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  2. Yes if those times correspond to flu season in both places
  3. ugh lol what documents should i bring? i don't plan on bringing cash since my debit card doesn't charge any fees. I guess a bank statement? Thanks
  4. Friend of mine did his marriage extension at CW back in April. He always has well above 400k all the the time. He said when he went back 4 weeks later to get his extension stamped into his passport, they asked for his updated bankbook and letter confirming he still has X amount in his account. I thought having to maintain at least 400k until you officially get your marriage extension stamp was an official rule now.
  5. When you setup a ACH transfer link it's remembered. But the setup usually requires two trial deposits of less than a dollar to the acct you want to push and/or pull funds funds from. The trial deposits are sent (the amounts sent are unknown as your bank wants to confirm you can find out what the amounts are....you can only do this if you own the acct. Since you do not own the acct Transferwise wants you to send the funds to then you can not find out the trial amounts so you can feed them back to your bank to "validate" the transfer link. This is why for your US Transferwise accts they only uses ACH Pulls, Wire Transfers, Credit Card, or Debit card to fund a transfer. A person can authorize Transferwise to do an ACH Pull. Now you could wire the funds to Transferwise but a typical US domestic wires costs around $20 to send plus the cost Transferwise will card you to receive the wire. Bottomline it will simply take Transferwise 1 to 3 business day to pull/receive funds from your bank....once Transferwise gets those funds then the do the transfer.
  6. Nope, but that can not stand as a reason or excuse to keep using chemicals in farming that kills people. Nope, but that can not stand as a reason or excuse to keep using chemicals in farming that kills people.
  7. Korat hospital, pharmacies link to make life easier for psychiatric patients By The Nation People in Nakhon Ratchasima who require medication for psychiatric conditions will be able, starting on October 31, to obtain the drugs from a dedicated hospital and five pharmacies that are linked in a “smart hospital” system, complete with QR codes on every container. Full Story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1128934-korat-hospital-pharmacies-link-to-make-life-easier-for-psychiatric-patients/
  8. 7/11 will most likely not refund you. You can report it to police, but if they did everything right their real identities weren't used anywhere, so there will be no outcome.
  9. Why not indeed?... Cuz this is Thailand, where they could not even organise a pi$$ up in a brewery. Fear not lads, one of the advantages of Thailand is you can almost invariably buy your way out of trouble. As long as you have money there will likely be a way you can stay. All else is smoke and mirrors.
  10. Korat hospital, pharmacies link to make life easier for psychiatric patients By The Nation People in Nakhon Ratchasima who require medication for psychiatric conditions will be able, starting on October 31, to obtain the drugs from a dedicated hospital and five pharmacies that are linked in a “smart hospital” system, complete with QR codes on every container. If the project is deemed a success at the end of November, it will become the model for identical arrangements in Chaiyaphum, Buri Ram and Surin. Nakhon Ratchasima Rajanagarindra Hospital in Muang district had a visit on Tuesday (October 15) from Dr Samrueng Yankkrathok of the Public Health Ministry to observe progress on the scheme designed to reduce long waits and other difficulties obtaining the medication. Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul, who is also a deputy prime minister, launched the plan on October 1. Hospital director Dr Kitt Kawi Phano gave the visitors a tour of the facility, the first of two hospitals that are making it easier for people to get the psychiatric drugs they need closer to their homes. It will bring welcome convenience to between 700 and 1,000 registered recipients in urban Korat, most of whom are dealing with depression or schizophrenia. In a 15-day trial period, five volunteer patients whose conditions are regarded as stable received their medication at Amarin, Ruenya, Takra-Ya and Panjasorn pharmacies. The number is expected to increase steadily after October 31. The “smart hospital” system allows hospital and pharmacy staff to consult digital records and ensure immediate and accurate dispensation of the drugs according to a timetable set for each patient. Medication packs will bear a QR code sticker that can be scanned for information such as drug type, effects and possible side-effects and precautions in their use. A survey found that 90-95 per cent of patients in the community were “very satisfied” with the plan, citing the convenience and economic benefit. They’ll be able to obtain the medication on appointed days from 8am to 8pm and needn’t miss work hours or even have the purchase price available. Relatives in possession of the patient’s appointment card and ID card can pick up medicine on their behalf. Juthamanee Dusadee Prasert, deputy director for quality development at the hospital, said patients whose conditions are deemed stable in a check-up with a doctor will be able to collect their medication at a pharmacy every three weeks for six consecutive months, followed by another assessment. The hospital and pharmacies are connected in real-time and there’ll be no instances of drug shortages, she said. The need for alternative treatment will be noticed promptly, as well as any adverse side-effects arising. Pharmacists from the five stores will meet at the hospital on October 21-22 to run through procedures and discuss agreed-on standards. Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30377451 -- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2019-10-16 Follow Thaivisa on LINE for breaking Thailand news and visa info
  11. Udated the attachment with new information.
  12. Its called Socialism !!! Many have tried ... all have failed
  13. And in this century, the 21st, we've seen some ad hominem attacks unbacked by evidence. From parties who have lost the scientific and economic wars and now resort to scurrilous attacks. Because you don't need evidence to do that.
