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  2. It's the same with the cold coffee cans and most of the green tea drinks.
  3. I read his post. He is dealing with CW in BKK and it appears that they have only recently started requiring the TM30's. Every Immigration Office has their own rules but I am surprised that he succeeded in getting his TM30 done in that manner (good for him though). If I was in your shoes, I would talk to the owner's agent first and see if he is familiar with, and will assist you with the TM30. If you have a problem going that route, then I would go to the nearest Imm Office and explain your situation and ask them what they want you to do. Or better yet, wait for ubonjoe to reply or send him a pm and reference this thread.
  4. Nice beaches in Cambodia ! 5555+
  5. Catoni


    Acclimatize is not “my” word. It’s an accepted word in the science and medical literature. I come to Thailand and Cambodia and spend months there each time. It takes me no more than three weeks to acclimatize to the point that I am no longer “...dripping with sweat” and I no longer suffer with the heat. At that point, I’m comfortable in the heat. I can still feel the heat, but no longer soaked in sweat and suffering. Ever since learning about how to acclimatize...I’ve never used A/C and find it quite uncomfortable when exposed to A/C when in a tropical country or even back “home” in my both country during the three hot summer months. Nope...no dripping sweaty days for me except for my first three weeks suffering in the heat in the tropics as I acclimatize,and then I’m fine. I can go out when it’s well over 100F or 41C.... and not suffer in the heat at all. That’s my choice. Happy to not suffer in the heat. Happy to be comfortable in it. I would never go back to using A/C. I would highly recommend that people going to stay in the tropics for more than a month, to learn how to acclimatize to the tropical climate. You’ll be very thankful if you do.
  6. Are their products working?
  7. The Thai government is interpreting the laws which apply to its Contiguous Zone (extant since 1995): "Contiguous Zone: The contiguous zone can be defined as the belt which extends 12 nautical miles beyond the territorial sea limit. A coastal state’s control on this area is limited to prevention of actions which can infringe its customs, fiscal, and immigration laws. It can also act if any activity in the contiguous zone threatens regulations in the territorial sea." 5 Terms Every Mariner Should Know Under UNCLOS - Marine Insight
  8. Luke 19:27 "But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them—bring them here and kill them in front of me.’”
  9. Buy an Antiguan passport. There is a guy in the forum who bought an Antiguan passport though he already had a US passport and recently entered Thailand using his Antiguan passport. He wanted to hide his whereabouts. People buy Antiguan passport for many reasons. Yours will be a perfect case for buying an Antiguan passports. Sent from my JKM-LX2 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  10. Just asked the wife, she says there is a large daily market on walking street .... but the BIG vendor's market that we went to last time is not weekly but "seasonal" - sorry.
  11. i got this here thread bookmarked, see page 8 post #107:
  12. You don't have to live "sugar free" Simply cut out some things, reduce others, exercise more and for someone who is borderline, that should get things back into line after a few months if you are serious about it. Easiest way I found was to cut out soft drinks and all alcohol completely and get to love water again. Even unsweetened fruit juice is fairly high in sugar so start off by cutting it with some water. After a while 20% juice 80% water will taste okay with breakfast. Add a dash of lemon to water sometimes if it gets boring. Same with sugar in your coffee. Either go cold turkey or gradually reduce it. You get used to it. Rely less on processed and fast food and make your own meals where you have control over the ingredients. Some other obvious things to try to avoid are chocolate, ice-cream, snack foods, cakes, bread, microwave meals, many sauces & condiments, biscuits and white rice. Do a Google to see which foods contain the most sugar and decide what you can live without, then reduce the rest. Reading labels is a good start to making an informed choice between different brands. In Thailand it's not unusual to find local products with very little nutrition information or imported products with stickers with a microscopic Thai translation super glued on top of the English language version. If you can't find out via Google then avoid such items completely e.g. Thai dried fruit can be horrendously high in sugar with no indication on the packet. I was pre-diabetic at one point and the above worked for me. Got back to normal levels and for the most part have stayed that way. I do tests twice a year and if i see my sugar level rising I review my current eating habits. Lots of things I used to really love I no longer eat, but still, it's better than getting diabetes like many people I know.
  13. This must be fake news, it's well past midnight and the music outside my condo is loud and crazy.
  14. No that is not correct. Your landlord (or his agent) must fill out and sign the form (in Thai). It is the landlord's responsibility (by law) to file the TM30 within 24 hours after the foreigner arrives to stay in his house or apt/condo etc. If this is not done, you could have problems completing your next 90 day report and/or filing for your next extension of stay and someone (either you or your landlord) might have to pay a fine (for filing a late TM30 report). Again: Your mileage may vary according to location, date, weather, mood, attire, personal appearance, attitude, personnel, color of pen used, current moon phase etc.
  15. I thought you stated in one of your previous posts that you were Thai?
  16. I could leave within 24 hours if necessary. All I need is the passport, laptop, phones and other gadgets. That would mean I have to leave behind my bike, big screen TV and all my cheap clothes, but if you have to go, no problem.
  17. Am pretty sure I am correct but if the accountant says something different then please report. You'll definitely be able to get a deduction when you file next March. Have been using LTFs for the last few years, will be sad if they go.
  18. No need to postpone. They keep telling me we are shi te and relegation fodder so they should be able to play their reserves and rest their main players no problem. Routine 3 points for them. When I say reserves, I mean the likes of Kane if he’s fit. Statistically he is our best chance of winning if he starts. Anyhow, 3-2 believes the more games Spurs play closer together the better they play........and he’s as sharp as a razor so i think the fixture should stay as is.
  19. i cannot possibly see what food the EU sell the US,a bit like what can the UK possibly sell the EU after brexit
  20. My owner also does not live in Thailand. She comes twice a year in tourist visa. But my agent takes care of TM30. No problem. Sent from my JKM-LX2 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  21. Yes, this is a very popular place and even if the water level is low you can still swim, rent a bamboo boat and make a day out of it. Usually it's only 300 baht for a small houseboat (2-6 people) for a whole day but according to my wife, now is the busy season (kids are out from school) and they charge 100 baht per hour for the boats now. For this price they will tow you out into the lake and anchor your boat. For an additional fee they will give you a "tour" of the lake by slowly pushing your bamboo boat around from one end to the other (the reservoir is quite large). Very nice. It is a very beautiful and peaceful place and I have been there many times. You can order food and drink before heading out and they will deliver it to your boat when it is ready. They also have a few passing vendors selling fruits and other food from boats. BTW, you park very close to the lake and restrooms so you do not need to walk far at all. If the Mrs. needs to go to the restroom (when you are out on the lake) you simply phone the number on the boat and someone will come out to pick you up and then bring you back to your boat when you are done. I have yet to go to Phu Kradeung but Phu Rhua is nice for a cool breeze and a beautiful view. There are some waterfalls you can hike to at Phu Rhua also but they are mostly dry right now.
  22. That’s ur last post then in this thread.
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