encouraged long term tourists, providing such conveniences as triple entry tourist visas to make it easier. They still allow 30-day extensions of 60-day entries on tourist visas, which does not suggest they want to restrict tourism just to those visiting for a short sightseeing trip. There is nothing either in Thai law or in public announcements by the Thai authorities to suggest limits on how long or how often you can be a tourist in Thailand. Indeed, there is no definition of a "tourist", and historically it was just someone spending time in Thailand without working. Effectively, immigration officials at some (not all) entry points have introduced their own unannounced changes to immigration rules. I am glad that the unannounced rules seem not to apply to you. However, there are plenty of people who find Thailand a good place to relax for a year or three who are not enamoured by a situation where they do not know what personal rules might be imposed by the next immigration official they encounter that could lead to significant complications in their lives.
  19. I'm enjoying the tree huggers getting in a flap about plastic spoons here. The yoghurt pot has ten times the plastic that the spoon does. Do you want your yoghurt served in a recycled paper bag? Do you know why recycled paper is beige? Ok, solution, no spoon? Pour the yoghurt over your chosen belle du nuit, lick him/her and the inside of the pot clean, which will probably knock 500bht off her/his fee as you demonstrate your oral dexterity, and afterwards she can use it as a mooncup. He can use it as a cricket box. Win-win.
  20. That's very debatable. In my opinion, it's coming and it should come. It may indeed backfire politically but just as easily NOT going forward could backfire as well. As "trump" clearly deserves this more than any other president in history, it's going to become clear proceeding with impeachment is a moral necessity for the future of the U.S. democracy and presidency. I also think the vast majority of the democratic party base already favors impeachment. As the democrats control the house, Pelosi will end up having no choice.
  21. Not that sad and a lot of things he could have done to prevent the problem or solved it. Here is a quote from the link below the OP post A Bank of Scotland spokesman said the bank would send money to Mr Perez through Western Union and would then investigate the situation. He said: “We are very sorry to hear of Mr Perez’s situation. We are in contact with Mr Perez to try and resolve this as a matter of urgency, helping him to access cash as a priority.” I have had Gold cards that would Western Union me money in an emergency and had a new Credit card Fedex to Citi Bank Bangkok where I picked it up 2 days after I reported I lost the old one.
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