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  2. Now that I have been able to listen to the video it is clear that both the video and the Lien message from Agent do NOT say what thread claims, quite the opposite. Thread id thus closed. Please note forum rules re posting of misinformation.
  3. But thats not what he is saying, he is not pointing the finger at employers, he is advising employees to manage their lives.
  4. Which is totally unrelated to your claim that the US was behind the protests.
  5. RIP in young man. You can't expect much from police that don't even come close to being able to do real police work, checking licenses, lollypop boys at school crossing, security guards at banks is about their limit of expertise.
  6. That is NOT what is heard on the video. It clearly said only O-A visa issued by Thai Embassy.
  7. The Europeans imposed an arms embargo on China back in 1989 and maintained it until today but the sanctions backfired. China is now capable of producing all the weapons that it needs.
  8. 'feeling exhausted, having a bad attitude about work and a noticeable decrease in working performance' Standard somchai, I guess they are burned out at birth.
  9. I disagree with you. the liberals on capitol hill are pushing for open borders, free everything for the illegals, they want china to continue their policy of stealing our national secrets via forced technology transfers. you say president trump is a dotard? what does that make those who would advocate his takeover via iies and decept? answer: traitors.
  10. This thread is hilarious. Some threads are perhaps 50% rubbish. This one sets new record. My guess about 95%
  11. No. See above. It acts as nothing. It is a non-issue.
  12. The video CLEARLY says ONLY O-A from a Thai Embassy and it will start Oct 31.
  13. OK let me clarify. As a remainer my vote was defeated and therefore I don't have someone to "back". Like everyone else I am a bystander. I didn't vote for May and none of us voted for Johnson. Still that is who we have. We cannot replace him so it is a matter of whether we think he is doing the best job and negotiating a deal that will make Brexit as UK friendly as is possible. Therefore Brexit will be judged by his success or failure. There are some checks and balances that can be put in place (and have been) to stop him taking us over the cliff edge. Thanks' to the British public in the last general election the Tory Party majority was cut back considerably. So they had to get into bed with the DUP. That has complicated the potential deal for a start. Then Johnson withdrew the Whip wiping out more MP's and because of his cavalier approach other Tory MPs gave him the finger and and crossed the house. All this makes it harder for him to get a deal agreed with parliament. Then you have his pals in the ERG who he has promised a hard Brexit to. I concede that Johnson has a really difficult task to fulfil but only he has made this as difficult as it is. When I say him I also mean Cummings as well. And of course I do have a vested interest in what sort of Brexit we end up with. I accepted long ago that Brexit would go ahead and I have been hoping for a sensible one staying in the single market and customs union. If Johnson adopted that approach he would get my backing.
  14. Lucky that a Thai video has gone viral in Thailand and, hopefully, not a Chinese one in China.
  15. Be some interesting reading mid November when we have actual cases. I have retirement and keep 2mil in bank to cover extension and med if needed. I tried get health cover 2 years ago and rejected due to stent. I am married so if retirement becomes compulsory guess switch marriage extension. Let's see how it plays out.
  16. Tell me how it has been possible in many other places but not in Thailand. If there is a cost, then it has to be. Just because something gets a little bit higher price, is not a reason to endanger peoples health. After that you can talk economy as much as you wish. You can never be right if you chose money over health.
  17. <deleted>, did she enter the country un-aware of the implications if caught with drugs ? Bout 10 years ago a friend did 6 months in jail for possession of a joint.
  18. You should wait a few more days, but, if you are hungry, go down the shops and buy something else to eat
  19. Thousands of cell phones taking video, social media accessible to all everywhere, options to go elsewhere...... Times are changing and so must Thailand , or be left behind. Business as usual is not good business anymore.
  20. Yes of course, that is true. But my complaint is that left side of the debate will always seize upon the the credibility of the site and entirely disregard the point of the post. Even if it is just hot linked there and its source is NASA or the BBC. It is a tactic that shows great insincerity towards listening in any way to what is being said. Just adds to the polarization. I should not have said they were all scientists I'll own that. Most of them have careers directly related to climate science though. Some of them are engineers and various other PhD's and some lawyers and authors are in there. It's not like they got signatures at a BBQ.
  21. Thats your 8 th post in ten years on here
  22. This is what I hear in the video: “…outpatient and 40,000 baht inpatient. Only non-immigrant type OA from Thai Embassy or Thai Consulate only. And you’ll start from Oct 31st.” Anyone else?
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