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  2. That dude has no right to declare himsielf the new sheriff in town and should face the consequences.today Easter marks the one year anniversary of Donald’s attack on the DACA kids yes rember that?we had the votes to fix the immigration loop holes he had money for his wallbut he was soo anxious to attack little brown kids he nixed the deal?rember that?so now here we sit dump the chump 2020
  3. When I last studied Thai -bloody ages ago, like 2006- you could choose how many hours a day/week you wanted to. Must I study a minimum of 15 hours a week for the Ed visa now? To get in and out of town on top of study, even 10 hours a week will be tricky. Would that invalid an Ed-visa if I went down that path?
  4. Might soon ... things have changed and many places are going down the toilet and the caravans will keep on coming, not sustainable. Although, not sure if there is any point talking to a lefty figurehead like you, not going find any common ground even if try to be reasonable. Nice cherry-picking on that post though .. give you that.
  5. I don't think there is a set limit, but you would have pretty heavy contention on lines into the country. These days, however, most of the popular content is cached within the country and, even, within the networks of the individual ISPs.
  6. If a standing member was adjudicated Bankrupt that would not be justification for cancellation of Membership, under Thai law.
  7. Yes, the movie Sicario is a work of fiction. Well spotted - you're obviously sharp as a knife!
  8. Best to learn the language of the people with whom you mix IMHO. The schools only teach central Thai, and if you're outside Bangkok, nobody around you is speaking central Thai.
  9. "“A foreign intelligence agency has reported that the NTJ (National Thowheeth Jama’ath) is planning to carry out suicide attacks targeting prominent churches as well as the Indian high commission in Colombo,” said the alert. The NTJ is a radical Muslim group in Sri Lanka that came to notice in 2018 when it was linked to the vandalisation of Buddhist statues." at least 207 killed  450 injured
  10. I spotted your wife around town on her matching Man City scooter. I whispered in her ear that it doesnt have to be this way. She should be able to pick any scooter she wants. I saw a sad, resigned look in her eyes. I told her not to stop dreaming of freedom.
  11. "still allow valued immigration of the right people which it was founded on that complies with it's traditional values (free-for-alls are bad mostly)" Up until the communist scares of the 1920's immigration into the US was pretty much a free-for-all. So what traditional values are you referring to exactly. And during the 1990's and earlh 2000's illegal immigration was at a much higher level. Did chaos follow?
  12. You must be using a different Internet to the rest of us.
  13. This just adds to the problem. I have always had more than 800k to meet their requirements but having spent 5M baht on house and land and the AUD dropping some 20% at the same time as the new holding rules came in just makes it that more difficult. If we all knew what the exchange rate will be in 1 year and 2 years it would be easy to make decisions. Apart from the currency problem I will be changing to the marriage extension next year as our local IO has encouraged us to do so. We were not married when I needed the retirement extension in March but the wife (now) told them we were in the process of getting married and they recommended the marriage extension.
  14. Why would US immigration stamp your passport are you not American?
  15. Hope De Gea plays like this on Wednesday. He was garbage the other night as well
  16. myWish, With all of the above assistance, I do hope you can work matters out. In the event that you are having difficulty communicating with Bangkok Bank staff, please let me know. One of my Thai staff is fluent in English, and often assists me with banking. Despite the bank staff's English and my Thai language skills, it can still prove to be frustrating, and miscommunication is not uncommon. Having a native Thai speaker assisting, the bank staff seems much happier.
  17. What stores in Thailand to find this in please.
  18. The lease is vacant if he formally cancels it at the land office. The sale of the land has no effect on a registered lease.
  19. Don’t do it. If a condo in your own name is not to your liking RENT!
  20. +1 If you intend to live in Kata, Karon, patong, or Kamala you will not need a car as you can walk easily to beache/grocery/pub/restaurants. At most, a scooter would be good enough to hop between kamala/patong or Karon/patong. You can get a GRAB taxi to take you on longer halls to Phuket town etc from time to time.
  21. So in the mornings u walk outside of that indian pimp palace condo the The Base and get on ur motorcycle with ur golf bags, clubs trough traffic? Why u not in Hua Hin where all golfers stay? Your the one always mention alcohol prices why so? I couldn’t careless about it.
  22. Sit by the pool, swim, read a book, listen to music, watch tv, post on the internet, drink beer, eat food, feel up hookers ........ What go you do after you golf game? 19th hole?
  23. I'm not watching but it reads badly on the BBC feed. Put your second string out Wednesday mate, rest your boys for Burnley.
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