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  2. My dear friend R/R.... Sadly anything is possible with the would be " brains trust " who advices sturgeon..her inner circle etc etc. Remember the snp ONLY exist for one aim..break from the UK and be a bit of " not a lot " north of Carlisle. 15 years " hard " austerity " for everyone there..the " good times " have been and gone. Just where would the finance appear from to pay for everything?? Please remember thst sadly many " professional liars " aka politicians are as shameless as their counterparts down london way.!!! Do you honestly think that the Unionists and Royalists in scotlandwould stand by and do nothing re a imo economically illiterant crowd of incompetents destroying their social fabric. With respect..PLEASE think again. Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. Maybe, but as I never bribe....and if I had no choice, I would use a camouflaged camera and take good footage of the incident. The former would also get his piece of finger pointing thus.
  4. Download these two new orders. Amendment to police order 138/2557 Revising clauses 2.18 and 2.22 to include options for proof of income Police Order 35/2562 Changing 327/2557 Clause 2.22 Changing requirements for an extension based upon retirement.
  5. You will soon be jaded from green to mold colour green ie Jade
  6. He threw a bag of something all over the road. It looked like popcorn. He released two cobras and allegedly cut the head off one of them, yet he's not beeing charged with animal cruelty or public endangerment. TIT!
  7. You might see it like this. But both is against the law. Taking bribes and paying bribes. The latter you will find out when you try to bribe the wrong person.
  8. Corrupt and dishonest officials are no surprise in Thailand. What is more outrageous is the reaction from the top brass who pretend to be shocked or angered on media. They should keep quiet instead and plainly dismiss the rotten apples on the spot !
  9. Is the A&W stand still there? The last bastion of the root beer float. Couldn't go to Pantip without stopping by for one.
  10. Who are not, but for some reason chatting to you resembles chatting to a hooker
  11. I don't that's true you can own a house but not the land it sits on!
  12. Yep, 400 baht standard fine and a ticket. Have been stopped a few times, always 400 baht and a ticket, I've never received a ticket or paid 400 baht. Least that I have paid is 100 baht, speeding on an interstate highway. Most I have paid is 300 baht, driving a red plate car outside province, not having completed relevant paperwork. Cop initially asked for 2k baht, quickly bartered down to 300. If OP had done a bit of friendly and light hearted bartering, it's quite possible he would have got away with 200 baht.
  13. not been told this at Nakon Phanom, about 90 day updated pass book The paper with the rules i refused to sign, as i did not understand the rules, and neither do the immigration Was told "come back next month, maybe we know then"
  14. Tha safest route would be to the bus station in Pattaya and bus to Ekamai in BKK, won't cost more than a few hundred back and forth and it's probably cheaper than the scooter ride, and it's a lot safer than the scooter.
  15. Latest polls? April 23- Biden Bernie Buttigeg https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/latest_polls/democratic_nomination_polls/
  16. Really ?!....but what about those taking them...their actions are worse because sometimes some are desperate and the corrupt officials leave but no choice to bribe.
  17. You nailed it. get them while there young and fill them full of crap just like Mc donalds.
  18. Where did you renew it? Did you use a pink ID card for ID and yellow book for your address? Have you got your citizen ID number or passport number printed on you DL?
  19. It is good if you own the house, unfortunately only Thai can own a house.
  20. Here are some links from 2016 which may help. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/948245-veterans-of-foreign-wars-of-the-united-states- yes-we-are-here-in-thailand/ https://thailandchatter.com/showthread.php?6242-VFW-s-in-Thailand https://www.facebook.com/americanlegionthailandpostth01/ https://sites.google.com/view/vfw9951bangkok/about-us I was 25 years in the RAF and I am certainly the only veteran in rural Khampaeng Phet for a 50 km radius that I know of.
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