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  2. I find that honest atheists are better company than fake believers, but, if you deny the existence of gods, and even the existence of an intelligent design.. Do you believe in something ? Are we wired to believe in something ? And if you just believe in yourself, is that convenient ?
  3. Please remember that you're paying for the " name " and the fancy all singing/dancing razamatazz. The quality and experience of a Consultant..general doctor and nursing stall is of paramount importance..NOT the " posh " name. Cheers Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. Your dealing with the expat which is a complex creature. Most posts are crying about Thailand not matching 1st world standards then as soon as their is some progress they all want to move to Cambodia or Laos for 3rd world charm
  5. he might try do a system restore and get laptop working again!!!
  6. One of my first experiences in Thailand when I got here eight years ago was a woman lying face-down in the soi a block from my home, who had been walking along the side of the road (in that little indentation that runs along the side of the road that Thais think is a gutter) and got smacked in the back of the head by a passing truck's side-view mirror. Somebody eventually brought out a sheet to cover the body, but the blood soaked into the sheet and somehow made the scene even more grisly. Yeah, no sidewalks needed. Right.
  7. Thais showing their abject stupidity once again here. One has to think that this is purely some diversionary tactic by the authorities to show muscle. Pathetic!.
  8. they should have left it as is.... au naturale. not joking. in fact, add more trash to make it look worse. so folks go home with a genuine travel experience where they learn something about how much we have trashed our planet... and in other ways that make a trashy beach look like “child’s play”. it’s the same with Notre Dame... which is in actuality an iconic tourist attraction, not a cathedral. it’s a huge mega mega project to restore or replace it.... but not our environment.
  9. Go on line to see where your gate is? Rubbish, as you stop at departures all the gates/doors are clearly marked with BIG signs of what one you need for your airline. As some one said you then have to walk to the gate/door some 10mt. Why make something Difficult/Complicated when it's so easy.
  10. All the recent changes in Thai and English are posted in this pinned topic. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/981135-laws-regulations-police-orders-etc/
  11. So if yes like you confirmed, then Fatvern's only concern is that he has enough USD over the 800k baht money to cover the any exchange rate under any circumstance when the IO calcualtes. As I had said prior, you never know if something odd could happen which spirals the exchange even lower than say 30 or to even 29 to the buck.
  12. I was replying to CharlieH's post who has a UK bank account.
  13. Hi yes I know that - happens everywhere not just Thailand! You would need to know my gf she is the most frugal person I know, her goal in life with me is to stop me spending money! Incidentally she spent every satang of her savings to get her dream house built. She and her family rely now on my support, this was the deal we made before settling in together. She is very aware my presence can put the price up for many things.
  14. Who cares? "Malaysia" is rightful Siam clay anyways. Hopefully Siam will claim what is theirs again soon and you will become a proud thaicitizen
  15. Another one - a buddy tried it, paid a retired Thai engineer who spoke perfect English to be on site at least a few hours every day with authority to tell the contractor what to do, what not to do, what to do again, etc etc. Problem was the farangs BIL was determined to change the plans to create 2 extra very small bedrooms, to remove the western style kitchen and more and as fast as the employed engineer / supervisor told the contractor to not change the plans the BIL was paying the workers to change the walls etc. Fairly quickly the retired engineer / supervisor told the farang that unless he told the BIL to back off / prohibit him from coming to the the lot the engineer would resign. Within a short time the engineer / supervisor did resign. Farang had to put construction on hold (nothing done) for about 6 months until he could take some extra leave and be on site all day every day.
  16. If he wants to go to jail. You sound very ignorant about how things work here..
  17. Well from my experience with BoA at least they most definitely will not send an OTP to an overseas number or a virtual number like Hangouts
  18. https://www.immigration.go.th/read?content_id=5c515d0a753d2c5d3589c929&fbclid=IwAR3ayW7yso7pKo8HmKosLBfCMvj_R61tkMVokDYuBr0hgkT3s34M8g3wKd8
  19. Ellis island, would that be where the patriots ancestors arrived?
  20. Lovely bit of new carpet you have there, Axminster, Twist pile was it ? nah i reckon a good old bit of Shagpile would be apt for your club and the Dildo Brothers
  21. Just move to Laos, you hardly see any sidewalks outside of Vientiane, nobody collects the rubbish and they also don't have a law prohibiting smoking at beaches.
  22. Biggest and best companies in the world? Like Enron? Lehman Bros.? Kodak? Sears? &c., &c.. Only 3 of the top 10 companies by revenue are American (Walmart #1, Exxon#9, Berkshire Hathaway #10). Of the others, 3 are Chinese, 3 European, 1 Japanese. Details at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_companies_by_revenue That you wrote "US stocks, invest in the biggest and the best companies in the world" is typical of the blinkered attitude of Americans. I guess it stems from being fed a steady diet of America's exceptionalism from birth: unthinking nonsense such as "USA #1" and all that saluting the flag. As for performance, clearly the longer the timespan considered, the better the indication of relative performance. By using shorter timespans to date you're getting a very distorted picture of the performance of US markets which have recently been buoyed by Trump's tax cuts for wealthy corporations which has led to their buying back their own shares, boosting the price. This is, of course, unsustainable. Indeed, a change of regime could well see a reversal of the tax cuts for the wealthiest, leading to a fall in US stock values. In any case, one would generally expect less developed markets to advance faster than a very mature one such as America - they've got plenty of (profitable) catching up to do.
  23. Excellent food for thought. Thanks. Still, I have never understood how the Baht maintains its value... to a novice it seems like manipulation. Any comments on how to trust Baht valuation? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
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