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  2. On a flimsy suspended plasterboard ceiling its not easy no matter hoe you look at it. I made two efforts before buying these Staycool rolls just to see if i thought the runners could hold my weight or if i marched out there could i balance and turn around. In the end despite my athletic and flexible manoeuvres i decided those runners would fold in a heartbeat and i would be thro. I paid someone the going rate of 50bt a m2 for 16rolls. The trick is your profficiency with the long stick to roll out and push to the corners. Our guy was literally like a pit miner when he surfaced, For 1800bt it was preferable to me falling through the ceiling with a lot of damage
  3. Hahaha.. only joking.. I dont really have anything to over apart from the say the guy sounds like a right POS upping and leaving like that.. His own kids aswell...
  4. What they told you does nto accord with the Police Order which specifically says bank statement showing 65k/month from abroad. Even if this Imm office initially allows what you describe, there is good chance that sooner or later they will be told otherwise. Don't count on it. If you are using Transferwise see the many threads on this issue -- it i possible for them to "tag" your transfers so that they come in to Kasikorn Bank directly, solving the problem. You should also get the "Credit Advice" for each transfer from Kasikorn Bank and see what that says as it may show the origin abroad (i.e. the full route the money took starting from abroad to Bangkok Bank and then onward to Kasikorn). Assuming it shows this, should be possible to present that to Kasikorn and have them include the information in the letter the provide. Credit Advices more than 3 months old have to be gotten from the head office and there will be I think a 100baht charge (head office can fax them to the local branch for you to pick up -- call their call center). . Those less than 3 months old can be gotten from branch and are free.
  5. The only problem with bringing a reusable cup to help with environmental waste is they use a disposable cup to measure out the amount to then pour into your stainless steel travel mug. I shake my head.
  6. Not rumours. I have previously posted links to 2 legal sites stating that you are only allowed a maximum of 4 entries per calendar year (1 Jan - 31 Dec) into Thailand using the 30 day visa on entry method. All subsequent entries for that year MUST be by Tourist visa.
  7. Back when all this started Hopewell was in a British colony, time moves on .............................. so your saying they didn't care about upsetting us Brits? interesting extrapolation that could be true. they didn't care much about a german company either that did much road work associated with don mueang airport area til a certain jet was impounded. do you not think hong kong being under china now did not play a role?
  8. Maybe the M6 half teetering over much of the M2 will be next?
  9. Again, you're ignoring the point. Most people who get health insurance through their workplace - and that's a majority of Americans - are reasonably satisfied with it. What makes you think they would want to go along with a wholesale restructuring? It's political suicide. And in fact other countries function very well with hybrid systems. Regulations are much tighter on insurance companies. For instance they all have to use the same forms which cuts down hugely on administrative costs. And once the uniformity problem is solved, that makes controlling costs a lot lot easier.
  10. When the headline starts with "some" I assume its a fake partisan report.
  11. I don't think that I would waste a perfectly good round of ammunition on each of them.....but I sure as hell would get some rope seeing all those trees! And, then a good hard bitch slap for those disgusting smiles!
  12. I used to go tp Pantip every weekend when I first got here. IMHO the only reason Pantip ... and all computer stores are suffering is because of the rise of the TABLET AND SMART PHONE. Sales for PC's have dropped world wide according to a report I saw on RT Today a while ago. Who knows, maybe PC's will go the way of the dinosaurs. Now I hope the same happens to the neo democrat PC's
  13. Utility costs are quite cheap here so a small markup will not bankrupt you, but for reference at my condo in On Nut I pay 16 baht a unit for water ( at condo management rates) which came to 96 baht last month. Electricity is direct billed from MEA, last month was 886 baht. Running aircon is the biggest factor, in the cooler months our bill might be around 600/month or up to 950 when we use the air on more. If you have the aircon running all day expect to pay a LOT more, we generally only use it for an hour or so in the bedroom at night.
