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  2. A quick related question: If he cancels his WP today and goes to the Employment Office this afternoon to cancel extension of stay, forward-dated to Monday, will he be charged for an overstay when leaving the country at a land border on Monday morning? Tnx
  3. A post using ALL CAPS has been removed, please turn off your Caps Lock when posting.
  4. A guy in a shuttle van called "pattaya" right at the entrance of the Ekkamai BKK bus station. I thought I'd shaved 30-45 minutes off my trip by finding him. As it turned out I replaced a 2.5 hour bus trip and 30 minute wait, with a 4.5 van trip that made 10+ stops, 3 or 4 of them for 15-30 minutes. Terrible. Watch out for those vans. They have all the official markings and are probably legit, as I think they come from the bus station. But they make their money in the middle of the trip, waiting for new passengers. Busses do drop off people but then keep on going straight to the end. No waiting around for new passengers.
  5. Its hardly a "nutjob" stating that 24 hour convenience store are convenient , and its rather convenient having 7/11's open 24 hours with everything priced and chilled drinks , rather than traipsing around badly stocked mum & pop shops that close a 8 PM and risk getting over charged .
  6. 4 million baht? From 35baht to 800-1000baht; just on averaging the money to 900baht to half of the tickets sold a month equals 60000 tickets, well that's about 45,000,000 baht a month? Use this as a sliding figure and I haven't taken Songkran into these figures. sounds as though the piper wasn't being paid.
  7. Insufficient evidence to prosecute is not the same as definitively declaring there was no obstruction. Rosenstein concluded there was insufficient evidence to prosecute, not that there was no obstruction.
  8. I would certainly follow the advice offered by Sheryl You might also consider contacting your Embassy for advice The drugs you named are certainly available in most countries.
  9. i cannot deny farage has formed a party,how well it does is far too early to say but it wont rout anything,he formed it because brexit isnt happening which is good and once it sinks in people will welcome the return to normality and wont want a return to chaos and uncertainty,polls will show its popular like they usually do for something thats new and different but its votes at the GE that matter and many will revert back to Labour,tories even that other new party thats pro breixit or maybe your true hero tommy's party.whoops i forgot to mention Ukip
  10. I'm afraid that is incorrect. The ever increasing number of malls in China are wall to wall worldwide luxury brands. The problem is their products, being foreign brands, are subject to import tax which is huge, even though the products are made in China. It's one of Trump's big beefs and one of the causes of his ridiculous tariffs. Chinese people could buy your Hermes bag at retail in Thailand and still undercut the shop price in China by a large margin because of the import tax. The only way round this is to open a JV Enterprise 51% owned by a Chinese company, which is another one of Trump's beefs. I believe the same is true to an extent in Thailand.
  11. ...this can only happen in a country where discussion is more important than action. What was for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at a posh resort in several meetings of high profile, influential figures to finally solve the problem?
  12. That's why Immigration Offices like the one at Pattaya don't ask for TM.30 to retirees if their address didn't change.
  13. Anyone on here who is knowledgable on Duty and Tax I am likely to face flying into Vietnam with accompanied personal belongings? I've been googling and all I find is description below which sounds more like standard business importing rates, not applicable to a tourist coming in for a one year stay. Most of what I am bringing is obviously for personal use like clothing, laptop computer, 32 inch computer monitor, mobile devices, small household items, office desk drawer items like electronic accessories for phone, computer, sports accessories, and a bicycle, all in used condition. Again, I am coming in as a tourist for a one-year stay. I need to figure this out in advance obviously since I don;t want to find out upon arrival that I'm going to get hit with VAT and up to 150% tax on CIF...yikes!!! Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated! DUTY AND TAX RATE PERCENTAGEIn Vietnam, value-added taxes (VATs) range from zero percent to 20 percent depending on the type of item. For example, the average rate for most goods is around 10 percent VAT. As for import duties, the cost, insurance and freight (CIF) price of imported goods has a duty of anywhere between zero percent and 150 percent levied on it. Vietnam uses special rates for most-favored nations (MFN) and ASEAN member nations, as well as Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand. All other countries are subject to the standard rates. Question #2: What if I ship some items rather than carrying them on flight? I have more weight than airline will allow. I am thinking that the Thai Post Office would be a good way to ship my personal belongings but I am getting the impression there is a BIG difference in whether or not I will be charged duty & tax on personal belongings arriving as "accompanied" belongings vs personal belongings that I ship via post office.
