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  2. There goes the songtaew's secret perk ! good luck with the chucks and nice pick .
  3. Msbom, The response was OK if there's anything else we can help you with please feel free to ask. LongTang, Actually my (Thai) girlfriend agrees with you, she said if I am serious about applying again knowing (Thailand) her words then makes more sense to her to apply before expiration as it might be more troublesome to reapply after expiry. The thing is I'm now at retirement age but still looking at this option as the way things are now and the possible changes in the coming years I just feel it's easier to take this option. Personally Might be wrong but I definitely have a feeling the money we have to depo in the bank and certain rules and regulations will get raised/changed and be forced into health insurance of their choosing etc it just doesn't sit well with me. Ultimately its a personal choice. Sent from my SM-P555 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. Assuming you have some history of qualifying foreign transfers you might consider going in December if that's possible when leniency might still be applied? Have you made any monthly qualifying transfers yet? I would think/hope that for a first extension, a pattern of qualifying transfers covering at least the previous three months would be sufficient? (I understand that the OP is not in this situation.) How could anyone be expected to start making transfers before they've even obtained any sort of visa which could be extended? Failing getting a new Non-Imm O-A in the U.S., you could enter on a TVE, convert in-country to a 90-day then extend that based on a reasonable history of qualifying foreign transfers?
  5. It is very common for condo and apartment buildings to mark up electricity and water. A small markup is ok. But, beware of huge margins. It is beyond unethical. 5 baht for electric is very fair. A friend of mine used to pay 8 baht. That is about a 100% profit on electric. Of course marking up electric should be illegal, but it is perfectly legal, as far as I know.
  6. Yeah. I am in the midst of helping retail a straw in the US made from a new food grade. Problem is end cost, and for most things if not low enough from a manufacturing to retail scenario the buyers won't touch it because the end mark ups are brutal. Good thing about Starbucks is they are already could absorb the cost since their margin is already extremely high for their investors. Selling someone a $5 - $10 cup of coffee was a brilliant feat.
  7. Looking at his hairstyle seems he is well prepared for his next check in.
  8. I would contact the OCPB. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing so. This is exactly the sort of problem they can deal with, and they will probably settle it very quickly with just a phone call to the company that installed the air-cons.
  9. One would think the first place to look would be within the house then broaden the search from there. Not so - it took a whole week before they checked the storeroom?? Amazing!
  10. Extremely unlikely that too many ordinary people will see this money. More likely the majority of it will be rapidly siphoned off into select pockets of "worthy" members of government.
  11. The leniency will still be in effect in January. Since the info about the new requirement were not formally announced until January. A person would had to be looking into a crystal ball to of done a transfer in January. Also the OP might be applying in December instead of January if they applies 30 days early.
  12. More like 'some of us had a bit of luck' when we were younger. Personally, I'd prefer the forum keep JingThing and ditch you (Sorry).
  13. Nobody disobeys me. Funny. Be grateful they disobeyed. Had they not used good, sound judgment and disobeyed your orders in this case, there might have been reason for Mueller to bring charges against Trump. When the report was first issued, Trump was calling it beautiful. Now that it reveals how loose his ship is, and how unethical the man is in his machinations, he is embarrassed.
  14. It's called 'mansplaining' in the west, and can still result in jail as a 'hate crime'.
  15. Hilarious to find the OP is so stressed out by all of this. Most of us prepared properly for retirement including a few back up plans "just in case". Stop your whining, if you don't like it then just clear off and cease polluting the forums with your endless drivel and go get a life.
  16. Just saw this on the KRON website. It's near Dolores Park, which is a pretty nice neighborhood, but Holy Cow!
  17. "fisherman Roongroj Benmud found an iPhone 6 Plus in a waterproof zip-lock bag"
  18. Prison certainly should not be a comfortable place, but forcing hundreds of prisoners into a small room treated like animals is reprehensible. Is this the wonderful Thailand that PM espouses?
  19. Trump is afraid his financial records will show considerably lower net worth than he claims, considerably more debt, and possibly implicate him in bank fraud, with the over inflating of property values, to obtain the Deutsche Bank loans. He has alot of skeletons in his closet. He should be afraid. Very afraid.
  20. 'paw mung tai' is a fairly standard Thai insult (hope your father dies).
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