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  2. You must be using a different Internet to the rest of us.
  3. This just adds to the problem. I have always had more than 800k to meet their requirements but having spent 5M baht on house and land and the AUD dropping some 20% at the same time as the new holding rules came in just makes it that more difficult. If we all knew what the exchange rate will be in 1 year and 2 years it would be easy to make decisions. Apart from the currency problem I will be changing to the marriage extension next year as our local IO has encouraged us to do so. We were not married when I needed the retirement extension in March but the wife (now) told them we were in the process of getting married and they recommended the marriage extension.
  4. Why would US immigration stamp your passport are you not American?
  5. Hope De Gea plays like this on Wednesday. He was garbage the other night as well
  6. myWish, With all of the above assistance, I do hope you can work matters out. In the event that you are having difficulty communicating with Bangkok Bank staff, please let me know. One of my Thai staff is fluent in English, and often assists me with banking. Despite the bank staff's English and my Thai language skills, it can still prove to be frustrating, and miscommunication is not uncommon. Having a native Thai speaker assisting, the bank staff seems much happier.
  7. What stores in Thailand to find this in please.
  8. The lease is vacant if he formally cancels it at the land office. The sale of the land has no effect on a registered lease.
  9. Don’t do it. If a condo in your own name is not to your liking RENT!
  10. +1 If you intend to live in Kata, Karon, patong, or Kamala you will not need a car as you can walk easily to beache/grocery/pub/restaurants. At most, a scooter would be good enough to hop between kamala/patong or Karon/patong. You can get a GRAB taxi to take you on longer halls to Phuket town etc from time to time.
  11. So in the mornings u walk outside of that indian pimp palace condo the The Base and get on ur motorcycle with ur golf bags, clubs trough traffic? Why u not in Hua Hin where all golfers stay? Your the one always mention alcohol prices why so? I couldn’t careless about it.
  12. Sit by the pool, swim, read a book, listen to music, watch tv, post on the internet, drink beer, eat food, feel up hookers ........ What go you do after you golf game? 19th hole?
  13. I'm not watching but it reads badly on the BBC feed. Put your second string out Wednesday mate, rest your boys for Burnley.
  14. To discuss wine in Thailand one needs to know what is being sold and how much the tax is first. Read below and you will know. https://www.austrade.gov.au/Australian/Export/Export-markets/Countries/Thailand/Industries/Wine
  15. https://www.austrade.gov.au/Australian/Export/Export-markets/Countries/Thailand/Industries/Wine
  16. Maybe the 30 year lease would be void if the land was sold then he would be vacating the house & land when sold I take it so it doesn't matter does it, unless he is trying to pull another fast one. Like you said she is a good person and it is fine with her splitting the sale 50% 50% and she cannot end up with nothing if she has a lawyer too and gets an agreement on unpaid rent to deduct from his 50%.
  17. Absolutely love it! Music to my ears! I am thrilled! To tell the truth, I can already feel some "Stone-Age-Instincts" taking hold of me. I can see myself chasing Soi-Dogs with bow and arrow and Bar-B-Q-ing them on the beach. Would that be OK with Pattaya City Hall?
  18. It‘s all part of the lawmakers‘ strategy. High tariffs and taxes on healthy products like wine and beer. Low taxes on rum and rice whiskey. Low class people should stick with crap booze and pass away before they turn 60. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  19. You mean Reuters is the laughing stock. MSM nonsense to make the Thai govt look bad because it hasn't bowed to US gangsters, ie Furture Forward. The allegation is silly, never voiced by the govt but the foreign media. So Reuters joins the BBC as propaganda outlets of the UK govt. Wake up, folks, you missed the attempted coup in Venezuela, the continuing US killing in Syria and British involvement in murderering Yemeni children. Oh dear, me pint's warm...
  20. Haha. Can't afford it? Why don't you answer the real question? What do ypu do all day in PP after your one hour walk??
  21. Disagree with the intent of your comment, a comment which is unrelated to my post you quoted.
  22. 525,600 hit and run crashes a year? Anyway Thais manage to kill same number of people per month, consistently and with statistics cheating too!
  23. This sort of report just highlights that a compromise in the center political ground is needed on such an issue as there are obviously rabid advocates on either extreme for their BS ideas and if not put in check then chaos is coming. The US needs to secure it's southern border properly and discourage wanton illegal immigration, but also conversely, still allow valued immigration of the right people which it was founded on that complies with it's traditional values (free-for-alls are bad mostly). Problem is that now, the US is so polarized and the extent of the mostly recent acquired contempt of each party for the other is so total now that this (and other BS) seems to be not about the issue anymore and just about hating the other side regardless ... no good will come of this and politicians need to focus on the country's problems and not just the hatred for their opposite number. As for the UK, it is in such a mess as it wasn't allowed to control it's borders and they wouldn't toss Cameron a bone or two ... just laughed at him told him to sod off and there is a lesson to learn in all of that. You reap what sow.
  24. Working fine for me on phone snd laptop. @Delight You mention your wife visiting the UK with you, that suggests you're living in Thailand, if that's the case and you can provide evidence of your life here together, then that might satisfy the ECO of your wifes ties here.
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