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  2. Believe me. Life like this is possible. I am over 60 now and I never did anything serious that was against the law. If you do it could make you vulnerable if others find out.
  3. Well OK, but without ever having that base visa for retirement (O or O-A) whether recent or many years old, there would have never been any basis for an extension. Personally I think this hair splitting over terminology on this issue has become tedious and silly. It doesn't change anything either way for how the enforcement of the health insurance requirement turns out either way.
  4. So cases here just 'blow over', seems to me the police are at fault here if he is a known serial conman but has never been caught.
  5. This advice may no longer be as relevant as a year or two ago ... If you limit your use of visa exempt entries (both by land and by air) I think you have a better chance that immigration will automatically grant you visa exempt entry when you have no good option other than to try visa exempt entry by air. If they see multiple extended visa exempt entries (whether they were by land or air) this creates an impression that you are trying to use visa exempt entries to stay extended periods in Thailand. Immigration definitely has discretion to deny you a visa exempt entry under those circumstances. Since 2015, I think it is prudent to use visa exempt entries only as an emergency backup when anticipated visas fall through.
  6. Agree. Spent most of my time working with WP issued while holding Non O.
  7. Maybe 20 years ago it was a dream to fly Thai, good corporate standing attractive well dressed ladies but it seems to have gone, maybe its me i had more money 20 years ago and now if EVA are £100 cheaper i would fly with them, excellent staff and for me a 777 long haul is fit for purpose not least a fully loaded 777 can still cope with 30 kg
  8. I once went out with a post-op ladyboy although I didn't know it in the beginning. She was delightful to be with in fact and I was quickly half in love. She was very attractive to look at and had all the correct anatomy. We did not go all the way but we did check out a few bits and pieces. I did note as a side thought that though wet she was not very slippery. Later she said you know that I'm a ladyboy? I was flabbergasted tbh. After a while I gave it some thought and remembered pictures of her as a girl with her family. In the end I decided that had we continued I would always think of her as a woman and that what did it matter? She was in all respects a woman. No one would ever have known because even now I find it hard to credit that she's a ladyboy. I think that I could have loved this person regardless. As for a pre-op ladyboy... nope. Not for me.
  9. Thanks. Getting tyres from an Avon dealer in Bkk.
  10. At 3.1 Croner to the Bht no wonder.! Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  11. I have a Mitsu and I prefer Dunlop tires. Please check when they're produced. too many shops have tires on stock for years before a customer shows up. Two, or three year old tires are already worn out without you knowing it. You can check when they were manufactured on the side wall.
  12. I wonder how difficult it is to track down those criminals who buy stolen bikes and (I guess) who sell parts of those stolen bikes. They must be known locally otherwise that business concept wouldn't work. Now the big question is obviously: Do the boy in brown know them can collect commission? Or are they too stupid to track them down? Or what is going on?
  13. There is no such thing as the US "foreign ministry."
  14. yes, i found him earlier, the way he make up result is a bit distressing, John Cook john@skepticalscience... When I read an abstract like this: Spatial And Temporal Projected Distribution Of Four Crop Plants In Egypt ... It is projected that there will be increased air temperature throughout all four seasons in the coming 100 years, from the southern towards the northern parts of Egypt... We can be confident that this statement is based on the fact of AGW. So is it not appropriate to rate it as 'implicit endorsement'? Not all 'predictions of future warming' tip over the line into endorsement but the stronger the prediction, the more the likelihood of implicit endorsement, methinks. i sure wouldnt spend my time going through all the abstracts, so i only read this abstract he is referring to as "endorsement of co2 theory", but the fact is that abstract does not ever mention co2 nor man made, they simply expect temperature to rise another 0.5%C or so over the course of the next 100 years. but what ever, john cook and fellow enthusiastic amateurs happily add it to the 'scientific literature that think climate is largely driven by man http://www.hi-izuru.org/forum/The Consensus Project/2012-02-27-Official TCP Guidelines (all discussion of grey areas, disputed papers, clarifications goes here).html
  15. When you use a neti pot, you pour it in one nostril and let it run out of the other, then reverse the process. Obviously you have to tilt your head to one side to achieve this. If you have a syringe you can probably do the same. Just experiment and see what suits. You can't do any harm I'm sure. Good luck.
  16. Well things have progressed and apparently Lucky Me's marketing ploy turned out to have not worked all that well. The only flavor I can find now (and not always) is the Tom Yum, which I really don't like that. Haven't seen the Miso flavor in over a month and when I did they were near expiring indicating it was the end of the road. Pattaya stores I've seen these noodles at: Foodland, Big C, Central Festival
  17. You’ve probably sorted it by now but I’ve always had my BKK Bank debit card as my payment method with my Apple ID. I purchase all my Apple products online, the only snag I had was when I forgot to ‘up’ the daily purchase limit when I bought a number of items at the same time that were above what I’d previously set.
  18. Have you grown up in East Germany? But Im ok with that under the condition that if the informer is wrong and this person was not on overstay or did not work illegally etc. The informer should pay 5,000 baht to immigration and 5000 baht for damage done to the wrongly accused.
  19. Don't worry, TAT always gets the number of tourists they want whether they come or not!
  20. Yea, that's what happens when you flee the scene of a crime.
  21. I tried to do my 90 day check late on Friday evening. Message to report to Imm office (struck me as odd after about 12 successful on line approval, but assumed because the office was closed). Then tried again Saturday morning after I realised I'd used the incorrect TM6 number (memory not up to what it was!!), and it was accepted OK. They have recently been approving it on the last day of the window - which was yesterday, but no e-m received, (these seem to be pretty hit or miss). But I just visited the Imm site again and found it had been approved on Saturday, so saves a trip into the office.
  22. Mandatory GPS in/on vehicles.......hmmm. Seriously though.
  23. Obviously you know better than anyone that posts here that climate change is real, or you just believe anything that you read in the Main Stream Media that is supported by those in Silicone valley, namely google & facebook - if it doesn't fit into what they want us to read they will censor it & label it fake news! I'm sure you are aware of the many papers that have been cast aside by the MSM that have been written & supported by many university's including Princeton and Yale! I'm sure you are aware that the IPCC have now released data bases to be used in future climate change models as they consider the present nonsense being touted by the MSM to be "climate terrorists". Future reports will include the effects of solar particles & cosmic rays, surprise, surprise the sun affects the temperature on earth. I'm sure you are also aware that solar activity has been stronger in the last hundred years than it has been for 9,000 years & that volcanic activity has been at its lowest levels, combined with record El Nino makes it impossible to deny climate change, though many will question if it is man-made.
  24. Not without any serious consequences....
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