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  2. I could have had "keyhole" surgery and had a stent put in, but mine was a wee bit crooked. I told the Doc that I didn't want come back every 6 months to one year, so just rip me open and do it right. No guarantees, but the Doc was good. If anyone has doubts, just get an ultrasound exam thingie and see. Mine was found a couple years before and we watched it grow. My insurance lapsed in the meantime but I got insurance just before it was critical. Saved me about $300,000. or more in the USA.
  3. In case anyone thinks it's just a Thailand problem. In Australia it's more often the drugged crazed rather than drunks. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-21/wa-health-department-to-issue-body-armour-to-doctors-nurses/10647378
  4. Far better than the first gen version.
  5. 1 million baht or 1 million dollars, what's the difference. Your son is dead. I don't see how money is going to take away the pain or some how relieve the emotional agony of that loss. If the information provided in the stories I've read are close to the truth, that is, this boy weighed in the neighborhood of 300 lbs and still had the desire to 'Fly like the Gibbon' then perhaps his family can have some solace in that he lived and died pursuing his love of adventure and excitement.
  6. Fex Bluse


    To be specific, poorly run. Silly issues you list. If you don't like shopping there, shop elsewhere.
  7. Always bad to see preventable work deaths. So many Thais work with or near live power without recognising or understanding the inherent risks. Or they get told to do the job without support from trained electricians. RIP fella
  8. Just an FYI. I just got an email from the US consulate saying that if you get us benefits like Social Security or military benefits or federal employee benefits you can now get it direct deposited to a REGULAR / SAVINGS Thai bank account starting this morning.
  9. No, stamped in until the date of the extension. In fact, don't forget to check that each time you enter.
  10. Lets put things in the right perspective... You only get permission to stay based on TE membership as long as this membership is valid. Getting an extension beyond that expiring date ? The moment the membership seizes to exist, the same moment your extension gets invalid... last entry just before expiring might be possible, wait and see the moment that someone can post an actual and factual update... You won't get a visa sticker passed the expiring date from your membership payed for and the moment your membership expires, correct me if i am wrong, you can not get an extension of stay based on the ended membership.. my 2 cents
  11. Pity the reporter is quite inaccurate. Says " a man raped a Thai woman" that could infer farang man. If we say Thai woman why not a Thai man?
  12. I dont know if i am just lucky or are most guys in my boat ,i have a loving wife a son who now has a very good career ,my wifes family are lovely ,i go to family does and i am just"one of the family", i laugh and joke with them , only ever had any problems in the begining of our relationship ,when they were not sure if i was serious ,once they realized i was , its always been good ,
  13. Nice looking. Probably nice riding, for what it is. a joke of a price.
  14. Yes, so calm and beautiful. That must account for the chaos and corruption resulting from decades of military coups and political upheavals. Yes, very calm and beautiful.
  15. This whole right wing thing is actually quite hilarious as Jussi Halla-Aho is actually more of an intellectual. He does have right wing views when it comes to immigration, but otherwise he is more moderate on his views. If we give him government post of being interior minister, that should keep his mouth shut for some time. Btw. That guy, Petteri, in the photo on the first post is my student time friend. As I said earlier, our circles are small. I have been quite fortunate to learn to know some of our MP's personally, since I was a kid.
  16. You will be applying for a non-o visa to visit your wife. There is no marriage visa. Form the consulate website. http://www.thaiconsulatechicago.org/pages-non-immigrant-visa-eng.html Certified means signed by your wife. Mailing istructions are here. http://www.thaiconsulatechicago.org/pages-Visa.html
  17. I think that it should be changed to accommodate the current migration trends in Europe and France, the top should be made into a green dome with the half crescent and a star on it! lol!
  18. It would depend strictly on the generosity of Thai Visa GoFundMe donors.
  19. So are Somchai and Somsri but I really couldn't give a rat's toss!
  20. That is opinion and you are entitled to it. It is not mine and I am entitled to disagree with your analogy. Nonetheless, my point stands, for like those you see begging in the streets, you have a choice. You can help those in need or you can walk on by. No one is being forced or is expected to help anyone.
  21. what's culture got to do with it? Look west and see how many gang attacks happen in hospitals with the perps running amok with knives to finish off someone taken to a hospital for treatment. FA to do with culture, surreal that you think it is
  22. Drunk driving, speeding, brake failure, brain failure, incapacity, aso...
  23. There is no way to dispose of it. It degrade into microplastic and get blown by the wind. It is now in our food chain.
  24. Can you make the writing smaller ? [emoji48] Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  25. That's what I suspected. No offense taken. Thanks for taking the time to clarify.
  26. In the BKK bts the thai do it all the time..even sit with bare feet on the seats and let their kids stand/walk on them. In restaurants they even put their feet on another chair aiming at me or any other dining guest.
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