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  2. What’s so vile dear? You are such a typical Remainer. Don’t know what it’s all about. Don’t have any idea idea about how to articulate what you don’t know. Just think you’d like to insult somebody who doesn’t agree with you. Calling somebody ‘vile’ you just sound like some old girl in the Grauniad. Typical.
  3. EJ finds inspiration for his latest hit “ sad songs “ !
  4. Dwayne is in so much demand these days he has to sub contract to his brothers !!
  5. That is a different transmission source but expect if DTV were down we would have more response here as would affect whole country.
  6. They were garbage. We let them keep within a single goal just to tease them
  7. I used to live in Chicago. Great city but it was too cold for me even as a young man. I don't understand why old people would move there to retire. Personally, unfortunately, I really can't afford to live in the U.S. in any place even a tiny bit decent. Sorry I don't fancy cat food for dinner. If I was well funded, I would choose repatriation or expatriation to a place like New Zealand. We all have different situations. Destinations like Thailand and the Latin American choices tend to mostly attract people looking for a better quality of life than they could get at home. Basically ECONOMICS being the strongest motivation. __________________________________________________________________________ Note: My personal time frame for a possible move to Latin America is 2 to 3 YEARS.
  8. Never a good idea to try and enter a business for which you have no prior skills in a foreign land. They could see you coming a mile off.
  9. "Dame Emma doesn't care any more about the environment than she does about socialism, Palestine, refugees, atheism, AIDS, human rights, or equality for women, all topics she has been noisy about in the past." Do learn to separate facts from your opinion, the above is your opinion.
  10. And they all did very well. Whatever makes you think this is a similar situation?
  11. I can not describe how amazing it is in these areas. Best time of my life. Makes you want to live for a thousand years. Also the food at these pubs is the best I have ever had. They are all trying to outdo each other. Instead of the standard thai food, which I like anyway, a lot of them make up their own special dishes. And a lot of the pubs have “pretties” serving the drinks obviously to attract the thousands of male workers. Back in Oz the female customers would be intimidated by this and be uptight so it doesn’t happen, but the thai women don’t think anything of it, and will often admire their beauty. Great food, live music, cute, often stunning women everywhere and table service by pretties!!! Back in Oz, queue up for your heavily taxed, overpriced beer, wait for your change, and usually a bunch of old blokes sitting around watching horse races or playing pokies.
  12. The individual credit advice printouts for each foreign transfer on your bank statement - Most useful if your bank statement show a code as apposed to saying “Foreign Transfer” As for it being sure to impress... Well I was being a bit cheeky but the more paper you give them the better...
  13. Thai Friendly girls are in the same profession as bar girls. I prefer to meet girls face to face. much easier to spot the BS and not be fooled by their photoshopped pictures. Neighbours are a different prospect. 24 year old spinner lives next door to me. Not a bar girl. Came back late last night from the UK and she was the first person at my door this morning. Gave me a warm welcome.
  14. the nazi's were excellent with their economy,brexiteers arent as intelligent as nazi's on this point.
  15. Hi all, I've been reading a lot of posts about tourist visas, and many people getting denied entry. And i was wondering if I'm going to get denied entry when i return soon. My past history for the last 5 years is PER CALENDER YEAR, two visa exempted and one 60 day tourist visa 2 times extended for 30 days at Imagration. I return back to u.k on all visits for 3 months I haven't done back to back and never hit the 180 day stay in a calender year. Would appreciate any feedback
  16. Oops, there’s one who has woken up. What is you pet name for Bomber then? Is he one of your inner circle, or just a useful idiot? Tell us again, what is the name?
  17. I think you would have to live with someone. That's a new thing. Didn't you mention some services that do that? Chicago seems the nicest for the lake and parks and walking and easy transit any time of the day and the Art Institute. Lots of Mexicans too. 803,000 Hispanic residents - and those are only the legal ones.
  18. Yeah, the state of Veracruz has been a big trouble zone. I recently learned of a mass killing at a gay bar in Xalapa Veracruz that got almost no international attention compared to what had happened in Orlando Florida. Local people suspected it was a homophobia motivated shooting but the local authorities decided to blame it on cartels and the case was never solved.
  19. And this from the Express: "But it turns out that foreign firms already own a big slice of British fishing rights and will continue to do so permanently. Why? Because British companies sold their quotas. Spanish firms own 88 per cent of Welsh fishing rights and most of the quota from the Bristol Channel to the Scottish border." https://www.express.co.uk/comment/columnists/peter-hill/937621/britain-fisheries-fish-quotas-north-sea-bristol-channel-blue-passports-brexit So, I understand why British fisherman and their families were eager to believe the Leave promise that Brexit would return British fishing to British fisherman, but the fact is Brexit can do no such thing. It was not the EU that took British fishing rights, it was British companies sold their quotas. The issue with fishing quotas is not one of sovereignty or British rights, but one of property rights under British law. Absolutely nothing to do with the EU. British fisherman and their families have been used by Leave, with false promises.
  20. Well there are warranties, but trying to get them honored, that can be problematic in my experience. The other big difference when you buy anything in Thailand is, that with some exceptions, there is no return policy. You buy it, you get it home and for whatever reason it doesn't work for you...tough luck, it's yours! When we are here in the US, my wife will go clothes shopping, or bag shopping, (how many bags do women need?), gets stuff home, doesn't like it takes it back next day. When we are in Thailand when we go shopping takes 10x longer, since she always worries it's not gonna work for her and she's stuck with it.
  21. Unfortunately a number have also probably passed on, given the demographic and 16+ years passed.
  22. Come to Thailand holiday and leave missing an arm (Assuming he lives).
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