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  2. Economic terrorism in it's cruelest form. Cripple other countries if the do not follow your diktat. Physical terrorism is appalling, but economic terrorism claims its victims without flaming headlines in MSM.
  3. I have seen no reports of anybody getting one there. I suggest you contact them about it. Many locations will not issue one. They only issue a OA visa for citizens and legal residents of the country where they are located. Savannakhet and Penang will issue one with proof of 800k baht in a bank or proof of 65k baht income and proof of retirement. Vientiane will do one as well with financial proof, police clearance and medical certificate. You can also a apply for a 90 day non immigrant visa (category O) based upon qualifying for an extension of stay based upon retirement at a immigration office.
  4. A good friend of my wife's husband? Is that not you?
  5. That would be horrendous and frought with fraud and profiteering off the government treasury. The system has been misbuilt. Better to tear it down and start over. What the hell does where you work have to do with healthcare anyway? Nothing, that's what. Employers filled a need that wasn't met as a way to entice employees. Fill the need and take the security of healthcare away from where you happen to work.
  6. I wouldn't rely on the airport. You don't leave until Friday so plenty of time to get a visa. Is there an office in NST? or, why not get one in Surrat Thani or Phang Nga on the way?
  7. I'd half expect that he assumed he wasn't going to have to pay for anything; and so never advised his bank the card was going overseas. He didn't get off scotfree this time...
  8. Make an appointment for her with the US Embassy (has to be done online) and have her go in with the children and talk to them. But, outlook is not very good. She would have to hire a lawyer and even once given a court order for child support, enforcing it is very hard, even for people living in the US. A lot depends on what his income sources are. If government (e.g. government pension or Social Security) then there is more recourse. If it is from private sources like investments etc, much harder. She should try to find his social security number. Especially, but not only, if his income is from Social Security.
  9. DPM Somkid urges industrial sector’s technological transformation BANGKOK, 23 April 2019(NNT) - The industrial sector is being pushed to transform itself according to technological advancements enabling its entry into modernity and the Industry 4.0 era. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1096572-dpm-somkid-urges industrial-sector’s-technological-transformation/
  10. What part of final decision doesn't the government understand? A final decision means no further negotiation is possible, but as usual in Thailand the law as laid down by the courts only applies to others and not them. As I wrote elsewhere, just sell off the enormous area of wasteland that is owned by SRT at Makkasan and that will not only pay off the debt but finance the modernisation of a rail system that is many decades out of date. Brilliant graphic by The Nation, by the way.
  11. DPM Somkid urges industrial sector’s technological transformation BANGKOK, 23 April 2019(NNT) - The industrial sector is being pushed to transform itself according to technological advancements enabling its entry into modernity and the Industry 4.0 era. Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak said yesterday that the move following the progress made by the Ministry of Industry on the establishment of InnoSpace Thailand, with concrete progress expected in May on its location which should be conveniently connected to the network of innovative and technological industries within the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) project; on the clarity of executive members who will come from domestic and international private firms, educational institutions, and government agencies; and clarity in the main operational strategy supporting research, technology, and innovations among startup businesses. The deputy prime minister urged the Ministry of Industry to find measures to encourage or force key industries to transform themselves with technology in order to fully implement digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data to help improve productivity, and encourage SMEs to understand the importance of business transformation using innovations and technology. He specifically instructed the Ministry of Industry to deploy young officials to work on these tasks. On workers’ skills management, the Ministry of Industry has been instructed to work with the Ministry of Labour and educational institutes to create clear occupational skills development guidelines focused on digital skills, helping support an increase in minimum wages in the future. On the development of industrial estates, DPM Somkid has assigned the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand to make a survey for suitable areas for industrial estate development and come up with a 5-year development plan promoting the connection with EEC, and the development of new, world-class industrial estates in more areas. -- © Copyright nnt 2019-04-23
  12. What do you expect from a military led regime... a fair playing field? Look at all the military regimes world-wide over the last 70 years & you get some idea of how it usually plays out!
  13. I had my gov pension paid into Kasikorn, it showed up as a domestic transfer as it involves a third bank in Bangkok. I have had to move to Bangkok Bank and they have told me that I can get a bank statement off them every 2 or 3 months showing it as an international transfer.
  14. Iv brought many phones from Lazada and Ali Express shipped from abroad, possibly 10 phones never been charged.
  15. The way I understand this is, the water is charged upon entry to the building. That is "govt rate". BUT, that water has to then travel through pipes, even be pumped up to the top of the building. This requires energy and maintenance. So, paying above the govt rate actually makes sense to some extent.
  16. Hello. I am an American. I will be traveling to Laos early May to submit paperwork for a work permit. I hear you have to make an appointment before showing up. Anyone know what website to go to for this? How long in advance must you register? Any other information would be appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Doesn't electricity rate depend on location? We used to pay 3 Bht acc to original electricity company bill given to us by the landlord. This was 2 yrs ago.
  18. So his card expired while he was on holiday and he didn't plan it or they randomly just cancelled?
  19. A Non-Immigrant OA visa obtained in Denmark does not have that requirement.
  20. I am still eagerly awaiting a photo; of 300 pristine whitewashed Navy officers, all cuddling together on the little buoy, and getting their hands dirty!
  21. Also also a good idea to actually take the time to actually read an article before making comments and assumptions. Strikes me that the guy commenting probably omitted to do this.
  22. Considering that pre-obamacare I was paying about $250/month for excellent coverage, and post obamacare I was paying about $1250/month for downright insulting coverage leads me to believe that I need to keep my own cash in my own funds and prepare on my own for emergencies. Its insulting as shit to called a liar for almost a decade about the cost of obamacare only to be force-fed a socialist healthcare policy like ive been asleep or something. All of which is coming from the same political party.
  23. Massive fire at Koh Samui incinerator – VIDEO By The Thaiger PHOTOS/VIDEO: The Government Public Relation Department Region 5 An incinerator caught fire on Koh Samui, off the coast of Surat Thani last night. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1096569-massive-fire-at-koh-samui-incinerator-–-video/
  24. I was going to say, this cup although re-usable is still polypropylene!!! Why not offer customers a discount to bring their own drinking vessels.. you beat me to it! The 150 baht price tag is expensive & the 10baht reduction is a good marketing ploy as the coffee price more than covers the price of the sale! (I will add I didn't know about the discount as I don't use Starbucks & never will).
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