  14. Should have just put them straight into this same room.. befitting murderers!!!
  15. Any god who "condemns" a morally good person to 'hell' because that person believes in a different god, or no god at all, yet welcomes a bunch of paedophiles, rapists and murderers into 'heaven' because they believe in him, and say they're sorry, is not worth worshipping, praising or begging forgiveness from. Further more, the whole business of going to heaven or hell based on what you believe in is a childish argument, and should be left behind with maturity into adulthood, just like "if you don't eat your vegetables the bogey man will get you".
  16. You get a work permit from the labour office in Thailand, not in Laos. If you are talking about a non-b visa:
  17. SUV catches fire sitting in Trang’s hot sun By The Thaiger PHOTOS: Earn Benjakun A SUV has caught fire while it was parked in the hot southern sun in Trang over the weekend. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1096573-suv-catches-fire-sitting-in-trang’s-hot-sun/
  18. Careful. There’ll be a front page picture of them pointing at you pointing at your complaint letter.
  19. we need bigger bathrooms on airplanes, and bigger seats. but we also do too much cleaning up, even of dirty butts. personally, I'd also like to see folks stop cleaning up beaches and other tourist attractions..... including the Notre Dame tourist attraction when they get that one rebuilt... so that tourists, including myself of course, can have a genuine travel experience by seeing the world 'au naturale' as we trashed it. the problem would still remain that what we can't see at all and only have a chemical name for... is so powerful we measure it in parts per million... and we need to clean that one up but ain't so far. but dirty behinds that need assistance to be wiped in a bathroom too small for largish air travelers... and beach and ocean trash... are actually not what we should be spending so much time on.. they can be cleaned up. CO2 on the scale we have emitted it is not at all as easily subsumed into the same category as dirty and smelly behinds and beach trash. have you noticed? any story involving aviation is always a hot big topic.... unless it is about the stuff we can't see or smell.... yet is a very serious problem.
  20. SUV catches fire sitting in Trang’s hot sun By The Thaiger PHOTOS: Earn Benjakun A SUV has caught fire while it was parked in the hot southern sun in Trang over the weekend. Fire fighters in Trang were notified of the burning SUV in Yan Ta Khao District in Trang at 2pm on Sunday. Fire fighters arrived to find the SUV ablaze. It took about 15 minutes to control the fire. Full story: https://thethaiger.com/news/south/suv-catches-fire-sitting-in-trangs-hot-sun -- © Copyright The Thaiger 2019-04-23
  21. You cannot apply for a work permit at any embassy or consulate. With supporting documents you can apply for a single entry non-b visa. Appointment website: https://thaivisavientiane.com/#
  22. such an bs curiosity you have there. so when you hear people decapitated, you think it is muslim people doing it all the time? total prejudice and again, bs.
  23. You weren't paying $250 a month for excellent coverage. If you were paying $250, you were enrolled in something that may have covered you nicely right up until you needed real coverage. Then they would have left you high and dry. What the average American spends a year According to the most recent data available from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), “the average American spent $9,596 on healthcare” in 2012, which was “up significantly from $7,700 in 2007.” https://www.cnbc.com/2017/06/23/heres-how-much-the-average-american-spends-on-health-care.html If you think you were getting good, comprehensive cover for 1/3 what the average American spends on healthcare, you're dreaming. The numbers just don't work.
  24. Thailand is the best country in the world for a holiday. Great weather, not expensive, lovely people, delicious food. It is so good I moved here permanently. Life is a holiday now. It’s awesome. A lot of the negative comments will be from people who have married a lady of the night and unsurprisingly it hasn’t worked out for them. Don’t listen to them.
  25. Like peas in a pod, I wonder if they've been swapping election tips!!
  26. Do you mean 20 baht per unit for water and 5 baht per unit for electricity? That would make sense. If you get the electric bill to pay yourself and then pay 20 baht per unit for the water that's the same deal you will find in many, many condo buildings.
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