  14. Are you really sure of this Joe as Rayong always said 3 months to me so I paid into the account accordingly?
  15. I will allow that they did say experts. Here is the beginning of the list of signatories. I have only included those from Belgium, but I can get you all 500 if you wish to be pedantic. SCIENTISTS AND PROFESSIONALS FROM BELGIUM 1. Rob Lemeire, Publicist on Environmental and Climate Issues, ECD Ambassador 2. Eric Blondeel, retired Civil Engineer. 3. Emiel van Broekhoven, Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Antwerp 4. Christophe de Brouwer, MD, Honorary Professor of Environmental and Industrial Toxicology, Former President of the School of Public Health at the Université Libre de Bruxelles 5. Christian Dierick, Lead Expert, Energy Technology Solutions 6. Ferdinand Engelbeen, Former chemical process automation engineer, Akzo Nobel Chemicals 7. Samuel Furfari, Professor of Energy Geopolitics at the Free University of Brussels 8. Georges Geuskens, Emertitus Professor of Chemistry, Free University of Brussels and Expert Publicist on Climate Science 9. Drieu Godefridi, PhD in Law, author of several books 10. Jan Jacobs, Science Journalist Specializing in Climate and Energy Transition 11. Raymond Koch, Retired Research director at Lab. Plasma Physics, RMA Brussels and Fellow Lecturer at UMons. 12. Henri A. Masson, Emeritus Professor Dynamic System Analysis and Data Mining, University of Antwerp 13. Ferdinand Meeus, Retired Research Scientist, IPCC expert Reviewer AR6 14. Jean Meeus, Retired Meteorologist, Brussels Airport, Author of the Best Seller Astronomical Algorithms 15. Ernest Mund, Honorary Research Director, FNRS, Nuclear Engineering 16. Bart Ooghe, Geologist & Geophysicist, Independent Scientist 17. Jozef Verhulst, Author 18. Jean van Vliet, Retired Specialist in Space Weather 19. Appo van der Wiel, Senior Development Engineer It seems to me rich collection of academics from various fields. and there is 481 more from all over the world.
  16. They are a new modern day pop band , you can hear them listening to the hit parade on the wireless on Radio Caroline at 7 PM on Sunday evenings .
  17. I don't need to show a copy of proof of address when extending. As I've already said I've never had to file a TM30. My IO still charges 300 baht for a certificate of residency, no workarounds.
  18. True that. Most men back there are lulled into thinking that the massively high hurdles they are expected to jump over, are somehow normal. And that the relatively unpleasant, unattractive, unaffectionate, humorless, condescending, and masculine woman they are with is normal. I know guys back there who are not even allowed to carry cash. All their expenses, down to a cup of coffee goes onto the card, so the boss can keep track. And they tolerate that! They think that is living. I saw that too. A few trips overseas can work wonders, when it comes to extricating one's self from a lifetime of desolation, quiet desperation, and compromise.
  19. Is it LEGAL to drive in Thailand using a UK driving licence? I thought that only an International Driving Permit (IDP) from your home country is legal, or a Thai driving licence, Important consideration regarding insurance.
  20. Wrong. I don’t agree developing countries should be “...kept under reasonable control.” Who are you to decide what’s best for another country?
  21. Kudos to the rubber farmers,they get 24 billion for 1.4 million growers for 6 months. Meanwhile the rest get 3.1 billion for 1 million farmers for 12 months if your in the selected fields.
  22. Not Thai bashing, but Thais quite often say that nothing is ever their fault, because if the other person hadnt been there, it wouldnt have happened
  23. I guess it depens on how you define the Iraq War. Was it a separate war against the Isil Caliphate or part of the Iraq War. And since the question is only one of semantics, the fact is that Kurds did the hardest fighting to drive out Isil from Iraq.
  24. Blind Faith is much better then Cliff Richard, or that Fizz thing that I had never heard of.
  25. Lets stick to this case, rather than making comparisons to other cases and other Countries . Yes, IF the driver hadnt fled the scene, the kid would still be alive , BUT, also, IF the Police didnt shoot the kid, he would still be alive ., The Police shouldnt have the authority to kill people for the crime of turning their car around
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