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  2. Prison certainly should not be a comfortable place, but forcing hundreds of prisoners into a small room treated like animals is reprehensible. Is this the wonderful Thailand that PM espouses?
  3. Trump is afraid his financial records will show considerably lower net worth than he claims, considerably more debt, and possibly implicate him in bank fraud, with the over inflating of property values, to obtain the Deutsche Bank loans. He has alot of skeletons in his closet. He should be afraid. Very afraid.
  4. 'paw mung tai' is a fairly standard Thai insult (hope your father dies).
  5. To this day I am simply amazed at the amount of mobile phones I see sticking more than half way out of back pockets ( particularly the ladies). Back home in Europe they would be "gone" in the blink of an eye.
  6. All the pet shops sell it. There are two or three on the road after Central Festival where you turn off at the traffic lights to Sansai
  7. Good Point and I will ask Daikin when they come ! @Yellowtail The aircons were new when installed and ONLY one installer touched them !
  8. They should be giving them money to stay off the roads rather than paying them to travel. Perhaps they are disappointed that they are no longer #1 in road fatalities and wish to regain the title!
  9. You mentioned the west, I’m from Vancouver Canada and received my vaccination in 2004 . It was recommended by my doctor at that time. It might be because we located within the gateway to the Pacific. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. By the time you make your application, January 2020, the new requirements that were implemented to accommodate those who lost Embassy letters will be about a year old. There was an instruction for leniency in the first year, but that too will be 'expired'. That leaves the requirement as a minimum monthly 65.000 baht deposit from outside the country for a full 12 months. Are you not able to consider obtaining a new Non-Imm OA while in the USA?
  11. As he President of the U.S., they better not. What would a Democrat say? As President of the U.S., I am going to tell you to do something, but if you think it's not a good idea, that's ok. Really! Our President, the businessman. It's about time. Get use to it you phoney Polititions.
  12. Jomtien immigration I have found always efficient and do a great job. The amount of people they have to put up with everyday smelling of last night's booze and sweat they deserve a medal.
  13. so, "potential" crimes are now under investigation or are they being evaluated as to whether or not they further warrant investigation? that would be a better description of the situation, wouldn't you agree?
  14. Dozed off. Accident. Rinse and repeat. Would be nice if the Almighty PM took this issue seriously as done of the other bzs he spouts about.
  15. Christians are on the wrong page of the intersectional chart of how things are. They are listed under oppressors and not victims. And there is no way the MSM will break the rules and place them anywhere else.
  16. That's true. However you have to be emotionally damaged if you think that the USA is going to become a socialist country.
  17. Oh again a minivan accident, what else is new?
  18. Don't touch it in the first place. Living through the troubles anything unattended was a possible explosive.
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