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  2. Bangkok Bank okays interim dividend By The Nation Bangkok Bank has approved an interim dividend to be paid on September 20 at the rate of Bt2 per ordinary share. Bank president Chartsiri Sophonpanich said the board of directors, at a meeting on Thursday, adopted a resolution that the interim dividend of Bt2 per ordinary share from operational profit in the first half of 2019 be paid on September 20. The dividend was derived from retained earnings, which were subject to corporate income tax of 23 per cent. The record date for determining shareholders’ rights to receive the dividend will be September 5, he said. Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/business/30375270 -- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2019-08-24 Follow Thaivisa on LINE for breaking Thailand news and visa info
  3. Imagine for a moment that you had foreknowledge of what ‘the chosen one’ was going to say. Now there’s a way to make some money.
  4. Jeezus-make pretend schoolgirls (at least that is what I hope they are).. Everyone is sick of this. Sooner or later the Thai Gov't will "Dunkirk" you and you can drag your sleazy butt back home.
  5. It will certainly slow down any chance of a recovery. Last year there were about 450 THB to 100 CNY. Today, 5 of the 7 Thai banks that I have rates for are below 400 THB to 100 CNY
  6. Looks a bit cumbersome for navigating the streets of Savannakhet.
  7. Living on 45k per months is quite doable actually in Thailand. for easy rough example.. rent: 15k/month. include power+ water daily expenses: 1000 per day give or take. nothing about being a cheap charlie. I can afford to go buy pizza and red wine everyday but just dont feel the need.
  8. The slowdown in tourism has highlighted lapses in development of its infrastructure; Thailand’s five main airports are all accommodating millions more passengers than they have capacity for, meaning long queues on arrival. Nope. Going to have to run that past me again.......
  9. Well described your point. So finally it is admitted that Australia is in Asia Far far East, Further East, Kangaroo Asia and so on.......
  10. I was just told that the poorest Mp Phisanu Polthee has moved all of his wealth into his mothers name,he is supposed to be pretty rich also. Is there any honesty in politics?I think we all know they answer to that one.
  11. It would be interesting if the proposal also included the amount of tax revenue the government will lose due to these vehicles not using petroleum products. You can be sure PTT will point this out.
  12. If you are concerned about the TM 30 report, I know this is a pain but, book into a hotel that will report you staying by them submitting the TM 30. Go to Imm' the next day and fill in the application form they will provide, 1900 baht and your passport and they will stamp 30 more days that will start at the end of your initial 30. If you are staying, at the moment, in a guest house or hotel they may have done the TM30 report already. Ask them to give you the info' on it and take it with you.
  13. If we're talking many CD:s,you should convert the songs to the mp3-format,and then move them to the flash-drive.
  14. As was the opening line in your post. In addition my post was not linked to the other posts. I neither quoted or referenced them.
  15. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1114006-maximum-thai-child-age-to-get-a-visa-non-o-based-on-thai-child/
  16. Totally agree. And theres probably a few like me, who put 800k in the bank a few years ago when exchange rate was 20-30% higher. Ask them again who is the brain dead one. 5555
  17. I don't know if he is unhinged or not, I only know he considers himself the "Second coming of God," "The King of Israel," and "The smartest person in the world." Other than that, I couldn't say....
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