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  2. I thought in Thailand Germans were generally just above ladyboys, or just below them.
  3. Your proposal looks good based on your assumed figures. The reality is very different. Expats, being on the whole older people, are likely to need more than an average of 100.000 bahts worth of healthcare. Consider this : I read that over 75% of the TOTAL australian health care budget is spent on people in the last three months of their life. Staggering numbers. Redo you proposal using say 10 million baht average instead of 100,000. Don't forget that once something becomes 'free' people will overuse the service and people will flood into the country. Supposing the government healthcare is opened to all - in my opinion the visa/ extension of stay would be adjusted to the point that only the very wealthy expats would remain in Thailand. Be careful what you wish for.
  4. And if anyone mentions the untrue POME about OZ in the line might put a wrench in the works (delay) until some knowledgeable person submits it for review... could be long wait.. Who do they think started the break it brexit thing... But look at it on the bright side you have fine company in line with us American. Messing with y’all OZ folks..
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  6. As you say "it was proposed that NI remains in a customs union until some other trade agreement was established". We were assured that alternative arrangements would be in place within a couple of years, and the backstop could then be removed. This says to me that alternative arrangements are possible, so why didn't the EU / Ireland work with the UK on those arrangements instead? The answer is probably that the EU/Ireland would prefer to keep the UK tied in indefinitely. You'll see just how quickly alternative arrangements are put in place after 31st Oct if we leave without a deal. Where there's a will there's a way.
  7. ...and 'a' tomato?... only one (1) tomato? Some folk are far too easily impressed IMHO.
  8. Wow that's a bit tough. A lot of countries allow dual citizenship with full rights. But as I've stated from the outset - why burn your bridges behind you, and pretend to yourself that the Thai's like you. They don't - and a farang will always be a farang. In their eyes you will never be like them. Nothing wrong with that - it happens in many countries. So why drop anchor in a nation, that will never regard you as one of them. BTW twenty or thirty years ago a foreigner attracted a lot of interest. Not any more.
  9. Being married and working (free lunch too) I absolutely struggle to spend 20k a month in central bkk. I use both the MRT and BTS to work as well. We could go out to eat more than once every three weeks but usually I'm happy at home with reading or movie nursing bottle of b1000 scotch or bourbon. I will readily admit we should be living in a larger more stylish place but we have everything here and it's a bargain for central BKK at 4800. 600m from MRT, laundry, restaurant, good maintenance and REPORTS TM30. I can walk to four malls. Quadrupling my rent and eating out every Saturday would get me to 40-45k. My wife works at a big media company I don't need to support her until we move and leave BKK for retirement. Before you think any of this a burden I'm saving minimum 40-45k of my salary per month less dental, international trips etc. I could also dig into 401k etc but no need. Simply don't spend it living Thai lifestyle. After 62 I will splurge a bit. Maybe not accounted for in article. I (we) spend big money on international trips. NOT in boring, overly complicated process ridden Thailand. The country with trash strewn beaches, horrendous air quality, dire roads, huge restaurant related charges and taxes. But if a local Thai makes 20k pm and a farang SPENDS 45k a month why is that something penjurious or lacking? FTW? Seriously.
  10. Yep and perhaps he could stay there long-term and set himself up as a political consultant and take his sidekick with him.
  11. No roasting from me! Trying to enter visa exempt is the worst thing you could have done. As you surmised, staying cool under the abuse was essential, and I am glad it got you through. You will be able to get your extension. If at all possible, you should apply for a non immigrant O visa. It should not be too hard getting one to visit your son. With a Non O, it is usually not a problem entering Thailand. Getting tourist visas at many consulates in the region is likely to be a problem. Do not think Vientiane or Savannakhet are good options now, and Phnom Penh has been problematic for some time. With a tourist visa, you might be OK entering by air, with a tourist visa but entering at a land crossing in that case would be better.
  12. That we will know tomorrow after i have fixed the pipe, but since the pump has always been running ok until today, I expect there is no problem with the pump.
  13. I doubt he would know where the Amazon was...except he can find one at many petrol stations.
  14. Canada was not one of the countries that rescinded issuing verification letters.
  15. The electioneering part would be publicly commenting on these air raids in the manner he did - not the air raids themselves being carried out.
  16. Any recommendation on the east coast? I saw at a scam center its from 1,500b so it should be cheaper or around this price? Back home i was quoted 12,000b.
  17. Why didn't the victim drive to a police station? Maybe it was a cop trying to kill him.
  18. I believe what you're asking me is about the printed version of your portrait photo and not so much the uploaded version. Of course, my own guide is to help those who are having difficulties with the online process, not so much the requirements that are stated on their own website before and after this procedure. For that, I must refer you back to the embassy's website. Personally speaking, I didn't use my iPhone to take a self-portrait due to the lighting issues and the need to crop it afterwards, as well the need to print it off on photo-quality paper. I simply popped along to a Photo-Me booth at W.H. Smiths (though they're also in Tesco and Sainsbury's) and got the necessary prints for just £6. I then scanned that photo and turned it into a JPG and uploaded that. No fuss and no problem with sending it afterwards. One of the many requirements that are listed on a taking your own digital photo is that you need to print it off on photo-quality paper. If your printer doesn't have this, then it's pointless going down this route, and I suggest instead just visiting a photo booth which will give you everything you need. My guide is for the 60-day SETV, which is what I applied for. There is no such thing as a 90-day visa. That would involve extending your SETV when you're out in Thailand close to the end of your 60-day stay. Personally, if you're intending to stay beyond the 60-days and extend to 90-days, I wouldn't tell the London Thai Embassy that you're thinking of doing this.
  19. You mean gates for the wailing, teeth-gnashing, hand-wringing "They don't like us here" crowd?
  20. Bit difficult to see straight or sideways or up and down when they are having their power nap.
  21. Way hey, glad you got it sorted. Pump running OK?
  22. There's that. But then the reporter who released the story isn't exactly a lightweight. Also not too clear from your post what Saudi Arabia's angle would be, publishing the information. With regard to Russia - if you imagine that Israel could freely carry out long range air raids and missile attacks in Syria and Iraq without Russia being aware, turning a blind eye or approving them - try harder. Some form of coordination is certainly in place.
  23. When you read a research report that estimates 25% of pregnant Thai wives are physically abused by their husbands or you watch a YouTube video of a well dressed Thai man hitting his wife with a baby in her arms in front of his other children is it really suprisingly? It is a violent, abusive culture.
  24. Weeeeelllllll, yes but the OP doesn't seem to realise there is already a NRV in the pump manifold. OP: unscrew the black cap on the suction side. There'll be a spring and check valve plunger. Make sure it's clean. Top up water with the plunger removed until it is full, replace plunger, spring and screw cap back on. Should work.
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