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  2. The entire Thai judicial system is an antiquated ass!
  3. Sorry DUP. Boris wants to remain as PM. Under the bus you go...
  4. I like the Hondas and Toyotas. Great quality and super styles. Still each to his own. Get out and test drive a Few.
  5. Thaksin thinks, and commands, PTP does! Democracy Shin style - do as we order or else!
  6. Pulublub, I don't think he meant just Thais. Most lottery players lose more than they win. Happens everywhere.
  7. I stand corrected. I mixed it up. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  8. You're correct. I mixed it up with the new BTS trains Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  9. You forgot to mention that there is also a Tops Supermarket at Central Plaza.
  10. Such little public recognition that I never heard of her. I saw Jerry Maguire and I don't even remember her in that.
  11. One ‘simple option’ is to take photos of the bike in Thailand (with obvious identification marks etc in front of a Thai landmark). Proof, if you will, that the bike was already in Thailand. A further point, you’ll have the departure baggage tag which should prove that you excited with the bike. Theoretically this should appease all but the most difficult of customs officers. I’ve travelled in with a bike, ski’s, car seats, pushchairs etc.... loads of stuff, I’ve never been stopped. Theoretically, a very difficult customs officer could charge you duty on your laptop, tablet, phone, watch etc... but this would be daft... even the bag I carry stuff in is above the declaration limit ! Perhaps the sanctimonious poster above declares every single item he is travelling with which cost above 20,000 baht.
  12. Yes, but promising what: to buy one drink each, not sharing one between a few of them? to take one girl each out of a bar, not sharing one between a few of them?
  13. Put a band-aid on that bleeding heart. We should be thankful there is still some machismo left in the world. Tough guys serve a social purpose, though in times of peace people will find their existence puzzling and we have to keep many of them in prison for their own good. The Meekists are taking over. It's the new Marxism. And like Marxism, Meekism will only work if everyone in the world is equally meek. That will never be the case and if we're not careful, a tougher society will trample all over us (as is currently happening in Europe, by the way). Don't watch this stuff if you don't like it. It is brutal - that's the whole point of it.
  14. One problem with this article is that we already have some reports that some offices intend to enforce the insurance requirement on EXTENSIONS when the base visa is O-A starting after 31 October. That may not be the intention of the police order but actual enforcement matters to expats much more than police orders.
  15. I have a pair of black shorts that are too loose; consequently, I put a piece of string between two belt loops - which I pulled tight, then tied. The string is white; however, I do not know if it matches.
  16. The downside with Pacific Cross, and as I understand it, all Thai-based companies is that they include a clause like the one below. Say you are diagnosed with, and treated for, cancer. The following year, they can increase your premium because you have, or have had, cancer. Further than that, they can increase they premium for any reason that pops into their mind "at their sole discretion". Good overseas policies don't have such a clause.
  17. Unfortunately similar don't exist in western countries I've been in. Can't even hang Playboy centrefolds in workshops anymore. Western men have been emasculated and they don't even know it.
  18. rich keep getting richer no matter what clown is in power. if only we had more men like this in politics.....
  19. Will these new high quality strains of rice seeds be immune or resistant to the rising baht?
  20. Studying their plans I think the reason the tgia site link initially reverts to the Platinum plans may be because these have the highest age limit for enrolment (75 years). I do not find age limit specified for Standard, Premier , Maxima and Ultima plans but as the listed premium goes only to age 65 I assume cannot enrol in those plans after that age. The Pattaya expat club can apparently enrol till 75 but not at all clear individual applicants can. In another thread PC representative indicated that people who already have a plan without OPD can add it for an additional I think 10k premium. Presumably (though would have to verify this) that would apply to people of any age up to 99 years already holding a Standard, Premier , Maxima or Ultima plan as well as Platinum plan. One warning re deductibles - the Imm order says nothing about it, you would need to check with the insurer to see if they can still issue the Imm certificate if a deductible option is chosen. These are the sort of intracacies that a broker should be able to sort out for you.
  21. There is no mention of the UK in this list of potential export markets. Doesn't Thailand realise that the UK is desperate?
  22. So the Owner only has to report TEMPORARY Foreigners ?? NOT Their Husbands living in their Property who have The YELLOW Book ?? Answers on the BACK of a stamp please !!
  23. Brown envelops are still on the way, waiting for the obvious conclusion...
  24. Retirees and medical insurance By Barry Kenyon Thai government spokespeople, in recent years, have emphasized that that Thai hospitals are not free for foreigners. They have cited examples of sick and crowd-funded aliens desperate to get back to their home countries, or annual reports from public hospitals bemoaning the unpaid bills of foreign nationals. So far not a lot has happened. Holders of one year 0/A visas or ten year 0/X, issued by Thai consulates and embassies abroad, do now require medical insurance worth at least 400,000 baht for in-patient treatment and 40,000 baht for out-patient care. But the vast majority of expat retirees in Thailand receive their annual extensions of stay at a Thai immigration office. They do not currently require insurance. Will that change? It’s not clear. The government has already stated that long-stay aliens with a history of physical illness may be checked out before an extension of stay is granted. What this means, if anything, is unclear but it could signify the immigration bureau’s refusal if an applicant is discovered to have unpaid hospital bills. One substantial reason for leaving well alone is that many expat retirees self-insure because they are too old or infirm to obtain medical insurance. But these wealthier retirees contribute billions of baht annually to (mostly) private hospital coffers when significant surgery is required. They would be forced out of the country if unobtainable medical cover was made compulsory, thus leading to a gigantic loss of income. It’s also true that the mandatory insurance requirement for 0/A visa holders is modest. A sum of 400,000 baht may seem a lot but is unlikely to cover the total bill for heart surgery, most cancer operations and stays in an intensive care unit, at any rate in the private sector. In other words, the hospitals would still have problems recovering some, or even most, of the cash owed. To this must be added the consideration that most insurance policies carry exclusion clauses which can void individual claims. Full story: https://www.pattayamail.com/news/retirees-and-medical-insurance-266933 -- © Copyright Pattaya Mail 2019-10-18 Follow Thaivisa on LINE for breaking Thailand news and visa info
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