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  2. I stand by my comment you people from other countries have a different "ethical" approach. The office of the POTUS isn't subjected to CI laws!
  3. Ask a lawyer familiar with Thai company law; you are unlikely to receive a succinct answer to such an abstruse question in these pages.
  4. One thing I have learned is that it is better to have a light colored car like white (as opposed to black ) if you live in a hot area and the car is not kept under cover. White conducts heat much better and is also a safer car to drive at night because it is more visible.
  5. Testing whom, exactly? If an IQ test was required for senior Immigration officials I suspect it would be enlightening.
  6. I think the photo of a patrol boat towing a building the size of a dog kennel says it all. As Thais might say, for what!
  7. I have a Samsung smart TV and need some help on duel language stations such as mono29. How do I change the audio to English?
  8. it's a year more than what he would have received in Canada, good sentence..
  9. Anyone experiencing problems with AIS Fiber at the moment? I’m in Laksi/Ngamwongwan area and it has been down since 3pm. Got an SMS saying it should fixed by 7pm, but just received another SMS saying it would be working by 8am tomorrow. Wondering if this an area wide issue.
  10. or put money in a Thai bank. i was told that they would not issue me a credit card after the fact. just a debit card. i have several on American banks with very high limits.
  11. Many of the the offshore oil rig guys do 1 month on and 1 month off. They would stay in Thailand for their 1 month off. They are all but gone now. Many miners, particularly from Australia, were the same. They have also been forced out. Your circumstances are not much different.
  12. Labour Minister orders probe of ‘little ghost’ job-seekers to South Korea By The Nation The Labour Minister, Pol General Adul Sangsingkeo, has instructed officials to be stricter in intercepting “little ghost” Thai workers who aim to work illegally in South Korea. Full Story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1096667-labour-minister-orders-probe-of-‘little-ghost’-job-seekers-to-south-korea/
  13. It probably shouldn't but this really made me laugh. Imagine if a coach did it today! Don’t miss Rocket Eade sharing his appreciation for big Will Minson’s efforts against the Sainters in 2009.
  14. I know. Let's face facts here. Man United WERE one of the best teams in the world which should not be conflated with their legacy of once being probably the best team in the world. You can't be great forever. Blame it on Ferguson's tight-fisted grip on making himself immortal and not identifying anyone to succeed him? No, he was a visionary who had come up through the ranks. Blame it on the players that have more loyalty to their agents than the manager. Fans? Please take a number. OK, he did bring Moyes onboard as his 'chosen one' who didn't last a year despite having a 53% win rate versus Sir Alex's almost 60%. Giggsy was a caretaker and Van Gal was an also-ran but Mourinho was a respectable 58% before he was shitcanned. Right now, OGS is batting 64% and already being lined up for the guillotine. It's a bit of a poisoned chalice I reckon.
  15. Labour Minister orders probe of ‘little ghost’ job-seekers to South Korea By The Nation The Labour Minister, Pol General Adul Sangsingkeo, has instructed officials to be stricter in intercepting “little ghost” Thai workers who aim to work illegally in South Korea. The Minister also ordered a probe into a report of 400 Thais being detained by South Korean immigration officials on April 19 pending deportation over suspicions of seeking work illegally. The Minister said he aims to punish the labour agent who brought them there. He conceded that some Thai workers have tried to find work in South Korea, where they are in high demand and can earn wages of up to Bt45,000-Bt60,000 monthly. Adul revealed that officials at Thai airports had intercepted approximately 400-600 Thais per month who were travelling to South Korea without a sound reason and so were suspected of being “little ghost” illegal workers. In order to tackle this, the Thai government has been trying to negotiate with their Korean counterpart to increase the existing 5,000-person quota for Thai workers to legally work there. The effort has not yet led to success, as South Korean officials were rationing out their quota among workers from other countries as well, the Minister said. Currently there were about 190,000 Thai workers in South Korea – about 130,000 of whom were reportedly “little ghosts”, while only 21,000 Thai nationals work there legally. In the meantime, Thai immigration bureau chief Pol Lt-General Sompong Chingduang said his office was contacting their South Korean counterpart to bring some 300 Thais who were still detained there back to Thailand. In this case, the private company or airline that brought them there must be responsible for their travel expenses back to Thailand, while Thai immigration police would help facilitate the procedure, Sompong said. The case was revealed by a Thai social media user who posted about the “whole flight” detention for deportation on April 19 as a cautionary tale for people wishing to work illegally in South Korea. She said people shouldn't take the risk in coming, as it was hard to pass through the South Korean authority’s strict screening, which is part of an ongoing crackdown on illegal workers that is expected to last for months. Thai Travel Agents Association vice president Charoen Wangananont commented that he wanted the Department of Tourism to help check if the 300 Thais detained in South Korea went with a tour agency. If so, wrote Charoen, the department should also check if the tour agency had a proper licence or was just a cover-up business for smuggling workers. “We have to admit that many Thai have gone to work in South Korea because there was a high demand for hard-working workers who are willing to do overtimes, while Thais also thought the wage was much higher than in Thailand at about Bt20,000-Bt40,000 a month. It is easy to travel to South Korea – just buy a Bt20,000 tour package to go there – so the Labour Ministry and the Department of Tourism must discuss preventive and problem-solving measures,” he said. Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30368196 -- © Copyright The Nation 2019-04-23
  16. That will never happen. Immigration does not certify anything.
  17. Hi, has anyone been to the requirement of recommendation letter for transit visa? I live in NZ as permanent resident but my birth country is among those listed as "specified nationalities" so I have to provide this letter. But I have no idea what this letter should contain or look like. Can someone help?
  18. When a lot of expats are trying to survive on 30k a month, 73,000 for one bill is a lot of money. How much is your insurance premium per month?
  19. Been here since 2004. Have currently a retirement extension of stay buy will change it to marriage visa. I am okay with 400k on a fixed account but 800k is too much. Yes I would recommend retiring here if as mentioned before, you finances are in order. Being married to a good Thai woman give me a somewhat biased opinion, see many lonely looking retirees. So if you have strong family bonds with your loved ones back home, maybe not a good idea living here full time but better just come here on long holidays.
  20. not if the U.S. medicare gets in first. this could be a game changer and a great relief to the American taxpayer. ideas are being floated for 2020
  21. All faked news i think, launched from thao authorities...why this thai guy not get prisoned taking away a phone?????
  22. U.S. President Trump to make state visit to UK in June FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Donald Trump and Britain's Queen Elizabeth inspect the Coldstream Guards during a visit to Windsor Castle in Windsor, Britain, July 13, 2018. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque LONDON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump has accepted Queen Elizabeth’s invitation to make a state visit to Britain in June, Buckingham Palace said on Tuesday. Full Story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1096664-us-president-trump-to-make-state-visit-to-uk-in-june/
  23. If you wait that long then the bone might have grown back wrong so they need to brake it again to set it properly so better to do it now then wait
  24. It's ALL staged? Really? Do you think they are not legitimate businesses involved? Do you really think that they've set up fake businesses to use in the production? If so, you are wrong. No doubt that a lot of "reality" TV has a lot of staged parts, including Kitchen Nightmares, but I guarantee you that at least some of the situations from this show are definitely legitimate. Check out the episode(s) about Amy's Baking Company and the genuine flack that occurs after production and airing. The business, the near-insane owners, and the social media uproar that ensues are definitely real. Any BTW, if you think there are not kitchens that are filthy nightmares everywhere in the world, and especially in developing countries like Thailand, then you're really fooling yourself.
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