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  2. Keto xCG In any case, you can't for the most part trust all of them as by far most of them contain designed damaging manufactured substances. Thusly, we are here to empower you to out pick the right one which would not simply empower you to accomplish a slim and trim figure yet also keep you strong until the finish of time. https://first2health.com/keto-xcg/
  3. I seen no bias! I seen what has been reported all along for the last 3 years,No Obstruction, No Collution and No Conspericy by any American. You probably was watching something else as in your previous post you mentioned singing and crying .
  4. Worst fn drivers on the planet coupled with alcohol. What could go wrong?
  5. That's what you get for inviting incompatible, backwards countries & cultures in your country with open arms and give them the same rights as the original citizens who built the country over centuries.
  6. How do they certify your passport. Does the MFA take your passport and stamp it?
  7. I have found them to be a real pain pushing in immigration lines, but I would make an exception for this Chinese lady, the amazing Naomi sexy cyborg
  8. How's the air quality up there on your high horse? Can you see the peasantry through the haze when looking down your nose at the scum?
  9. And that attitude, folks, is why I have always been hesitant to live in a farang dominated enclave like Chiang Mai. This elitist, materialist, and exclusionist mindset sets in, marginalizing anyone, foreigners and Thais alike, deemed to be unworthy. You think you're more deserving to be here than others? Keep dreamin', buddy. It's probably a moot question anyway, because with that attitude, my guess is you won't be around long.
  10. The article said "she had been out drinking with an Irish man and fell asleep outside a restaurant on Loh Dalum beach." Didn't say she left with him, before him or after him.
  11. It was a rhetorical question, pointing out the bias shown in his speech.
  12. You've missed a few details there, Sherlock! Are you suggesting he used the Krabi channel while sailing between the islands on his murderous travels of plunder and pillage? Also, firing squads are not used in Thailand.
  13. I have always thought: what new rules? Same as the old rules!
  14. Sounds very much like it all came to ahead on the trip home from his last post. The one when he ruined the family Songkran waterfalls visit by throwing a hissy-fit at being asked to pay entrance fee. Anyone who has been in Thailand for any length of time knows the majority of Thai parks and attractions charge foreigners entrance fee even if Thais are free. I’m sure there is a lot more to the story than the OP is admitting to. As the old saying goes there are 3 sides to every story, yours, theirs and the correct one.
  15. The perming and over frequent washing and salon treatments (likely involving use of hot irons and the like) may be the culprit. If you can persuade her to stop all that and leave her hair natural, wash just when necessary etc it may help. In terms of health problems, hypothyroidism causes hair loss which will result in thinner hair. If she is also sluggish in the mornings may be worth getting a thyroid panel done.
  16. Simply put there is no "correct" way of writing anything in an anglicised way. All spellings are basically a transliteration and there is no standardised spelling system in this country. So find a way to reduce the letter count, like changing Tambon to T., Amphur to A. and if you are in Chiang Mai city you can ignore the Changwat & simply use your postcode.
  17. Please. Trump's love of flattery and despots has been amply demonstrated. Stop making it complicated or invoking outside agents and conspiracies.
  18. And a 7-11 card cards only be registered by sticking a Thai ID card in the reader. They are not set up to take passports. Solution, apply for Thai citizenship.
  19. Yes, that's the village mentality. Then there are a millions of very rich city dwelling thais who could not care less about that. They usually go for holidays abroad. After I saw how things are run on PhiPhi it's hard for me to understand who would actually wan't to go there.
  20. What a terrible piece of reporting when there are scores of deaths nationwide every day.shame on you.
  21. I think one of the earlier articles stated that she had in infection that started under the arm area... so that's what I thought too..
  22. A statement? I thought it was a song in two verses. The first singing Trump's praises and the second a tearful lament about how he was done wrong. Was that the US attorney general, or Trump's personal attorney?
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