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  2. The IO was confused or you misunderstood. You cannot extend an extension. You can extend one time for either 30 days, or if married 60 days.
  3. It doesnt have to be criminal. Get it? What biden did or didnt do is irrelevant to what trump did.
  4. According to a friend, you also need a permit for those red 2 way radio transmitters in Thailand !?
  5. I think that's the definition of the difference between allergy and side effect.
  6. When enough get upset revolution is on the cards.
  7. Yeah, just another smoking gun, what else is new? My prediction - the Republican establishment lets this play out and pulls a surprise vote in the Senate to impeach given that there's simply no way to square rule of law with any of this. Once that domino falls, so does Barr and Pence and they rush back in with Nikki Haley as their nominee for 2020 and rebrand on the fly as the "law and order" Republicans who were trying so hard to restrain the Donald but simply had no choice but to act when the nefarious behaviour was actually revealed to be true. At the very least I'll be the only one to get this right if it happens...
  8. Your child will have to be with you when you apply for a 60 day extension to visit them. You will need their birth certificate plus a copy of it and a copy of their house book registry. You will need proof of residence to prove your are living in Bangkok.
  9. They are all fringe players, many with radical, unstable, unsustainable, unaffordable policy ideas. Biden was the only establishment guy and he has unravelled big time since his shenanigans got exposed. So this is the final push against Trump...because they don't have a hope in hell at the hustings.
  10. Yeah lol [emoji38] like you Jingthing, and at least 4 others. The real trolls and spammers on TV are a lot of the members who have had TV accounts for years I’ve seen just from watching some of these topics. And one mod in particular Sheryl who comments about many things that she clearly has no idea what she’s talking about. The only person on here that I know for sure you can believe is Ubonjoe and absolutely no one else. Obviously I’m doing this for a reason which is to help people because there really is a HELL OF A LOT OF SPAM IN HERE from people like you! You’re one of them. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  11. IMHO if one could get Denzel Washington to put on white makeup and wear blue contacts, he'd be ideal for the role. He has the right screen presence of quiet menace. Personally, my favourite Jack Reacher is "Bad Luck and Trouble" because of the associations with former colleagues and their character development.
  12. 3) Chinese never return money received, never, it's against their believes (Confucius )
  13. I'd suggest to add some rotten eggs and Plaa Raa for the hardcose criminals with more than 22 days overstay.
  14. Yeah, you are right of course. The 80m borehole is 4". Our smaller borehole 18m is 3" and cost B40K including a surface pump.
  15. hmm. interesting. and are vape cartridges available?
  16. Don't forget that if you are officially married you can get an extension of 60 days to "visit your wife" for 1,900 Baht from your local immigration office. Cheaper than a run out of the country.
  17. What else you want to do. People knowingly not caring about visa regulations, work permits and so on simply don't care about laws. I don't feel pity for them if they are removed. Or do you want to protect such people? And if so why?
  18. I would charge one month, but would make them show me their credit report. I rented to some Hong Kongers 22 years ago, and they had a credit score. Would have to have a long stay visa, too. Way too many Facebook posts looking for subletters for the last 10 months of their lease. Meanwhile, some good diversified REITs are yielding 7+%, some even paid monthly, so it is a head scratcher (and hopefully not lice from tenants), as to why people become landlords in a foreign country, with net yields mostly below 5%.
  19. Seems Thais are not only killing off their own tourism industry but now effecting neighboring countries. I was reading a news story today from Cambodia, their tourism is down 30+% and many tourism-related businesses are closing. So many of those genuine tourists/travelers/flash-packers who would have made side trips from Thailand to Cambodia then back into Thailand and on to their next destination are no longer doing so due to a limit of only 2 land border crossing a year, and Thai embassies in neighboring countries refusing 2nd tourist visas. The Thais dragged the whole of SEA down with them in 1998 and may well do it again soon.
  20. Dunno, I never said you did, did I.....Spend a bit more time digesting...
  21. It appears to be something you hide behind while slyly casting aspersions.
  22. It´s no Thai attitude transformation. It´s just a natural reaction from no Internet and believing am´s and Euros to be the rulers of the world with big money bags. To todays world with total information and Internet, social media as well as chats. Now they know that the general AM or Euro isn´t that lovely and rich as well as they know there are many people talking bad about them and behaving like kings when they in reality is some kind on street gutter low lifes. By the way. To me they still smile and are same happy with.
  23. And, it is not an "extention of stay" either...
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