  14. This is just one of thousands of reports of this nature covered up by tons of BAHT. Police pay from top to bottom provides an avenue to protect these perverts. In the USA there may be a potential President who is a pervert running for office, Biden has a long history of molestation of adults and children.
  15. My office demo'd 90 day all the way through on android, tried it no go past the first page. Tried on mac and linux same story. I'd be willing to buy a new laptop if I could guarantee it would work, just what are the essential requirements?
  16. You can have any reason you want. But it will not exempt you from penalty if you later re-enroll. Careful with that form... it is not clear to me that it cancels only Part B. Sent from my SM-J701F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  17. Mothers ID card copy is not needed. The 400k baht only needs to be shown in your account on the day you appy. You child's name must appear in the tambien ban. That is normally done when the birth certificate is done. You could go to a Amphoe and show your child's birth certificate to get a print out of the his registry that will be accepted. Your name appearing on the birth certificate allows you to get the printout of it.
  18. Get Fiber high speed, I've got TOT, 130 down, 50 upload and I'm more than happy. 3BB offers a package deal, you'll need a special router to get that, plus the wiring.
  19. I'm not sure what you mean about the 1.2 million baht cover... In the past, Pacific Cross used to have two different kinds of limits that both applied -- one was a per episode limit, and the other was a lifetime policy limit. My Maxima policy used to have a 5M baht limit for the former, and 20M baht limit for the later. Then in the last year or two, and I've confirmed this with PC, they dropped the former per episode limit on my policy entirely. So now the only limit that applies is the lifetime amount, which remains at 20M baht. Plus of course, there's a nightly limit amount on hospital rooms charges, which is 8K for mine. So when you talk about a 1.2M limit, I'm not clear what kind of limit you're talking about.... If that used to be your per episode limit, I'm guessing that limit doesn't exist anymore.
  20. are reports his family have tried to get him to visit a mental health facility for a while but he has refused to go voluntarily. they should be happy now he will be forced to go.
  21. Thank you, Killerbees.... I am on a different computer but I turned on the one with the problem so I could try your suggestion and the bluetooth is back and working. I will see how long it keeps working I don't think I disabled bluetooth before I turned that computer off, yet when I turned it on bluetooth was disabled. With it disabled the rollback button was grayed out. When I enabled bluetooth, device manager refreshed on its own a couple times, then everything was back. Thank you for the suggestion. I will keep it in my notes incase bluetooth quits again. It seems I remember similar activity in the past just before I replaced the radio.
  22. I wonder what the number of Partner related death in Thailand is? Surely it is time a full education campaign on Partner Violence and refuges funded by the Government for counselling and support for victims and their children, irrespective of gender, while admitting thehighest number of victims would be female.
  23. It's nonsense,anyway. Historically speaking,those who had compromised immune systems died Prior to Jenner,Lister,Pasteur,Fleming,et al.. You got to attend a LOT of funerals.
  24. Only one country can do large scale projects like these with Thailand... China The rest of Asia will be screwed into the floor with over inflated prices & back-handers!
  25. Neither I nor my wife paid any bribes, so no hypocrisy on either of our parts. It was simply a matter of additional “fees” being required, above what my wife understood to be required. Perhaps a matter of semantics, but it was either pay, or not get the permit. My Thai wife is/was extremely paranoid about the potential of a jealous neighbor or even a vindictive person not even in our moo ban, anonymously calling the cops in order to blackmail her. (I personally do not feel that way but understand how my wife feels after losing the first round of a court battle for her land.) Oh, and please tell me about the many people who’ve done any jail time for paying bribes in this country, and political opponents and intergovernmental rivals don’t count.
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